Serafina Rossi


Public Record

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Callidus Temple Record

Serafina, along with her sister Gianna, was initiated into the Temple in 989.M41 following standard induction protocol: the Rossi sisters’ particular exercise involved tricking them into believing they were responsible for the crash of a transport freighter which claimed the lives of all other occupants, including their family. They successfully survived for three more years among the underworld, demonstrating the necessary skills to qualify, before being abducted by operatives and formally enrolled in the programme.

During her training, Serafina demonstrated competent physical and combat skills: however, she also showed an incredible talent for intelligence work, as well as proficiency for understanding and manipulating others on a level bordering sociopathic. Impartial analysis of individual assignments strongly suggests that these skills were put to use on her instructors, who seem to have graded her extremely leniently: however, this level and type of talent is to be fostered, rather than discouraged.

Inquisitorial Record
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A group of acolytes under the command of Inquisitor Caius was sent to Samnium to eliminate the rogue assassin who had bombed the Callidus temple and escaped detection. After quite a few missteps in the investigation, one acolyte was dead and upwards of 100 civilians had been killed.

Ultimately the acolytes; Novus, Pontius and Dhalia came into contact with the assassins and discovered they were in fact dealing with two assassins. Serafina and Gianna Rossi who were on a mission of vengeance against the governor of Samnium who had their friends family killed and had her shipped off to the callidus temple.

The acolytes then worked to bring governor Tiberius to the assassins where he was slain at the hands of Gianna and an enraged Ventium. From here details get strange and contradictory.

Acolyte Pontius reports that Serafina in the night attacked Ventium, to turn him away from corruption. But he is also the only one to report this and had a grudge against Ventium since he was shot by him.

Novus writes that Pontius was in correspondence with the assassins from the start. He also states he believed both assassins, Serafina especially, were threats that had to be disposed of as they were taking it upon themselves to deem what was right and wrong. He also refers to changes in Ventiums behaviour such as being scared of his own reflection and pianos.

Ventium wrote quite little on the assassins, preferring to throw accusations at Pontius, which although accurate did little to further the investigation. Coincidentally it is shown that he invested a lot of his personal estate into Samnium’s relief efforts the day after Pontius claims Serafina attacked him.

The location of the two assassins is unknown. Further investigation has came to nothing, they have simply disappeared. With no further attacks on the Callidus temple or killings matching their patterns it has been dropped.


Serafina Rossi

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