Heretic Hunt

Karroleen's Thoughts - 1

New Beginnings

Well things have taken a particularly strange turn. After that job went bad I was captured and bought by a man named Ventium Harlocke. An odd note: Ventium seemed to only buy slaves that had some other skills, as if they’d have some function other than feeding the engines.

But just before I had time to take in my great new job of shoveling coal with a pulverised arm Ventium gave me to a group of his underlings. Thankfully one of them was a tech-priest, which dealt with the arm issue.

Apparently I have just joined a group of specialists whom specialize in generalisation and come from the most strangely diverse backgrounds I’ve ever seen. Shortly after making introductions and getting my new arm I found that Ventium had given me some basic equipment: an armored bodyglove, a chainsword, a laspistol and…. drugs… okay.

About a week later, I was looking through the underbelly of the ship, looking for like-minded fellows that I could pull some strings for, get some better equipment from. In doing so I found Tapt, a guard who works for these specialists, shoving one of said specialists into a giant bullet after he apparently had been decapitated…..

Moving on from them though (something I take so much pleasure in) I came across some people who could hook me up with more functional armour, hopefully. Will have to talk to someone about what is happening with the anything in this little “family”.


Christian1771 Nat1

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