Cassius Arcturus Aureus


Public Record

Cassius Aureus was born into the prestigious Aureus business family on the planet Samnium the year before his father Tiberius ascended to its governorship by destroying a heretical cult. Growing up in what could have been a life of ease and leisure, Cassius instead pursued a role in his father’s company, gaining a seat on its board at the extremely young age of 22.

Over the next five years, Cassius was heavily involved in the Samnian Reclamation Project, an ambitious programme designed to regenerate the planet’s economy, and which involved changes at almost every level of the planet’s structure, from its industrial and agricultural production to its public transportation and security forces, financed predominantly by private interests in accordance with the Mancinian Model. Cassius’ area of expertise was civil engineering and architecture, and he was directly responsible for a number of major public works including the complete rebuilding of most of the planet’s urban sanitation, which contributed to a drastic increase in public health.

It was during this time that he met his fiancĂ©, Lady Ilia, at a fundraiser organised by her family, a private healthcare business which had moved to the planet shortly after Tiberius’ accession to the governorship. Within a year the couple had announced wedding plans, including a subsequent tour of AureusCorp’s holdings with an eventual visit to its bureau on Terra.

However, in a tragic twist of fate, the wedding was scheduled but the High Priest who was to oversee the wedding was murdered and Lady Ilia vanished at the same time. A search for her came to nothing and she is presumed to have also perished or possibly worse. Nine months later, Cassius suffered a further tragedy when his father was assassinated, the culimnation of a series of murders perpetrated by the so-called Lavinian Revenant, named according to the belief that they were conducted by the ghosts of the traitorous Lavinian family.

In the aftermath of his father’s death, Cassius assumed the position of CEO at AureusCorp, and after a heated election campaign was eventually voted into office as Samnium’s next governor, narrowly beating out Ventium Harlocke, whose campaign collapsed amidst allegations of corruption and financial irregularities shortly before the election. Harlocke strenuously denies any wrong-doing, and was issued a pardon by Aureus shortly after his election in a move many saw as a confirmation of his guilt.

Since taking office, Cassius has continued the Samnian Reclamation Project, though with a number of controversial decisions, including the granting of a large amount of land and financing to the local Adeptus Astartes lodge for the purposes of a programme of fortifications and defenses.

Cassius Arcturus Aureus

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