Investigator Fnaz Canto



Canto joined the Arbites after experiencing the lawless wastes of his home world often frustrated with the chaos of it.

He soon became a trooper and was put into action battling a spree of food riots that seemed to be spreading across the city. In the beginning of one riot his commanding officer became wounded after helping her to the safety of the medics he took the riot control on end and managed to subdue the unrest.

After continual feats like this he made his way up ranks to investigator due to his lone working attitude and keen eyes.

Many years later one of his drug ring leads led him to high up positions both in the Adeptus arbites and Administratum. The drugs where linked to massive brain haemorrhaging and in some instances psychotic rage. It was damaging the planets production and therefore its tithe but it was being covered up. Knowing this was a very dangerous thread to pull he started to investigate in private and uncovered a massive underground drug ring all peddling this drug. Mutants were running this show and it was a damn big one.

At this point he contacted the inquisition. He then assisted in bringing the whole thing to its knees. The Inquisition classified everything and hundreds of executions took place. Showing such potential the inquisition took him on.

Fanz canto is oddly laid back for an Arbites and treats most things as a big cosmic joke it is believed it is because of his background on a frontier world. Some believe it is how he copes with some of the stuff he has seen. No one knows but one thing is for sure that very little gets past him and he normally has you figured and everyone around him figured out.

He cares for imperial justice and takes it very Seriously. But there is always time for a chuckle…………..right?


Investigator Fnaz Canto

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