Heretic Hunt

Damage Control INC (Apparently)

If i hadn't pulled that thread

Canto thought over the recent disasters and discoveries.

Ratcliff managed to cause a massive ruckus again this time in a black market several people got injured which was not what the investigation needed.

On top of this florenza was asking about the missing body of Avund Quin since it had now been reported missing by the church. One murder later we had a body to replace that.

The tech priest was now missing a leg and now had some sort of issue with ratcliff.

Canto was beginning to get despondent he just seemed to be holding on for dear life and trying to preform damage control as best he could.

They returned to their base to find a very upset sister Castella. He just went out side when she started shouting at everyone including him. This bothered him he had a lot of respect for Sister Castella. yes stuff had gone wrong but did she really understand the undertaking of working with the inquisition? It operated above the law it wasn’t all gonna be squeaky clean. Tough things had to be done in order to keep people safe he now wondered if she was up to the job. Instead of working with what was happened she seemed to be judging everyone for “crimes”.

The ride to there next destination was uneventful mainly cause he had enough of everyone bar a few. He wondered what awaited him on the next world probably more investigation and damage control.

He was happy to find the local Arbites Captain very accommodating and was forthcoming with help and information maybe this would good well he poured over the information it was looking up. He picked one sheet of paper it was a picture of a cell and there was markings on the walll……

Suddenly time Startedto slow but….but it wasStill too fast Images Started Burning intohim it felt like SLAVE his mind but not . Noise of a millionwhispers Raged in his head. Cantotried to grip hold on too his headtwo stop it fromShaking but found he couldn’t his headwasn’t moving. Some where neverEvery Happened he fell. Soon but some howforever his entire being NOTHING felt like a Bed sheet whipping aboutin a hurricane. He started toofeel as if the edging of him started to tatterandfray into nothingbut ETERNITY universe. ThevoicesStartedbreckthougtfrsskk brrrooofffjm,.a;aklka..a……..‘#’lakmm. LIES…hdbwjkalllerrrrr

The sheet of paper fell from cantos hand his eyes darted around the room. He was on his knees covered in sweat and panting. Canto reached down with a shaking hand and flipped the picture round so the offending picture now faced the ground. This picture needed to be put in a black bag to limit exposure. Canto felt awful he hoped it would fade but he knew it was a lie some of what he had seen was coming with him the strange sense of him being a salve in service too nothing but lies for eternity. Canto pushed it out of his mind as best he could. “it was going so well” Canto said


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