Captain Alistair Erksine Gordon

Officially Deceased


Beira IV is a harsh, frigid planet of blizzards and mountains, long winters and short summers. Where only the determined could survive, much less prosper. But prosper this planet did. Replete with natural resources and geothermal energy it could easily refine raw ores into useful materials or goods that other planets desperately need. In exchange not only did Beira IV became surprisingly wealthy but also obtained the food it required to survive and maintain a now rapidly increasing population. This growth multiplied many times over when during the Great Crusade the Space Wolves liberated the world and integrated the planet and surrounding system into the Imperium. Now with a larger trade network than could be previously imagined, Beira IV went from strength to strength growing into a burgeoning hive of trade in spite of it’s harsh natural conditions.

Ever since that liberation the Gordons have governed over the planet with almost unchallenged authority. A truly ancient family whose nobility stretches far beyond known history, their great experience in the politics of power has ensured their position over the millennia. Alistair Erksine Gordon is a direct descendant of this ancient lineage and 6th son of the current governor of Beira IV. Born into such wealth and privilege Alistair enjoyed the finest education and tutors as well any luxury his heart could desire. Yet he grew restless and discontent. His schooling had left him with a love of knowledge but he knew that out in the galaxy lay limitless experiences and knowledge perhaps thought forever lost. Furthermore remaining a life of sedentary luxury was unlikely to advance him through the ranks. True, someone truly resourceful and cunning would find 5 inheritors little obstacle to their advancement. However Alistair yearned to strike out and achieve greatness and have such successes recognised. With all this and the planet’s close alignment to the Imperial Navy due to their important role in safeguarding trade his enlistment seemed inevitable.

With a letter to Captain Erioch Zarkov, a captain well known to the Gordons, Alistair became a commissioned officer. Serving aboard the Comet Shield, a Dauntless Light Cruiser, he quickly distinguished himself amongst his peers and began his climb through the ranks. After successfully managing to drive off Dark Eldar raiders Alistair was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for his competence during the battle.

After being “promoted” to the rank of Captain over a specialist squad, Alistair eventually found himself press ganged into an Inquisitorial investigation by his “specialists” into the possible heresy of the Rogue Trader Lord-Captain Ventium Harlocke. Only time will tell how this investigation will proceed.

Shortly after being promoted to acting Captain of the Redeemer of Illumination he was murdered in his room by agents of the Inquisiton.

Captain Alistair Erksine Gordon

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