Scythia Yanne

"The Imperium saved my life!"


This woman stands 5’7" tall, has curly brown hair and bright yellow eyes. She wears simple robes decorated with various holy iconography and wields a similarly decorated staff.


Scythia was born on a Feral world, something that would prove to be very unfortunate for her. You see, Scythia was different from other children, this was obvious to see once strange phenomena would occur around her with no explanation and she would have dreams of a great golden figure descending onto the world. Her parents immediately ran from the village after her first “accident”, realising that the people would lynch her for witchcraft the moment they found out.

She remembers little of this however as she spent less than 5 years in hiding before the world was visited once again by the great Imperium, who were out of contact from this world for centuries. It was here that she first met a commissar who, much like the people of that world, recognised her potential. She was immediately taken to Terra where she spent another 12 years confined to a single cell, subject to the “training” that every psyker receives to develop their gift. She knew, however, that this was necessary. They saved her life and are allowing her to continue developing her gift, the pain and the servitude are the least she can offer in payment. Thus she made sure every ounce of her power would be dedicated to serving the Empire and its citizens from the most horrible of threats.

Gifted as she was she left Terra at a relatively young age compared to other psykers and was immediately tasked to serve under a sister of battle, Dhalia Wolfswood, a woman who is given as much respect as most Inquisitors and whom Scythia was honoured to work with. With Dhalia and her followers of like-minded warriors they set out to protect the people of the Empire.

It wasn’t long into this career, however, that Scythia was informed she would be working under another for a short time. Specifically she was to answer to Inquisitor Drake and his Acolytes, according to their reports they were to fight against a demon soon enough and required a specialist. While Scythia was happy to go wherever her talents were needed she had to admit Dhalia’s warning was worrying. According to her Drake was fairly radical as most Inquisitors go and his Acolytes may prove to be just as “eccentric”.

Scythia Yanne

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