Heretic Hunt

Sobering epiphany


Canto burst into the room he had to find out how HOW?! he must of missed some thing he never thought to check the rooms. IDIOT! he chastised himself he had to look harder he had to try harder. Canto felt his new senses humming in his head his vision started to distort. He started to feel like he was being flung across a vast distance and with an elastic slap he stopped..

Canto looked about him with immediate concern. Before him stood a large storage box filled with some sort of large brown cubes. Beyond this in the distance towered a large blue mountain. Canto took a step back casting eyes back and forth this wasn’t where he was. His retreat was stopped by some thing he turn to find a strange orange cube with symbols on it. but that was not what stole his attention before stood a great wall with the most beautiful mural on it. it was the walls of the imperial palace he thought Canto fell to his knees at this sight he must have been getting and message from the emperor him self praise be his power!


Canto quickly looked to his right as he saw another orange shape tumbling across the ground the shape stopped. Canto looked up to see where the shape had come from. Thats when he saw it. Cantos hands started to shake. Before him towering over everything else was a massive figure with strange black rings around its eyes. He looked down at the orange shape an shape he now figured out was a dice. “Canto has passed with a natural one doubled by 1001 senses” a large booming voice announced " Canto sees five giants playing a role playing game" announced and voice that sounded like it was in charge. Canto looked over at the two die on one was 00 and the other 01.

Canto looked down at his hands then looked up at the beings around the table as they started to laugh at him. A small tear ran down his face as he realized his life was a joke a game already amounting to nothing before it started. Canto started to laugh, louder and louder he fell on his arse and started to roll over still laughing " I AM GOING TO GET SOOO DRUNK!!" he managed between fits of laughter. He felt reality well his reality pull him back he found him self on the floor laughing still he barged past everyone on his way out and drank the bar dry then moved on to Gordons stash canto stood on the bar and shouted “have you seen the dice!!! DO YOU know whats actually going on!” He shouted between swigs. He didn’t even care if anyone was listening it didn’t matter any more nothing mattered anymore his life meant nothing.



Christian1771 DestructorPhish

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