Heretic Hunt

NOW this is A PLAN!!

Canot liked this plan, i mean he loved this plan.
Pull the hat off a daemon that wasn’t really real cause nothing was pffft sure sounds like a blast.

as enviso came past his pew canto sprung to action expertly grabbing the hat and tossing it gingerly into the air to be grabbed by khirpy. thats when he saw the face “dam you ugly!” shouted canto as enviso slashing strikes landed canto grunted in pain. “HA! thats it? you must of rolled bad!” Canto leveled his shotgun and pulled three times at point blank range. Enviso staggered back under the blasts and was clearly injured “i must of crit” canto muttered under his breath. Thats when karroleen came in chain sword roaring chopping left and right her bravery was of good stuff judging by her attacks good die rolls.

Canto didn’t see it till it was too late his injured body being to slow to dodge. He briefly saw a hand with a bright mark glowing on it milliseconds before it hit this face. Canto fumbled for a grenade……………..

It was unbearably hot canto felt his feet leaving the ground. Canto tried to scream but could only manage an awful strangled muffling. The pain was immense and canto mind was assaulted by cruel whispers. Cantos legs began to thrash and then began to spasm as his brain started to cook its arteries bursting as the blood flash boiled to steam within them. Toward the end there was a faint popping sound followed by the roaring boom of a fire bomb and then a secondary explosion as a frag grenade detonated.

that was much like canto always having the last laugh and in it too the end.


May the emperor forgive his sins and may he be remembered.


Christian1771 DestructorPhish

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