Mok Frakka

So Bosmang, who'd ya need killing now?


A dark skinned man with a broken tribal accent.

His face shows the scars of war as well as a hard life.

his hair braided and tied back to hang down his back.

He looks upon the world with relaxed eyes but behind them is contained violence for the right people. Lets just hope you are not the right people.


As a young boy on the planet of Charata. Mok and his tribe worshiped the lords of the sky.

Every ten years they would come to take the young the strongest among them. They would hunt the monsters of the land for food for sport and for trophy’s. With these they would build large totem poles to keep the dark spirits away. To go with the sky lords you just needed to impress them be it with hunting or art they even took the weird ones the one who could read fortunes like others would tell story’s.

Mok wanted to go with the sky lords. But with out parents to train him he had little chance. He was outcast from his tribe set to walk the lonely path. But he watched the others from the bushes form the trees and their branches and saw there methods. He trained by him self he knew it still wouldn’t be enough. So he made a plans.

one hour roughly before the sky lords where set to land and several stolen monster eggs later the village walls crumpled under the force of several angry vengeful female monsters. Six totem poles burned brightly. From the land pad mok could still hear the screams he felt nothing for them they had left him out here to die and believed him so.

Before him stood several pale men before a sky dragon the amazing beasts the sky lords used to take people to the holy sky lands. They looked in the direction of the screams appearing uninterested they looked around to see he was the only one and waved him forward to ward his new life.

After 15 years service in the imperial guard as tank crew his battalion was dissolved due to massive loss of man power. He found himself with out a purpose he quick found home with a group of ship bound mercenary’s. They took any work no questions asked. He once found himself again surviving this group and took on bounty hunting work and normally worked orbital rings and docking areas looking for his targets as they left ships and infiltration them to set traps and to find his target.

this sort of work ended up with him clashing with the inquisition and worked together as he came to the conclusion that this job was more about coin and in fact could be worth more in trade. He was taking on as a acolyte as his skills demonstrated in assisting the inquisitor where deemed and asset this starting his new career.

Mok Frakka

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