Heretic Hunt

Thats IT!!!
Canto v Ratcliff FIGHT!!!!!

Canto head wobbled like a very cheap and weighted down crazy daisy but he still heard Ratcliff. The priest was knowingly wanting to send our newest member too die under the sight of one the most dreadful for chaos daemons this was a fate worst than death.

Cantos vision went red but he remember his training any officer could get angry but they needed to get angry smart. so canto needed to think however this was hard since he was in fact totally cained. He was clever enough too remember that too fight here was a bad idea very public so later then at the hotel maybe.

Canto had his chance now his plan was to hurt him badly not kill him how ever plans never survived the first point of contact so canto could still be hopeful.

emperor dammit im so drunk thought canto as his first strike missed. it was at this point that Ratcliff dived into new realms of stupid by point a gun at him. Canto was not surprised really it wasn’t the first time someone that escalated some thing with him. Canto might die here he knew that but he did care life was to short to be worried about losing it and he had a good run. Canto carefully took a grenade off his belt and armed it if Canto was going to die so was he. Cantos revolver was out and pointing at rat-cliffs leg in an instance. Ratcliff then said one of the most ironic things ever “now calm down” while point a gun at someone. This was one idiocy too far and canto opened fire putting a round into ratcliffs leg. Canto now had good reason to kill him and would of if it hadn’t of been broken up by the other members of their party.

Canto hoped that maybe Rat cliff would learn form this mistakes but canto knew he wouldn’t and canto would be there when it happened waiting and ready with a bigger gun.

Now how do we un arm this grenade???

Gordon's Thoughts - 1
A Death in the Team

I really thought things were going to get better for Rimwena. She certainly seemed more open to me than before. Then there was that Sanguinala miracle. If I had to guess, in a weird way, things seemed to be improving for her. Then this happens. Another false spot of hope before this uncaring galaxy finds yet another way to ruin us. This is bullshit, why does the one of the few Emperor damn people I can call a friend have to fuc-

Head in the game, Gordon. What do we have? Corpse with las bolt through the skull, entry point under the chin. Another withdrawn, morose paranoid psyker kills themselves out of despair, right? Except anyone who actually knew Rimwena could quite clearly see that is complete bullshit. Had Noctine perform an autopsy. Signs of a struggle, only superficial wounds however. Whoever she was up against couldn’t land a proper hit it would seem. She always did say she was a diviner and not a very good one but clearly good enough to see what was coming, eh? Imagine being outmanoeuvred continuously by some shifty sniper, you must have got them right riled up. What is interesting is that apparently, your brain chemistry is straight up wrong. Didn’t appear to be caused chemically. What happened to you Rimwena? In any case, you were taken here, no signs of struggle in your room. With luck the stupid bastard will have walked in front of Noctine’s camera. How does it go from a fight to you blasting your brains out? You weren’t drugged and being coerced into it seems highly unlikely. I’m tempted to say some manner of warp power is at play but our expert on the matter is otherwise indisposed.

Maybe your personal effects have an answer? I feel uncomfortable redistributing your gear, makes me feel like a vulture that was waiting for that last breath before digging in. However, things as they are, we need everything we can get and I don’t think you’d complain about some practical recycling. Let’s see here. One duelling pistol, modified for extra ammo capacity. Good thing too, because per this, you’ve fired three shots. Well, we know where one of them went but the other two, now that’s interesting. Hopefully there’s some asshole walking around here with two new holes in him thanks to you. I intend to make sure that it isn’t the last they will see of this weapon. Long las can go to our newest “recruit”, she better treat it well. Ah your chamoline cloak. My Sanguinala gift to you. Went to a lot of trouble to get this but I’d figure you would appreciate it. I’ll hold onto this. Your ID seems untouched which for our sakes is good. Hmm, the pendant we found in Zarkhov’s room. She was quite shocked to find it. Let’s see what is inside. Two pictures, a woman in a simple dress and a man in a naval uniform. Guessing by the stripes and the lack of any ornate decoration I’d say NCO. The picture is a bit small but I’d go further and say Sergeant at Arms. Have to be a tough bastard to earn that position, leading boarding parties is dangerous work. Some might even say suicidal work. I’ve seen my fair share come and go. I guess these are her parents but they could be anybody really. Never had the time to ask, we were always so busy. I don’t know where she comes from, what she did growing up, who raised her or anything like that. Maybe it wasn’t that important, maybe the now was all that mattered. I’ll keep this safe.

