Heretic Hunt

Ratcliffe Ledger Entry 42 - 008 - MC Ratcliffe

Black – Arrived aboard our new ship The Redeemer of illumination and proceeded to make ourselves at home. For Wiggins this involved drinking himself unconscious, as a concerned superior I selflessly took him to the hospital. Upon examination he appeared to have seriously hurt his head, however he seems to remember his name and purpose exactly so all is well.

Black – After settling into our new quarters we proceeded to meet our peers and neighbours the other (less special) specialist teams. To encourage bonding I organised team building exercises and competitions that exhibited grace and stamina. I am pleased to report that my team won resounding victories in all categories.

Red – The team underwent a routine medical procedure, apparently very common to this ship – no doubt nothing more than a glorified physical examination for new arrivals.

Black – Naturally invited to THE party of the campaign season. After discussing politics and religion in a dignified manner with the creme de la creme of fleet society, I spontaneously created the famous Tickle My Fancy cocktail. This became so popular it was soon the only drink consumed at the event.

Black – To facilitate and enhance the team’s date extraction mission I organised an elegant upper class dance, cunningly paring team members with their targets. This proved exceptionally successful, both in uncovering critical information and generating much influence with the higher echelons of the fleet, I now believe I am the most popular person aboard ship and shall be invited to any and all further social events, thus providing a vital service for the investigation,

Ratcliffe Ledger Entry 42 - 007 - So Confused.

Red – Woke up in the Med Bay, not entirely sure how I got there…

Black – Went wandering around to find everyone, they seemed to have gotten lost and were trying to struggle on without me. Failing miserably of course, but it’s nice to know my fine example has rubbed off on them slightly.

Black – Restored order and ordered the upgrade/expansion to The Mystery Machine(s), thanks to my quick thinking we now have a shuttle in our livery for our private use.

Black – “Captain” Gordon was getting uppity and mutinous in his hypocrisy, the team decided he was still of some slight use to us, but needed to be put in his place. We then relieved ourselves as The Inquisition and so his rightful betters and masters. All went perfectly as he seemed a lot more subdued afterwards – I shall investigate the possibility of renaming him as Wiggins Too…

Black – I was such a fantastic leader that the owner of the fleet came by to meet me. He seemed nice and I think his xeno scum minion liked me. We all got along very well and it was decided that my team and I were to be promoted to his ship, truly under my leadership the team is going from strength to strength!

Trooper: 88801273409352 private log 5
Currently aboard the Redeemer of Illumination

The squad managed to find there way back to the med-bay and everyone got patched up. It seems that Harlocke’s “reinforcements” seemed to have taken care of the rest of the xenos threat. Which is fine by me, why put something of value in danger.

We made some progress as well though. Firstly Father Ratcliffe has managed to acquire both a shuttle and even more lackeys. Thats not so bad, I’ve been talking with Timothy, he’s competent for one thing and well if I were ever to retire I wouldn’t choose Necromunda as my new home. Plus now I have another set of eyes on Karpath.

One piece of information Timothy told me is particularly worrying. It seems Harlockes little helpers took the bodies of the crew that the creatures didn’t devour. So we have a man consorting with aliens and putting light cruisers in the center line so they can haul away the casualties for whatever ends they wish.

And now we’re about to go on his ship.

Private Jounal 1

We have found enough evidence too commend Harlocke he is openly consorting with Xenos.

Beings called the “Dark Eldar”

This is only our first findings but its gonna give it always does.

I worry about my colle ……. friends we got hit hard in that last engagement. Some of us heavy injured. Hopefully we can all make it though this without losing anybody. Ive had these hopes before its always been futile…

The pen stopped there. Cantos head rocked back as his hands came up to meet his face. His fingers lightly pulled his skin as they slid down to rest over his mouth his eyes grew wide and distant as he was assaulted by his own memories.

