Duke Traevelliath Sliscus


Duke Traevelliath Sliscus is a Dark Eldar Corsair, known as “The Serpent”. He has been described by Lady Malys as “amoral, despicable and impeccably dressed into the bargain”.

Hungry for glory and excitement, he has no qualms about imperilling every ship in his fleet if it will mean he can destroy an enemy ship in style. Legend has it that the Duke, tired of the constant political grind of Commorragh, decided to leave with a bang rather than a whimper and stole three Kabal flagships and fled the Dark City’s port.

An intense megalomaniac, Sliscus has been the commander of the Sky Serpents Corsairs for many thousands of years and is convinced that it is his right to rule the stars. Infamous across the Galaxy, Sliscus is famous for his unpredictable behaviour. One moment he may be charming, the next utterly ruthless. Sliscus once famously agreed to parley with a human planetary Governor for clemency, only to have the entire Hive nobility butchered when a human envoy mispronounced his name.

Sliscus’s actions have become increasingly bizarre over the years: he never wears the same clothes twice and each new outfit incorporates the remains of his latest foe. The duke dines on poisoned food to build up his immune system and enjoys carving epic poems into his captives. His personal battle standards are made from the flayed skin of the Lord Admiral of Bakka, the Segmentum Fortress of Segmentum Tempestus. As a result of these actions the Duke remains an extremely popular figure among Dark Eldar society and a champion to those in exile from Commorragh. The Duke’s trio of stolen flagships has been joined by many more stolen warships, eager to join The Duke in more exploits.

Sliscus was famously the only adversary to outwit Lukas the Trickster, a Space Wolf Blood Claw famous for his cunning. During an abortive attempt to cripple Sliscus’s flagship, the Dark Eldar cut out one of Lukas’s hearts as a souvenir and set Lukas adrift in space. Thanks to his Space Marine physiology, Lukas survived, and was even able to laugh about the encounter.

His exploits were to come to an end when he was in trade agreements with a Rogue Trader his fleet was surrounded by the Harlocke fleet who annihilated their forces. The Rogue Trader was killed and his small squadron of ships taken by the Harlockes. Traevelliath attempted to escape but a boarding party led by Ventium captured the Corsair. While in the brig the Trader and Corsair hit it off, both boasting of their starfaring adventures. An easy alliance was met and Traevelliath with what remained of his fleet joined the Harlockes. All officers are careful to avoid the eccentric Eldar for fear of a rapid mood swing.

Duke Traevelliath Sliscus

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