Mordecai was one of the fleetbrats of Polaris, kids born on the rogue trader ship or its fleet during its voyages into the fringes of Imperial space. Not wanting to pick up his parents’ job as a scribe, recording the movements of supplies of the fleet, he spent his time causing problems and avoiding responsibilities with other kids of similar disposition.

Pirates were common in the fringe areas where Polaris roamed. Most of the time the captain of the ship, Gaius Marius, was cunning enough to trick their way out, or bargain a bloodless solution. Still Polaris’ extended presence in the fringes had raised enough suspicion that separate pirates had come together to find out what the ship’s cargo was. The battle was fierce, but the rogue trader with his crew was able to prevail and drive the pirates off, though with the price of many fallen.

In the aftermath all free hands on the ship were commanded to take the just opened positions, to help with the shortage of workers – Mordecai ended up pulling security. He realized quickly that walking the vacant corridors during artificial nights wasn’t very exciting. To make the best of the situation he applied to several other positions within the armed forces of the fleet and was moved to the boarding unit, disquieting his parents.

Despite the concerns Mordecai flourished in the unit. Due to the wariness the fleet demonstrated after the encounter with the pirate band, he had plenty of time to prepare before any serious engagements, and thus was able digest the occasionally harsh mentoring of his peers and commanders. In the following years Mordecai became enamored with the freedom rogue traders seemed to have. This feeling only grew when he got was promoted to leading his own squad, and was able to meet the captain of the Polaris in the following ceremonies.

Not too long after being promoted, the fleet was recuperating closer to the center of the galaxy, while the officers had discussions with the sponsors of the fleet. Before they were heading out again, Mordecai was ordered to pack his belongings and leave the ship – he was given a schedule of ships to follow to get closer to Terra where he’d be picked up by an inquisitorial agent.


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