Inquisitor Octavia Lethe


Octavia Lethe is an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor and a member of the Scholariate at Arms. She holds the title “Prognost Pursuant”, and her primary mission is to hunt down prophesies relating to future daemonic incursions. Once she has found a true prophecy foretelling an incursion, and has interpreted it, she dispatches a cell of Acolytes to ensure that it does not come about; whatever the cost in doing so.

To this end, Octavia employs a huge household, with a mix of Adepts and more militant Acolytes. The Adepts are tasked with poring through thousands upon thousands of tomes of prophecy, prognostication, and sometimes pure gibberish and the others work in the field according to their master’s instructions. The Inquisitor rarely takes to the field herself, although she has done so in the past, most notably when she bound the daemon Nahterus into a daemonhost and imprisoned it within a shuttle orbiting a dead star.

Instead, Octavia presides over her many Acolyte cells, dispatching them across the entire Calixis Sector to disrupt the dark prophecies identified by her Adepts. She is utterly ruthless, and her Acolytes have standing orders to assassinate anyone who might bring about a daemonic incursion, whether deliberately or innocently. Over the decades, she has become highly skilled in thwarting the machinations of fate.

Despite her ruthlessness in averting prophecy, Inquisitor Octavia Lethe is a reasonable woman in all other realms. She cares for her resources with an expert hand, and never sacrifices agents unless no other course of action is possible. She has spoken against the use of exterminatus on many occasions, believing it a tragic waste of resources. These traits make her a popular master amongst her Acolytes, though few are so deluded as to believe their master would not sacrifice them if it became truly necessary.

Inquisitor Lethe’s role as Prognost Pursuant grants her access to all but the most secret of archives and reliquaries. She has the very highest level of clearance within the Scholariate at Arms, as well as access to many of the vaults within the Seven Cloisters. She has many allies within the Scholariate and elsewhere, and has even been known to work alongside Inquisitors of other Ordos. She appreciates the wide-ranging nature of the threat of the Enemy Beyond, and understands that incursions can begin as heresies or xenos worship, necessitating cooperation with the Ordo Hereticus and the Ordo Xenos. On several occasions, this cross-Ordo approach has paid dividends.

In recent years she brought on two new acolytes. Namely Silvanto and Avund Quin, who were to prove themselves to be valuable assets. Sent on missions when the incursions were now inevitable they fought fully manifested daemons and did so with impunity. Eventually leaving her service in search of promotion which under her would be impossible, she respected their decision and aided Silvanto in his elevation to Inquisitor.

Inquisitor Octavia Lethe

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