Noctine Karpath

The doctor will see you now


Noctine grew up on a forge world. His parents worked on the assembly lines and would often bring home bits of discarded machinery for him to play with. He would spend hours upon hours studying how the bits interacted with each other and fantasizing about how they might work in bigger and more complicated machines. Machinery wasn’t the only thing Noctine took an interest in though. His father was a very clumsy man and would come home with new injuries each week. Noctine would peer over his mothers shoulders as she stitched him back up each time. One day his mother had fallen ill and so could not patch up his fathers wounds, being an inquisitive mind, Noctine asked if he could try doing it. His father allowed it since he had seen Noctines steady hand when handling machinery. The wound was closed incredibly well and Nocitine took over from his mother since he enjoyed it much more and was a fair bit better at it, despite his tendency to open the wounds more to have a look around before closing them.

Once he had learnt all he could from broken machinery and his parents wounds Noctine decided it was time to ask one of the men in robes for more information, since they seemed much smarter than the people he usually talked to. The Tech Priest immediately realised Noctine’s potential and went to have, what Noctine was assured was a polite conversation with his parents, where it was decided he would go to learn the ways of the Adeptus Machanicus.

Noctine proved to be a quick learner, studying medicine in his spare time as a hobby and focusing on how to improve the body over other things. He also quickly learnt that his inquisitive mind could get him into trouble and he should always test the waters before asking what was really on his mind. During his studies he also developed a tendency to assume that all people had at least the same amount of knowledge as him, and so would often talk to anyone as if they had the knowledge of a Tech Priest.

Noctine often found himself being transferred to work and learn under many different Tech Priests until he started working for Lucius Drake. For the first time since he was a child he found that his inquisitive mind was not punished. His assumption that Drake was more knowledgeable on every topic was quickly shown to be correct, although Lucius quickly taught him that not all people deserved that assumption, and many people should not be above notice. Over his time working for Lucius, Noctine began to idolize him and see him as a father figure, clearly Lucius saw Noctine as a son too, as he named him to be his Acolyte.

Noctine Karpath

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