Sister Paz Castella

In the footsteps of saints


Temetria II wasn’t always a shrine world. It’s skyline wasn’t always dominated by grand cathedrals which performed services all day and cast it’s flaming light onto the streets at night. It’s streets were not always packed with huddled, pious masses on pilgrimage, looking for blessings or relics. Nor did it have marble statues of saints and martyrs on every street corner, their divine visages immortalised in monuments. It wasn’t even always called Temetria II, it’s original name forever lost. That all changed with the arrival of Saint Temetria, who brought imperial rule and most importantly the imperial creed to this feral world. For Saint Temetria’s work and eventual martyrdom for the sake of this world, it was dedicated to her and she was to be forever held as an example to which all inhabitants should strive.

Mind you not all of Temetria II is towering cathedrals and marble statues. Something has to feed all those pilgrims and Temetria II’s expansive farmlands are instrumental in this regard. It is in these lands, not in the cathedrals that Paz Castella found the Emperor. Her village was a small but busy one, often would the inns be filled with weary pilgrims who could not find places to rest at more popular rest stops. These strangers fascinated her, that faith could inspire one to travel so far and to brave so many dangers. As she grew she spent more and more time learning the imperial creed and working with the local priest to aid the pilgrims that it soon became all she did when she was not helping her father in the fields. This continued for some time until one day a band of sisters came through the village. Paz spent all day and all night with the sisters, eager to aid such holy warriors of the Emperor. Her efforts did not go unrewarded. Her conduct and knowledge for one so young impressed the sisters and after consulting with the priest and her parents she was taken to be trained as one of their order.

Under the watchful eyes of her new tutors she was schooled officially in the creed and trained to defend it. As the years passed she began to show more promise, excelling in her martial training, Her performance in close quarters combat drills was especially impressive and a bright future as devout defender of Mankind lay ahead of her. Perhaps not in the way she expected however.

Enquiries were made, discussions held, favours called in.

Rather abruptly, shortly after graduating beyond Novice, she was visited by a Nunciate of the order informing her that, effective immediately, she was now an acolyte in the service the the God Emperor’s Holy Inquisition and to make ready for active service.

Stoic and devout, Paz now looks to the saints and the martyrs for guidance once again hoping that in their examples she can find the qualities required to defend Mankind from both enemies without and within.

Sister Paz Castella

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