That didn’t help much. Let’s take a step back here, who are our preliminary suspects. Dark Eldar? Nope she wouldn’t be here and she would be looking this… good. One of the people of interest, Inviso perhaps? Maybe, there is still that unaccounted for daemonic presence. Silvanto and Avund? Given that people have been going missing after they meet them it wouldn’t surprise me. That I have little to go on so far is infuriating. You’ve left enough behind though, it’s a start. Once we review the camera footage then we can really start investigating. I swear, whoever did this is living on borrowed time. The Emperor as my witness I will see that justice is done. I don’t care if they are man, xenos or daemon. They will be sent to the grave screaming.

Although in the end, all vengeance is hollow. As captain I am responsible for the well-being for all those under my command and I have failed. When everything is quiet and I am alone I will remember this failing for the rest of my days. No man is more than the sum of his mistakes, all that can be asked is that they learn from them. However, looking at Rimwena’s lifeless body I can’t help but ask what exactly am I supposed to learn from this!? What secret meaning am I supposed to derive from such senseless death?

I fucking hate this ship.

Rimwena's observations - 8
Rimwena's final thoughts

“Oh! I remember now. It was my uncle, he sold me out to the black ships” Rimwena thought as the daemon confronted her.
“I always wondered where I learned not to trust people. Why I always sought out survival above all else, can’t believe I forgot for so long”.

Time slowed as she retrieved her gun, almost as if fate itself would see her through this final fight. “I’m glad I learned otherwise though, for even a short amount of time it was nice to have people to confide in”. She closed her eyes, ready to channel the warp, ready to push her mind and soul to its very limits, if she were to find any way to hurt him it would be through either a thousand cuts or a miracle from the warp.

The daemon let a smug smile creep across his face before lunging, either with fists or claws, she wasn’t sure which. She thought of Gordon as her body moved on its own, and she was out the way before she knew what was happening. She truly hoped Gordon would find a way to live through what comes next, knowing him he would find only more corruption in the untouched tomes of his library and his honour may drive him to do unspeakable things. She hoped her first friend would find reason to live. She fired a shot into the back of the creature’s head, leaving a small wound but not doing as much damage as she had hoped.

“Avund” lunged a second time, features distorting as he did so, once again Rimwena closed her eyes as she let the warp move her and, as she did so, deep voices spoke of her death. She thought of Kolden as she tried to block them out, her first lover, she thought of Inviso, someone she manipulated and yet she still wondered if they’d find reason.

As her second shot fired the creature was no longer there. She felt her arm rise on its own and her gun below her chin. She thought about her comrades: Noctine, Canto, Mordecai, Tapt and even Ratcliffe (even she was surprised there). She hoped they’d find the will to survive.

She then smiled as she remembered how much Khornate daemons hate magic, how they hate those powers despite effectively being made of warp stuff. By the Emperor she must have royally pissed this creature off for it to respond like this.

For once, she was proud to be a psyker.

Ratcliffe Ledger Entry - 042 - 009 - Wheres Wiggins?!

Red – Wiggins continued to be lost, fearing the worst continued my selfless search for him, this included Distribution of lost posters, and the enlisting of some kind crewmembers’ help.

Red – Wiggins continues to be lost, the rest of the party seems unconcerned by this (they have no sense of loyalty). After our plight was noticed many officers and crew joined my search.

Red – Wiggins has been lost for many days now. – clearly something terrible has happened to him, In the warp and at the edges of known space this could spell disaster for the entire ship, it’s crew and their souls. The Lord Captain clearly thought my intentions were both noble and justified and instructed all of his men to find Wiggins.

Black – Upon waking I find signs that Wiggins was briefly in my room. Clearly while something terrible must have happened to him to stop him from presenting himself to me, he is not all lost, part of the true him still remains. I vow to help him, bit to do that I must first find him. As he was forced to leave me before I woke, I needed to temporarily and humanly restrain him for his own good. I formulated a cunning plan, requisitioned beartraps, and enlisted the aid of some servants, willing to risk themselves to help Wiggins and I.

Red – Despite my careful supervision a servant took a minor injury. With Wiggins gone, the Techpriest became our sole medic. Due to his suspicious incompetence the servant died of shock, Noctine continued to make the situation worse by resuscitating him in the warp – causing a deamon to spawn.

