Inquisitor Lucius Drake


Public Record
Born c.980.M41, Zion: Died(?) 010.M42, Terra

Supreme Lord of Commerce Lucius Noctine Octavius Drake was born into the illustrious Drake business family sometime between 970.M41-990.M41. Little is known of the early years of his life, although it is believed that he may have at some point become involved with the Imperial Inquisition.

Given the extremely private nature of his family, and the clandestine nature of his suspected profession, there are relatively few confirmed facts about his life. It is known that in 010.M41 he replaced his brother, Magnus, in an arranged marriage as part of the Meridia-Drake corporate merger, and that he replaced his father as its Supreme Lord of Commerce after the latter’s death in an earthquake shortly thereafter. This earthquake is also suspected to have claimed the life of his wife, Valencia.

Inquisitor Lucius Drake

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