Heretic Hunt

A new vacancy

An new beginen

“So da word is the forward teem gone lost sumboody”. mok thought as he nursed his beer. Mok had kept himself uncover in the lower decks where he knew he would fit and had manged to avoid attention. He was waiting for his signal which would be his notification for taking the fallen acolytes place. As he sat there the bar tender came over with a drink that mok hadn’t ordered. Mok raised his chin at the bar keep “was this barmang?” “A worried friend on the vox ordered it for you described you perfectly said you had lost a friend at work, you work on gunnery?” “ya mon, i know who dat is tanks mang” Mok replied.

Mok downed his new drink and rapidly drank his beer. “Well den looks like i bettar go meet da Kidds” thought mok as he left the bar to go to a ball. He didn’t know what lay ahead but he knew it would be fun and full of challenges.


Christian1771 DestructorPhish

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