Black – Seeing my pureness as a great threat to itself, the deamon targeted me and attempted to bring me under its heretical power, however my willpower and devotion to the Emperor allowed me to resist it ensuring that my team was unharmed, at great cost to my own health,

Black – without me to guide them, the group sought aid from a commissar psyker. With me weakening the deamon from within the commissar was easily able to dispatch it.

Harlock Fleet Report 2


Noctine Karpath – Active – Loyal
Rimwena Verium – Active – Secretive
Fnaz Canto – Active – Erratic
Mordecai – Active – Dependable
Ratcliffe – Active – Conspicuous
Captain Alistair Gordon – Active – Unreliable
Karpath – Active
8881273409352 – Operational

Ratcliffe continues to draw attention to the group. He set up a treasure hunt to find 352, who was clearly just hiding from him rather than missing. The entire ship noticed this and so a large amount of focus was on us. I have been attempting to befriend a lower Tech Priest to gain more information. Captain Gordon has discovered a hidden room Harlock is no doubt using for heresy and decided he wants to talk his way in, rather than my advice that we just break in as soon as possible.

Ratcliffe set bear traps in his room, given permission by Captain Gordon. A man died from this, and despite my best attempts to save him, was inhabited by a Daemon. This was dispatched soon after. Canto seems to be behaving different to usual, less golly.

Inquisitor Quin arrived on the ship. This seems too much of a coincidence but needs further investigation. It seems the old idea of us posing as his acolytes will not work. This sent the group into a panic. Ratcliffe and Canto wanted to set off a nuke in the ship. Gordon and Rimwena seemed ready to come to blows due to this. Mordecai and I reasoned, if possible, it may be a reasonable to ready such a large weapon in the case that we are discovered. All of this came to nothing at the discovery that our ship holds no such weapons.

Getting closer to proving heresy, collecting proof.
Harlock has a secret room, will investigate.
Quin arrived on the ship.

Group Summary
The group continues to draw much attention regardless of my warnings.
Gordan’s judgement seems questionable and possibly dangerous. He often displays dislike for the group and may not be trustworthy.
Ratcliffe continues to be a liability.
Rimwena continues to be shifty.
Canto seems to be enjoying things less and becoming more rash, needs monitoring.
Mordecai still seems trustworthy.

Hell in a hen basket

Sound stopped.

Canto stood stunned at the event unfolding before him. A man sat screaming with a bear trap around his shoulder. Canto took a second to think how this happened then remembered about Rat cliff.

The bear trap and arm came away with sickening sounds and the man fell down dead. A burst of dark pleasure came over him at the mans death only now did canto notice was relishing his suffering. It was unsatisfying canto didn’t understand why. He would have to find out some how.

Cantos mind slowly turned back to the present and so came the sound. The people he knew his team he couldn’t remember there names anymore it either that or he didn’t care. His “team” seemed to be trying to revive the dead man. Canto noticed the pysker had made a rapid retreat and wondered if she was on to something.

She was.

The man was alive and well……and oh with a claw for an arm…. Cantos mind was very woozy the cogs sticking and skipping. There was some thing wrong with that wasn’t there. He had confirmation when it fired and sharp tentacle into ratcliffs neck. Canto was instantly worried about his own safety nothing would take his gift away. He raised his revolver and let loose a round just as the angel of death arrived in the from of a commissar the man was quite brilliant in his destruction of the man/beast thing.

Canto berated himself alone in his room he had a job to do he just kept being distracted by whatever it was. He also felt a dark anger and a “need” for something he didn’t understand.
He would harness this he told him self.

Christmas (sorry Christian i couldn’t spell it, it being called Christmas) Sanginarla (SEE!)
pasted uneventfully. However the ship Vox network sounded an alarm and it suddenly turned to choas and panic. His team needed answers so after asking a few questions we found out we where getting visitors on board. Canto drew on his deductive reasoning the only people that could get a rouge trader this worried was the inquisition.

He didn’t however expect it to be the likes of silvanto quin and his daemon minion. Canto looked though the eyes of his cyber eagle in terror and wonder how they where gonna get tho this one alive.

Rimwena's Observations - 7
A Sanguinala Miracle!

