Lord-Admiral Sabanth Harlocke


Born c.977.M41, Samnium

Sabanth Harlocke was born into a Rogue Trader dynasty that had in the previous generation chosen to return to Samnium and enter the world of domestic politics. Growing to resent his father’s choice, Sabanth watched in quiet glee as Tiberius Aureus destroyed his father’s political career and became governor. Having his brother and sister pay their fathers “debts” Sabanth inherited the Warrant of Trade from his father and took off with the reasonably sized fleet their family owned.

From here he went on an adventure of conquest and glory. Reclaiming some planets lost to the Imperium, taking particular relish in the final part of the statement, “I claim this world for the Emperor of Humanity and his Imperium. I bring justice and truth for the loyal. Punishment and death for the guilty.” Although ambitious, Sabanth is no fool. Disloyalty ends in death and disgrace. Loyalty was rewarded with titles and commendations, what’s not to love. Supporting several fleet engagements and suppression of insurrections, Sabanth also boasts a successful military career.

Always willing to step in to aid the Emperor’s forces wherever he may be needed, but always with conditions. His help comes with guarantees that once all is said and done he will be compensated for his losses, and then some. Through this process his forces have grown exponentially.

His fleet grew to its greatest extent with the arrival of his brother Ventium. Between an injection of funds and another trustworthy officer Ventium was to prove cunning and manipulative in favour of his brother. Since his arrival their fleet has swollen to the point where they have fought wars on their own and made demands of Segmentum Command after their victory was announced. And with Ventium’s ties to the Inquisition the two have never been investigated.

Most recently their fleet has been in an ongoing war against a tyranid hive fleet that appeared out of nowhere. Thankfully far from the heart of the Imperium, forces under; Harlocke, Novus and Sigilus have been pushing them back. And the ranks of the Harlocke fleet grow ever larger.

Lord-Admiral Sabanth Harlocke

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