Heretic Hunt

Gordon's Thoughts - 3


That’s the good father seen his last night. Frankly I’m glad to see the end of him. Although ultimately it wasn’t up to me or how I felt, the man was a liability. Still, he can yet serve for death is not an end to duty. From what I understand Noctine intends to turn his skull into a means of illumination so that he can “draw as much attention to us in death as he did in life”.

I’m also glad to be out of the Warp, even if it meant landing on an Ork infested planet run by heretics. I was expecting sedition out of some misguided sense of loyalty to their planetary governor. I wasn’t expecting everyone from the guard to the domestic staff to be screaming “Death to the False Emperor”. Well, attempting to at any rate. Didn’t take us long to cut them down and make our way to the two vaults we discovered. Accompanying us was apparently one of Drake’s men who was sent ahead. A bureaucrat more interested in paperwork than practicality. Still, someone who knows their way around the labyrinth that is the Administratum will be of great use. Not to mention that a great deal of investigatory work is mind numbing data processing. I almost feel sorry for the two sods we murdered as cover for bringing him along. Almost. Anyway, the vaults. The first was defended by a hastily thrown together garrison augmented by Nurglite priest. They were dispatched with relative ease, although the Nurglite true to form refused to die for a while. I blew his damn leg off and he got back up! Wish I could have stopped Noctine from mutilating the corpse and completely tainting his mechadendrite. Nothing terribly interesting in there, lots of material wealth but nothing of use.

The second vault was a different beast altogether. Seems the Inquisition had been storing an altar to the Ruinous Powers here. Noctine has noble intentions but trying to simply blow it up was never going to work, Ventium arriving just made convincing him not to easier. I’ll move those candles we found to that room that’s off the grid, it’s unlikely that Quin will find them there. With any luck, we’ll have kept this artefact out of everyone’s hands and when Drake shows up he can deal with them. From what I understand everyone will be watching how the Harlockes institute the new regime. I’d love to help but I’ve got too much work here that needs doing. Most pressingly I need to identify what exactly Quin took. Then there’s researching the sanctification ritual so we can bring specialist firepower when we move on Quin. Also, how exactly one kills or banishes a daemon. The list goes on. I’m sure they can handle themselves fine without me though.


Christian1771 Sabda

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