Well the day started off like any other, with Father Ratcliffe placing bear traps in his room in an attempt to catch Tapt after he disappeared. This then caused our only servant who thought to refuse the priest to have a bear trap caught round his arm after then being forced. The Noctine then attempted to save him by tearing the trap off his shoulder… along with his arm, killing him. His attempts to save him then went from comically tragic to dangerously naive as he attempted to revive the man from the dead… within the warp. Rimwena could barely open her mouth as to why this was a terrible idea before the stun baton through the man’s chest.

It was at this point Rimwena left, whatever psychic phenomena they were about to unleash she did not want to be a part of it. It’s almost as if they forgot that we were literally surrounded in hell! So she took off towards the psykers’/commissar’s room, only to hear a scream as the commissar rushed out. Rimwena did what she could to comfort the diviner, curbing her curiosity to open her own mind to see what was happening.

Quick explanation: to revive someone in the immaterium is to drag someone’s soul back into their body at the last second, before their soul is lost. In the warp, their soul is gone immediately, they were trying to revive an empty husk by forcing something from the warp into it, causing Emperor knows what to happen.

Well apparently what happens is a demon possessed him. Thankfully the commissar was there to kill it for good. Captain Gordon of course requested to have the whole corridor purified (causing a great deal of nausea for Rimwena), couldn’t have anything happen the day before Sanguinala.

Rimwena had only heard of Sanguinala a few times in the past, only to see Commissars take days off to celebrate however. She never had a way or reason to celebrate it herself. But that night, she slept peacefully, for the first time in Emperor knows how long she slept soundlessly. When she awoke her last mutation had disappeared. Well, not completely, her right eye was now a bright blue, but far better than having a third eye on her forehead.

She awoke ready to celebrate this great, miraculous holiday. While doing her own part in the investigation of course.

However the good mood couldn’t last forever. The next day the ship got a visitor, who just happened to be the next we were to investigate, Inquisitor Silvanto (Strengths: Arbites training so weapon and combat expertise, psychic powers great enough to summon a daemon. Vulnerabilities: Unknown) alongside his companion Avund of course (Strengths: is a daemon. Vulnerabilities: relies on summoner).

All in all the party took the news as well as could be expected, in that Ratcliffe suggested they steal a nuclear warhead and tear the ship in half. He is demonstrating himself to be more and more of a liability on this mission.

Coded Journal of Alistair Gordon - 4
Leaving the Immaterium

Well I had thought the worst of this jaunt into the Immaterium was behind us but clearly that was an optimistic assessment. I blame myself, I was under the mistaken impression that Ratcliffe was only a danger to himself. That assumption cost someone their life and most probably their soul. Ratcliffe was trapping his own room and had enlisted the servants to aid him in this. I’m not sure why he thought that trapping was in their skill set. One of them had an accident, triggering a bear trap on their arm. Specialist (Noctine) Karpath did what he could but the servant went into shock and died soon after. I was going to start taking the corpse to the medical bay to see that it was dealt with properly when Specialist (Noctine) Karpath did something rather unorthodox. Grabbing a shock maul, he attempted to revive him. He was successful in a sense. Only now a foul daemon of the warp now inhabited the deceased’s corpse. Thankfully, the Commissar the next room over slew the foul beast. I’ve seen to it that the rooms were properly purified so there should be no lingering corruption.

Thankfully, the next day was this ship’s Sanguinala celebrations. My memory is a bit fuzzy but I remember having a fantastic time. I’ve always loved Sanguinala but with recent events as they are, remembering and contemplating Sanguinius might be even more important than ever. Perhaps if I asked myself “What would Sanguinius do?” more often things might not be as terrible. This Sanguinala was even more special however because I’ve witnessed a genuine Sanguinala miracle. Specialist Verium’s… peculiarity seemingly disappeared overnight! I should ask about it at some point, for she has been truly blessed!

The next day we left the Warp and, initially, had a few days of leave before we would begin our mission. A briefing would be nice, preferably before we went into the Warp so I could schedule joint training exercises with the other specialists. That would require Ventium not acting like a giddy schoolboy for a moment though so I’m not entirely surprised. Then a somewhat panicked order for everyone to look operational came through. We were to be receiving visitors. The specialists and I suited up before making our way to the hangar to see who exactly was responsible for this.

