Rimwena Verium

Slightly dead


Her father died in active duty before she was born, her mother died in childbirth before she could reach a doctor. Thus, Rimwena was brought up by her uncle, Carston, her father’s brother.

This man was not honourable or courageous like his brother though. No Carston was a scavenger and a smuggler who initially used the infant as cover, appearing to be a poor, single father while smuggling all manners of illegal objects or substances under her crib. When she grew older however, he was astounded with how quickly she took up the “trade” too, and the fact that she was still a child helped when she claimed her innocence or hid from others. Rimwena thought the two were inseparable and trusted him completely. Things weren’t perfect of course, odd things happened around them sometimes, and she’d get horrible nightmares and would wake up feeling like something’s out to get her, but children often learn to adjust quickly and work kept her occupied when she was worried.

Until one day, her uncle got quiet, refused to look at her and barely even spoke to her. Weirder still, he planned to stay where they were for the next month or two while doing odd jobs, legal jobs that is. This was the man who was afraid of the government and inquisition he never stayed in one place for more than a couple weeks. He was acting more coldly than ever, was this a punishment? Did she do something wrong?

She found out why later though, on the day the black ship arrived. They ran in, grabbing her as her uncle did nothing to slow them, not even looking at what he allowed. They took her onto the black ship, where she was surrounded by other children who looked just as terrified as her. She realised what was going to happen. She had heard of this a few times before.

It meant she was a psyker, or at least had the potential to be one. Her uncle must have realised what she was and told someone, we stayed their while he waited for them to pick her up. They were going to have her sanctioned, taken to Terra where she can be “trained”. Where she would be subjected to all manners of torment and torture to unlock her potential. She was 8 years old.

Thus she spent her years on Terra clutching a locket, the one possession she was allowed to take with her, a locket that Carston gave her. She kept a hold of it, pictured his face when he found out what she was and made sure never to forget, so that she’d remember how terrified people can be of psykers. She kept it to remind herself never to rely on your trust in someone else. Above all else she made a vow to herself on Terra that no matter what, she would survive.

And then she died because a Khornate daemon cornered her.

Rimwena Verium

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