Specialist Sergeant Jordan


Not quite sure how it happened, Jordan and her squad of catachans have found themselves in a world of comfort and excess. They hate it


While serving in the defense of a falling agri-world Jordan and her squad were surrounded and outnumbered by a horde of orks. Not taking a step back they were ready to die there and then. In an explosion of fire the sky began to fall in on them. After brief panic they realised it was the artillery opening fire on their own position. The orks were disorientated and torn apart but so were they.

When she awoke she was in a medbay, her wounds being treated by some cogboys. She never liked that lot, always cared more about the equipment than the soldier in it. But a man walked over congratulating her for surviving and informing her of her latest promotion, as a specialist in a rogue trader fleet. She knew it was time to bury her head in the sand before one of these eccentrics shot her for knowing too much.

Specialist Sergeant Jordan

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