Maximus Ratcliffe

Slightly very dead.


RoA 109 Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack.


Born on the shrine world of Ferenginar, Maximus Ratcliffe grew in the ways of the Rules of Acquisition to become everything the cult of Our Lord of Perpetual Exemption stood for.

According to legend, none other than the God Emperor of Mankind Himself had incorporated Ferenginar into His fledgling Imperium, one of the last planets to be added before the betrayal of the Arch-Heretic Horus. The planet remained steadfast to Him throughout the Heresy, but while they did not have the resources of many worlds more established, be it man or material, as a prosperous trade hub during the age of strife it had the money. As the war continued and new markets came to rise and fall, a new set of ideals were created to allow the Ferengi to profit and aid the war effort. These ideals were expanded upon over time until they became the Rule of Acquisition, 285 rules guiding those loyal to the Emperor to financial success.

As millennia past and the Imperial Cult rose to prominence, and the Ferengi dedicated their world as a shrine to the Emperor, for all material possessions must go to Him in the end. The new priesthood redoubled their efforts to gain wealth in this life, teaching their congregations to surrender everything of value to them to prove their devoutness, for one of the few things that all Imperial Cults share is the belief that true and loyal citizens must give everything they have in service of the Emperor. When a priest dies the vast wealth acquired in his life goes with him to fund the emperor and his battles in the immaterium.

No one is more dedicated to this ideals of the Ferengi and Emperor than Ratcliffe, but there are so very many more competent in its execution. Having found little financial success on his homeworld and environs, he struck out on his own to find new markets in need of the Emperor’s word. In his travels and the various disasters that were no fault of his own, he was recruited to the inquisition as an acolyte. With his new position, resources, and respect he once again sets out to relieve the Emperors people of their wealth in his glorious light.

Maximus Ratcliffe

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