Avund Quin



Public Record
Born c.989.M41, Roanoke 3
Died Hiems, c.010.M42

One of the Arbites from the Drake forge world during the Hyniium Mines revolt. Was partnered with Silvanto in putting the revolt down by any means necessary. The two became infamous for their use of unnecessary force and violence. It was presumed he died after the revolts as family members of the recently deceased took their revenge on members of the arbites.

Inquisitorial Record

During the apprehension of the assassin of Admiral Bacinius, Avund appeared to assist Silvanto. However, despite their efforts the assassin escaped with her life. His sudden appearance gave rise to a lot more questions than it answered.

The two continued to aid in the investigation until when following a lead they killed an Imperial Minister to gain favour with a crime syndicate to further the investigation. At this point the other acolytes turned on them. After a brief skirmish Silvanto and Avund left the planet, leaving two of the other acolytes for dead and the other two tending their wounds.

From here the two returned to Terra and were brought on by an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor as cannon fodder. What the Inquisitor wasn’t expecting was that the two would be capable of holding their own against daemons on multiple occasions. The pair went from strength to strength as Inquisitor after Inquisitor fought over who controlled the duo.

Ultimately Silvanto chose to end the charade and killed one of their leaders and provided substantial evidence of the former Inquisitors heresy. He was immediately given rank of Inquisitor as he boasted an extensive record of daemonslaying.

When Silvanto became an Inquisitor he brought Avund with him who now acts as his right hand in all things. The two are completely inseparable.

Avund Quin

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