Admiral Solanus Novus


Public Record

Solanus Novus was born into a life of wealth and prosperity as a member of the Novuses, a business family in the arms industry on the Forge World of Etna. An old family with a long history of tradition and respect amongst the nobility, their only deviation from an otherwise extreme commitment to orthodoxy is their obsession with machinery and respect for the omnissiah, with all members of the family receiving techpriest training and undergoing cybernetic enhancement. Notably, the Novus family played a major part in the elevation of the Drake business family to the nobility, an unusual state of affairs considering the latter’s’ willingness to innovate rather than iterate.

As a young man, Solanus joined the Furies, an elite branch of Etna’s Imperial Guard who use technological augmentation to form a direct mind link, allowing them better co-ordination during operations: however, he left this group after it suffered severe losses during a skirmish against the Orks.

Inquisitorial Record
Solanus was to become of interest to the inquisition as a man of means and able to think on his feet. Also with a military career and a dedication such as his there was little fear of treason amongst the higher ups. Being brought on to serve in an investigation on Samnium he met with Quin, Vicariis and Dhalia.

As with the others little is known of the specifics of their investigation as the inquisitor in charge of the acolytes wound up dead with them having substantial proof of his heresy and treason. Oddly enough none of them took the post of Inquisitor as they stood down in favour of their long term ally, Drake.

All that is known is that Novus was the first to fire on Quin after the killing of the Imperial Minister and that he has fostered good relations with Harlocke. With both of them aiding each other in Naval engagements against both xenos and traitors alike. They both remain in touch although Novus makes little effort to hide his distaste for the brothers methods of increasing their forces exponentially.

Since the investigation came to a close Novus was promoted in the Imperial Navy to Admiral and commands a support fleet which specialises in the rescue of civilians trapped in warzones. Under Lord Admiral Sigilus he has fought back the re-emerging tyranid threat and has put down several insurrections in Imperial Space.

Admiral Solanus Novus

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