The Inquisition. Not just any Inquisitorial agents, but the bastard from my nightmares. This seems far too coincidental for my liking. From what I understand he is here to investigate something and will be conducting at will searches. I suppose my luck was bound to run out someday. If he does find my library, I shall endeavour to die with as much dignity and honour as I can muster. More importantly, without revealing any links to the Inquisition. To this end, I will be destroying this journal after this entry. Seems somewhat pointless to write this but it is somewhat cathartic. In any case, it is more reasonable than the reactions of some specialists. I wouldn’t deign to go into the specifics but there was serious consideration of plans to blow up the ship. Suffice to say, we would not be capable of executing such a plan and it is in fact completely counter-productive to what we were asked and to basic reason. Most like it’s just panicked ramblings but the fact that these men are capable of inducing such reactions chills me.

Well I better get to destroying this. I hope that I am lucky enough to write another.

Ummm everything feels weird now

Canto Breathing thundered in his ears when he shouted at Mordecai it rang in his ears. He had to get him to leave, Mordecai he started feeling…..more about him and he wasn’t comfortable. Canto felt vulnerable frightened even. He heard noci coming before he got within 10 metres of his rooms door….. Wait what that wasn’t normal? Canto suppressed a panicked whine as he scrambled for his revolver he waved it around at the door once he got it. He dropped it on the desk in terror as he heard the bullets rattling and scarping in the barrel. Noci was only 5 metres from the do….. how the hell did he know this stuff what t……..

(knock knock knock)

the sound hurt his ears……..but….but……. he like it. Canto felt a wave of nausea in disgust but he like that too.

“canto?……. are you ok in there??”

The door creaked open almost in slow motion. “staayy aWAY!” canto didnt really mean to shout he he wanted too but the pain….. . Canto noci stood in the door way his face showed the sound of great interest rather than actual concern. “canto i have some questions?”
Canto decided he like the shouting too much his blood felt like it was boiling for it. “GET OUT!”. He felt bad for saying it he wanted to have a whole shouted conversation but he was still sickened by his new found pleasure source.

Canto only noticed he was holding the gun again when noci started backing out the door with his hands out in front of him. Canto looked down at the gun in unsurprising confusion and sighed. He heard someone speaking as if he was next to him and jumped. he looked the around the room trying to find the source and found him looking beyond the door. noci seemed to be having a discussion about helping him…and getting more help. This wasn’t good cantos brain buzzed with his new found abilities he didn’t want to lose this this…gift. A calmer canto was now present now more able to deal with the sensory over load. if help was to come they would surely try to take the gift away form him. a dark smile crept across his face canto needed this no one was taking it today.

twenty minutes later a voice that canto knew was coming sounded through the door “hello are you ok there?” canto smirked at the now obvious lies he heard in the voice he was here to take this from him THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN the angry voice cut though his head like a knife. Canto now looked down the barrel of his favorite weapon he raked the side of the heavy stubber the safety now off. The door now opened slowly a familiar face showed though the door but canto didn’t care to take note. “Im here to help” LIES! ………

Canto failed to see the dart come at him but as soon as the pain came so did the trigger finger. As canto faded into unconsciousness his room filled with loud gunfire as he collapsed.

Canto drifted into a place for what seemed like eons he was assaulted by his own thoughts. memories of delightful suffering and prefect feeling of reaping lives. Under this assault the last of canto buckled and bent beyond recognition. Out there somewhere between the many plains of non existence something dark and powerful smiled with its many self’s many kinds and many shapes at its latest victory. Fnaz conto now belonged too him and him only,and he would be most thankful for it ………………….

Again sorry for the spelling :D

Rimwena's observations - 6
Bad day

It has been a difficult couple days for Rimwena.

First there was the captain she had to deal with, as far as Rimwena was aware there were 2 possible ways of dealing with this situation:
-befriend him, tell him his mutation is nothing to worried about provided he keep it concealed (Benefits: potential ally that could be manipulated for the sake of the investigation. Problems: awareness of Rimwena’s mutation could make him a threat, leaves an uncontrolled factor during the investigation).
-kill him, either by drugging him once more and then killing him or by driving him to suicide (Benefits: ties up loose ends. Problems: psychic presence unaccounted for, lose potential ally).

She decided to do the former while deciding whether or not he could be trusted to live. She spoke him down from ending his own life, during which he made it clear that he wouldn’t tell anyone of her own situation, provided his own wasn’t brought to light.

This made the next course of action clear, not only is he too much of a threat to be allowed to live but he will also eventually question her actions tonight. Yes there is the psychic presence in the room but if it was completely aware of what was happening and able to kill her it likely would have done so when her mutation was revealed. Either way she risks a great amount.

