Heretic Hunt

Gordon's Thoughts - 2


Finally, we are getting somewhere. I was sure that making the official line that Rimwena’s death was a suicide would be safer for us but Canto has proven himself to be an exemplary judge of character when he recommended we do otherwise. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, he was an Arbites after all. Slowly but surely, opinion amongst the elite of the ship is turning. That much was clear at the funeral. Ventium’s intense sobbing. Sabbanth’s fury. They might be Inquisition and terrifying examples even within their own circles but they are pushing this ship to its breaking point. I don’t expect a revolt against these monsters any time soon, but the potential is there. This sentiment has even spread to the Mechanicus sect on board. It’s almost amusing how that development occurred. There I was chewing out an honest to Emperor Magos Explorator for daring to fire upon my men so soon after I already lost one and somehow, we ended that day on better terms. I suppose I should thank Ratcliffe for not bothering to investigate Brax’s disappearance and leaving us to solve the mystery in two hours. Elythal was not best pleased about Inquisitors barging into his personal store rooms and “requisitioning” his things. So, good progress on plans to remove these murderers from this world.

Still, if things don’t go our way our last stand shall be beautiful. We spent near enough a week properly reinforcing our quarters into a defendable fortified position. Hardly perfect but I doubt our prospective enemies have ever picked up a volume of the Tactica Imperialis in their lives, so they are not likely to follow standard Navy boarding tactics. Also, we have an autocannon! Daemons and Xenos beware. If we are going down, we are taking them with us.

Then there’s the progress we made in evidence gathering. I decided to take up the lead that Rimwena never had the chance to. Using the vents to access Ventium’s unmarked room. Rimwena was right, we should have done this long ago. Although, I suppose that once again we were lucky to not pursue this lead. As I arrived there was Avund and Silvanto threatening a clearly terrified Ventium. I decided to scout ahead, record what I could find before returning to listen in on their conversation. Ventium certainly has some… interesting tastes. At a cursory glance, all I could find was Xenos relics which, while heretical, is not really what I was looking for. Then I noticed a cupboard in the corner which was almost completely covered in purity seals. I was tempted to open it, but it would make more sense to find out why Avund and Silvanto were here prior to opening what was clearly a heresy storage area. Another wise choice, they were here for something stored in that cupboard. Two items, one ornate chalice covered in rubies shaped like tears and a book covered human flesh. Really? To think that the Imperium is beset by heretics who go out of their way to be this impractically evil and despicable. They left soon after, leaving the cupboard open. Once again, my curiosity nearly got the better of me, but my limited time serving the Inquisiton has already told me that mind-rending moral hazards awaited and that I’d be far better off leaving. I better get these pictures back to Noctine to clear up and examine. With any luck, we’ll be able to identify everything and discern the true motives of these heretics.


Christian1771 Sabda

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