Lord Admiral Sigilus


The younger sibling of General Derian Sigilus, Naveen Sigilus has enjoyed a more successful career than his older brother, having reached the higher ranks of the Admiralty while still only in his first century. At the beginning of the Achilus Crusade, he served as a Rear Admiral, newly promoted, overseeing the movement of vessels through the Jericho-Maw Warp Gate and liaising with the Battlefleet Calixis Admiralty to maintain supply lines. After Lord Militant Achilus’ death, Sigilus found himself elevated to Admiral, as Lord Militant Tetrarchus began to rearrange the Crusade’s command staff. Placed in command of the six Navy battlegroups of the Orpheus Salient—Icarus, Argo, Cerberus, Daedalus, Vishnu and Santos—he was shortly thereafter elevated to Lord Admiral and commander of all Imperial Navy forces within the Salient.

Being a fine tactician and a responsible commander, Sigilus understands the weight of command well, and the burdens of the Admiralty are great indeed, with the lives of hundreds of millions of souls on thousands of ancient, venerated and often irreplaceable starships, within his hands. He has earned the utmost respect from the crew of his flagship, the Emperor’s Nobility, and by the Admirals, Commodores and Captains of his fleet.

Sigilus’ flag can be found within Battlegroup Cerberus at present, as it has been since just before General Mikal Curas died. It operates close to the Iron Collar, and part of the group was anchored above Hethgard until the Tyranids reached the fortress world. From the battlegroup, Sigilus commands the other four remaining battlegroups (Battlegroup Argo having been lost with General Curas) as best he can, given the difficulties of communicating through the Shadow in the Warp and the scattered nature of those battlegroups due to withdrawals and defeats.

With the arrival of both the newly appointed Admiral Novus replacing Battlegroup Argo and the forces under the command of Lord-Admiral Harlocke they were able to push the Tyranids back. A feat unheard of amongst a force of Imperials alone, without Astartes support.

Lord Admiral Sigilus

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