Captain Jucinda Florenza


Public Record
Born c.965.M41, Roanoke 3

Captain of the Arbites for a district of Ranoke, the Drake family forge world, she served during the Hyniium Mines revolt. Unbeknownst to most of the populace the revolt was instigated not be egalitarian idealists but Slaaneshi cultists. As the revolt spread it grew increasingly difficult to distinguish between riled up citizenry and heretics. Eventually the order was sent by the Drake’s foreman a techpriest by the name of Rosalind that these riots were to be put down by any force necessary, and Tyruss (Lord of Commerce at the time) added to make an example of the leadership.

With no choice in the matter Florenza sent the Arbites out in force but many refused to attack rioting citizens who were unarmed. So with a weakened force Florenza had to act quickly. She set up teams of remaining loyalists to target the leadership (who she suspected to be the hiding cultists). Two such loyalists were Silvanto Quin and Avund Lazarus, who became known for their efficiency in taking out the cultists. Although among the people they became infamous for their cruelty and brutality towards the leaders of the revolt.

Once all was said and done, order was restored and the cults eliminated. It came to Florenza’s attention that Silvanto and Avund had made arrangements to marry and were living together. She learned this after she had already put them both forward for promotions off-world. When only Silvanto was granted one he came to her begging to be denied leave but it was out of her hands.

Since then she has overseen the law enforcement of her district which has remained loyal since the revolt. Although several of the officers that remained loyal, Avund included disappeared. Rather than rekindle the fire of revolution it was swept away as suicides and people running from their guilt. Although her own private investigations found the guilty parties and had them killed.

Captain Jucinda Florenza

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