A much younger Fanz Canto looked down the Smoking barrel of a blood splattered snub revolver at a wounded cowering man. Fanz said with broken calm “where are they?” the man braked a harsh pained laugh “where do you think?!” the man chuckled a second more before head atomised. Fnaz was already leaving before the body hit the floor. Fnaz walked though the bar that was now the site of a massacre. As he walked out the front as the arbites arrived he just kept walking. one of them stepped out and with a shocked face said “fanz??” looking him up and down in fright. Understanding dawned on the rookie officer and he stood aside. Good thought fanz if they had any respect for him they would let him see this though it was personal.

Fanz got to his personal car he opened the rear cargo compartment to find his armour and equipment. He put it on rapidly and got in his car to get to his next destination. Tonight fanz was going to die but he was taking them all with him. He had too for her.

Fanz was found shot eleven times in a well known underground human trafficking centre surrounded by the dead bodies of Known criminals in his arms was his partners lifeless body. His armour ruined beyond repair with only two rounds left in a “borrowed” Auto pistol he was covered in blood from head to toe bar two areas under his eyes. Around the scene five firearms know to be fanz cantos where found empty and hot. In the centre of this choas lay a notorious criminal kingpin missing half his head. Nobody asked why he did it they all knew and knew better to ask. Fanz cantos partner was more than a partner to him she was his soul mate. Canto was rushed to hospital and later returned to duty one year later.

Canto was different no longer was he the one cracking the jokes or looking on the bright side or taking part in the banter he was once a part of. He sat at his desk quietly ignoring every thing but detective work for years. He solved a record number of cases. Until one day he came in with a large entourage who bore he symbol of the inquisition. Everyone was told to stay were they where while Canto executed his boss after saying “I know vally told me as she died in my arms” and For the first time in years Canto smiled.

Canto came back to the present he looked down at the page before him and saw it was now wet. He dried his eyes with his knuckles. He would never let that happen to anyone here.
A small voice said “even Ratcliff?” Canto sighed at his decaying sanity and said “yes even rat cliff”

Coded Journal of Alistair Gordon - 1
The Inquisition

I cannot believe it. The God Emperor’s Holy Inquisition. His Right Hand. The authority over all, defenders of Mankind.

This is who they deem worthy to wield such powers, to act on their behalf, to be their eyes and ears.

Well there’s no sense denying it. Wallowing in ignorance and delusion isn’t a option any more. Panicking will only get everyone killed. Time for a deep breath and a good whiskey. Analyse the situation at hand, come up with a plan and get the job done. Destroyed my previous diaries and wrote some more nondescript entries. Not that there was much in them of note but better safe than sorry. As for this, hopefully this cypher will be enough.

The investigation is currently concerned with one Lord-Captain Ventium Harlocke, most likely because of his rather expansive fleet. Only thing of note thus far aside from his fleet is his dealings with none other than Duke Traevelliath Sliscus. Fucking. Sliscus. Details of arrangement currently unknown. We are being transferred to serve aboard his flagship due to our performance during the Tyranid Incursion. I had hoped to that this would signal an upward climb but I imagine one doesn’t just have dalliances with the Inquisition. I would rather have remained a Navy brat myself than be part of a Rogue Trader retinue but you take what you can get. The Inquisition is a different game entirely. Still the principle hasn’t changed and in some ways it’s become even more true. Perform well, distinguish yourself, get promoted. This won’t be easy, and judging by what I have read thus far on The Duke he is considered paranoid amongst Dark Eldar. Won’t have much to work on however until we are transferred. I’ll get what info I can prior to transfer and brief my new… commanding officers I guess.

Xenos and Heresy I can deal with.

But Hell exists and it is the Warp.

Demons are real and they are amongst us.

And we have been tasked with hunting one.

Emperor preserve us.

I’m getting ahead of myself, I have to survive the Harlocke investigation first.

Oh good...

Canto couldn’t really think what happened. He remembered plenty of what happened after the Tactical hull breach but it all seemed too blur together. Cantos eyes where closed but he could hear the familiar sound of heart monitors and the tell tale sounds of diagnostic equipment. He heard that first then he heard the shouting and screaming along with the rattling wheels of medical trolleys.