So after drugging him once more she made sure he was unconscious before moving to break his neck. Whereupon she was flung out the room, her leg fracturing as it collided with the door frame before it shut behind her. Well at least he wasn’t awake when that happened. First order of business when possible should be finding the source of this psychic phenomenon.

Rimwena did not bother with a decent lie when she arrived at the med-bay, instead using one that made it clear that it was none of their business how it happened. Instead she took her time thinking of what she should say to the others. She couldn’t tell them about his mutation, they’ll likely want to use it which will come down on her head. She will also need to meet the captain once more when her leg heals.

Speaking of captains, it is good to see that Captain Gordon is at least acting professionally, Rimwena understands the need to make friends and connections but the rest of the team seems to be getting too caught up for her liking. Although they did learn a few things that were significant to Rimwena personally. Firstly that there are drugs aboard the ship that induces the abilities of psykers, alongside psychic phenomena, convincing Rimwena that the crew is indeed utterly insane. Why else in Emporer’s name would anyone choose to be a psyker, if even for a moment. Secondly the head of the specialist group of psykers is a fucking Commisar. Someone which Rimwena would very much like to avoid.

She remembers leaving her chamber on Terra, being sent to various training facilities and heretic camps, a gun behind her head wherever she went held by someone who would kill her before they had an excuse. On the day she learned she could suppress her aura, a Commisar caught her doing so without supervision or authorisation, so she shot Rimwena in both knees to ensure she wasn’t trying to sneak off. Another time she caused a psychic phenomena during training, causing mirrors nearby to shatter, she remembers begging for her life that day. She realises they are a necessity of course, but it is still their job to put the fear of the Emporer in her and she has learned just how much she likes not being near one.

In any case they now have multiple leads to follow up on. For now though, they must enter the warp.

Which is where things went downhill. Again.

As trustworthy as she seems Rimwena is worried about how much Kolden has on her, having seen Rimwena develop another mutation before her. For above Rimwena’s brow now sits a third eye, pupil as tiny as the other two, but with a blue iris that is almost glows as it gazes in front of her. An eye that seems to stare through people, as though their emotions were written on their face.

Rimwena was a moment away from cursing were she not so distraught, it seemed praying was not going to work today either. She needed a drink. This caught the eye of the techpriest who seemed to understand her more than she realised, she almost screamed when he approached but managed to restrain herself. “I am an assassin and a psyker” she reminded herself. “I cannot let my emotions become me”. She politely informed him that this was all normal as psyker are more attuned and thus more affected by the warp, thus being more stressed during times like these is more than expected. At which point Captain Gordon called her into his office.

There he asked her to sit (having apparently forgotten that she had broken her leg and was already sitting, acting officer be damned) and informed her that Perrin was still alive, and very clearly a heretic. This, while a stressful and disturbing revelation in and of itself, was nothing compared to what he revealed after.

He implied that, based on what Perrin spoke of, it was clear why he approached Rimwena, as it was the reason Perrin approached him. “We seem to be in this together” he claimed while placing an odd, blue feather on the table.

This is when Rimwena acted…. unprofessionally. Not only because one more Emporer-damn person found out she was a mutant, but because this other person, this man who supposedly ‘shares her plight’, has NOTHING showing for it! No deformities. No marks. No third eyes or visions of everyone around him dying. No he gets a FUCKING FEATHER!

After her brief outburst however she could calm down, retake a calm and professional demeanor. At least this meant she had someone who was, hopefully trustworthy, better than Ratcliffe finding out anyway. She also learned that he did, in fact, have another more subtle deformity in the form of nightmares, nightmares of possessed inquisitors staring upon him, as if he knew where he was. After a quick examination she then learned a few other things of note:
-First the gifted feather did have a minor lingering aura, like that of a psy focus, but nothing with any inherent power. Any significance is merely symbolic
-Second the Captain does have an aura, that of a divination being imposed on him, a powerful one at that. Not a good thing to realise once you’ve had a sensitive discussion with someone.
-Finally after opening his safe to get some books on mutation and seeing her ID kept there for safe keeping she discovered she would feel ill upon looking at the holy insignia inscribed upon it. Because if the eyes weren’t bad enough nothing screams “witch” like a psyker with an aversion to holy iconography.

It was this day Rimwena learned just how much she likes whiskey.


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