Lady Ilia Fida



Public Record

Lady Ilia Fida was a not technically a Battle Sister of the Emperor’s Graces chapter of the Adepta Sororitas but was practically treated as one, and the last surviving descendant of Nyreen Fida. Though a member of the nobility by birth, she spent her life working to improve the lot of the poor who toiled away in the hive cities of Samnium.

Raised in the same tradition as her legendary ancestor, Fida was hailed as a living saint during her mid-teens in what some speculated to be a purely political move by her order, which was becoming increasingly involved with the planet’s politics. Sadly she was never to be canonized because after the horrific murder of the High Priest of Samnium she vanished.

Accounts vary quite wildly.

The people of Samnium lament the loss of such a caring a pure individual who did all in her power to aid the plight of the commoners of Samnium but have no actual knowledge of what happened to her.

Quin wrote that she interfered with an investigation and was removed before it could endanger his mission as an inquisitorial acolyte.

The other acolytes, namely Solanus Novus, provided a much more concise but sadly neglected report. They stated that they followed Quin to the church. He marched through the congregation to the priest and tossed a knife onto the lectern. The priest’s eyes glazed over and he brought it across his throat. The congregation fled screaming and praying as they went. It was at this point the sister approached Silvanto telling him it didn’t have to be this way. Silvanto froze, he seemed drained in her presence. His hard eyes softened, he looked like he was about to cry. She continued forward saying that he still had a chance to return to the Emperor’s light, everything could be made right.

As she continued to approach Avund became increasingly agitated practically snarling at the sister. Silvanto began stuttering out apologies, saying he didn’t mean to, this was never his intention. That he just wanted him back. At this Avund screamed at Silvanto, he had to kill the sister, that they’d be taken away from each other if he didn’t. Silvanto was still shaken and couldn’t even respond. Ilia stepped forward again this time offering her hand. At this Avund just hissed, “You’re mine”. Silvanto’s eyes became filled with resolve as he stabbed the sister. She collapsed grasping her throat as blood poured through her fingers.

The two rounded on the other acolytes. Solanus yelled out before firing on the two but his rounds did nothing to halt their approach. The others opened fire but the two continued unperturbed. Until they heard movement behind them. The gunfire ceased as all eyes turned to the Sister. Before their eyes she rose. Blood turned to liquid silver and her eyes now burning golden flames. Avund charged to attack her but was struck down by a single swing of her hand.

Panicked Silvanto tried to flee, displaying a grotesque set of wings, he took to the air. As he left the church the acolytes reported he let out inhuman shrieks and before their eyes they saw him, change. His eyes blackened, hands became misshapen claws and teeth elongated into fangs. After his transformation the sister, now saint with her own wings made from ethereal golden flames flew up to him and a duel commenced.

By the time other acolytes arrived following the fight they found no bodies. Only Silvanto’s wedding ring. Attempts to find the sister proved fruitless so she was announced presumed dead.

Lady Ilia Fida

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