Heretic Hunt

Karroleen's Thoughts - 2

And it just gets weirder

I’m not surprised Rimwena and Ratcliffe died.

Day started off normally. Asked Gordon why Ratcliffe was dead, mostly wanted to know if it was the team’s doing or if someone was out to get at the team. Turns out it was the former from what he told me, apparently he was “incompetent and unreliable”, good to know.

We headed down to the planet’s surface, turns out while I was making friends Ventium and half his crew were trying their luck against the orks. While this was happening Gordon and his friend Canto, the Arbites who was very willing to shoot other Arbites, decided to go ‘investigate’ a church. I had no idea what they wanted to investigate but it seemed important to Gordon that we both be there. This took some arguing as Canto wanted quite dearly to fight a horde of orks by himself (he said something about rolling dice?), nevertheless he caved eventually.

So there we were, edging towards the front of the crowd so we could sit at the front pew, no one challenged us, guess we did look pretty official. Then all of a sudden the room got cold…. the doors at the back slammed shut as Ventium’s underling ‘Envico’ walked in. I was told by Porter that he wasn’t very well liked by the crew and I think I can see why now. As he made his entrance Gordon looked to Canto and told him to steal his hat, before turning to me and telling me, very intently, to pray. I had no idea what in Emperor’s name he was planning but it seemed important and he does technically own me so I complied.

A few minutes of praying and one stolen hat later and I was staring at…. something. The horns should have stood out more but his face was absolutely horrifying in its…. perfection? It almost seemed to draw your gaze as if it were pulling out your soul. The only thing running through my mind was Gordon’s command to pray, and pray I did but I certainly wasn’t going to give this… thing the privilege of living.

So I ran forward, chainsword in hand and swung with as much force as possible, it was clear pretty quickly that he didn’t need armour as his skin took on this sort of… scaly quality and began knitting itself back together. This helped less than he needed it too though as Canto proceeded to send several shotgun shells into his chest.

I think it was because of that that the thing aimed at Canto, drawing a sword that had teeth and seemed to sing and curse as it was wielded. With this and some kind of profane symbol he killed Canto with ease, but not before he managed to prime a grenade. Between this, another stab to his chest, a holy lasbolt and several shots from Tapt and his crew the thing fell to the ground and his sword was sent skidding. I tried to pin it with my foot not knowing what to expect from such an abomination of a weapon. At which point the handle curved round and took a chunk out of my ankle with a new set of teeth it had grown.

Thankfully Gordon got to it quickly, presumably using some kind of litany on his blade to break the damn thing. One of Tapt’s crew was made a hero for dealing the final blow and Canto was cremated to purge the corruption, we even celebrated afterwards given two of us were now celebrated as heroes (admittedly one of which was dead but I guess he can’t complain).

Now, though I had fun drinking and playing poker it didn’t quite deal with the nagging questions. Such as: what the fuck was that thing? How did Gordon know it was a thing? Why did Gordon go out of his way to fight that thing when there’s a fucking inquisitor on the damn ship who would be more fucking suited?! Why was I dragged in without being informed of the anything?! Why and how did the sWORD FUCKING BITE ME!?!

Generally speaking I try not to be too inquisitive when I’ve been given a job but as far as I was aware my job is to help these idiots pick up artifacts for a narcissistic captain, not fighting mutant/daemon/heretic/whatevers. It didn’t help that Gordon was so evasive, well with most of the questions anyway. He did inform me that it was not in fact a daemon, just a very corrupted mutant wielding a daemon, which I can only assume is better.

As for “should I expect this shit in the future?”, I got a resounding “meh”, only with more words. I can only hope to become better at killing things, that thing was able to heal itself after every wound I inflicted. Maybe I should learn to strike more quickly rather than focus on pure force? I’ll have to get to training.

Anyway, this team now has 3 members dead including the one who died as I was hired, and if the past 2 days was anything like what this ‘family’ usually deals with I’m surprised there are any left standing.


Christian1771 Nat1

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