Rosalind Occellati


Rosalind Occellati is the navigator of the flagship of the Harlocke fleet, the Conquest Class Star Galleon, the Redemption of Darkness. A member of the Navis Nobilite family Occellati. Known for their exceptional discoveries of new systems and pathways to travel through the warp with Durlan being the most well known among them.

Durlan Occellati was a Navigator chiefly known for his discovery of the only stable warp-route through the area of space known as the Wheel of Fire. He made this discovery, and was shortly afterwards attached to the Imperial Crusade assigned to cleanse the subsector of xenos taint. It is unknown if he survived this 5-year mission.

Rosalind was not originally the navigator for the Redemption of Darkness but with the “retiring” of the previous navigator she took up the mantle. Determined to raise the bar her family has set, she has guided the Harlocke fleet through the warp without failure as of yet. She does not hide her distaste for the protracted naval battles and campaign against the tyranids. Not much exploration to be found in killing nids…

Rosalind Occellati

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