Elythal Bernadotte


Born the seventh child to a noble imperial family Elythal knew he would inherit nothing and if it looked like he was, his siblings would have him eliminated. He was not one for power struggles amongst the nobility or the political machinations of the elite. Briefly squandering his youth with decadence and debauchery as one does when they have more money than they know what to do with, Elythal was given an ultimatum. His parents ordered him to make something of himself or he’d be cut off from his allowance from the family wealth.

Not sure what to do with himself, as he had no intention to enter politics as his family expected, he decided he’d join the mechanicus. It may have been a decision made whilst under the effects of various toxins. Before he knew it he was at the academy and in training. Even amongst the Mechanicum who consider mankind beneath them Elythal was arrogant. Between being a noble and a rising techpriest he considered himself superior. Of more refined blood and mind.

A harsh reality was to remind Elythal that any can fall, especially from lofty heights. The academy he was studying in was attacked by Orks. The PDF were overwhelmed and calls for reinforcements were going to take too long. The students barricaded the academy and prepared to defend it alongside the contingents of mechanicus troops. Elythal had never been very good at shooting and proved it here as even when facing a green horde he could still miss.

It was when the trooper next to him was felled and dropped his sword that Elythal found his effectiveness. Grabbing the sword he began to fight back. With surprising finesse he began to slay the Orks and defend other students. It was going well until swept up in the bloodbath around him he failed to see the Ork Boy with the rather sharp looking blade behind him. Before he could react his arm was sliced clean through. With an anguished shriek Elythal fell back further into the academy, he didn’t want to die at the hadns of the likes of damn greenskins.

When reinforcements arrived the academy was still standing even with substantial losses. Elythal was given a commendation and when the adrenaline wore off he continued to writhe in pain as he was still missing a damn arm. As reward for his service and as he sorely needed it, Elythal was honoured with a bionic arm of great intricacy and beauty.

This was when Elythal realised his life calling. He was of noble blood, he had an exceptional mind but his body… his body was weak. He would create the perfect form for himself. And he’d be damned if mechanicus protocol would slow him down. He finished his studies and training before he set off, to make his body perfect.

Elythal Bernadotte

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