Canto forced an eyelid open the end of his bed was a highway of the wounded he wasn’t surprised but still disappointed too see so many injured. His left arm was a mess of tubes chemicals going in, blood going out to get cleaned in the many medical mysterious boxes that surrounded his bed. He tried not too move too much but he saw his chest was bare and covered in bandages and right was in a similar position. Oh yeah and also EVERTHING hurt. He made a noise to get attention he was sure if he had been awake before and if it was a medical charge might wish to make checks. Someone noticed and came over she made a few checks and asked some basic medical questions. Canto asked after his friends she explained that checking had been messy and she wouldn’t be able to find out. She moved quickly clearly with much to do already.

Canto made a sigh. it was then be noticed chirpy landing on the end of his bed which a quiet squawk. The cyber Eagle looked at him while putting its head to the side. Canto let a smile tug at his face before saying “go and find our friends and see what Intel you can find on the current situation” A small green light flickered on its chest clearly now in stealth mode and avoiding noise. It slowly flew over to his bedside desk and dropped his data slate on his lap. Then took off to complete its tasks keeping to high level and dark corners as mush as possible. Canto looked down at his data slate it was connected to the cyber eagle and would give him updates. The tech priest helped canto with building it and he had done a good job it worked out he would need the data slate with out asking for it. Canto suddenly got dopey gave the command to chirpy to return to him in two hours or if found everyone.

Canto then drifted off to the painless state of sleep

Trooper: 88801273409352 private log 4
Mission Status : Heavily Compromised

Personal operational Status: Fully functional, Position questionably secure.

Captain Alistair Erksine Gorgon Status: Critically Wounded. Deep tearing across the torso. Punctured Lung currently being drained of blood, will require open surgery. Bleeding has been staunched in wounds suffered to: Liver, Large Intestine, Left Kidney All will require open surgery. Heavy cut through the thigh has been staunched and sliced artery has been clamped, Will require light surgery and major stitches. Immune system in shock as reaction to the foulness of xenos weapons, requires sanctified sustenance of St Albert. Position questionably secure.

Techpreist Enginseer Noctine Karpath: Fully functional, Position questionably secure.

Father Maximus Ratcliffe: Position unknown, statue unknown.

Acolyte Mordecai; Position unkown, status unknown.

Acolyte Rimwena Verium: Position unknown, Status unknown.

Investigator Fnaz Canto: Position unknown, Status unknown.

Unit must regroup and evaluate currently unknown xenos threat that will allow us to organise a maximally effective counter attack with whatever possible assistance.

May the God Emperor Guide us.

Personal Diary of Captain Gordon - 2

By the Emperor, morphine is great.

Well we somehow survived the Tyranid incursion. We received new orders to secure our deck as it was at risk. After assembling some helmsmen and ordering them to aid their comrades we set off to secure the deck. This may have been a mistake. Practically seeping from every crevice, shadow and vent the ’Nids scurried forth devouring almost everything in their path. Our attempt at rescuing a squad of helmsmen had failed and soon we were in rather dire straits ourselves. I was already heavily injured when the first wave of ’Nids closed on me, tearing through my flak like paper. No matter the volume of las or flame their numbers were too great. Then came the first rescue of the night. A bellowed warning had us hitting the deck as las and streaks of lightning streamed across the room, ending another wave of ’Nids. After picking ourselves of the deck we were met with Sub-Lieutenant Koldon and her specialist squad. She had apparently been given orders to secure the deck as well but had taken numerous casualties already. It seemed obvious we should group and continue the mission. Wanting to get eyes on the rest of the deck, I ordered Specialist (Noctine) Karpath to use a nearby cogitator. Specialist Mordecai accompanied.

The situation rapidly deteriorated.

There was some screaming and gunfire as the specialists fled the room. They weren’t very helpful with their description of the threat other than it being “big and scary”. They managed land some good hits on it however detaching a taloned arm. After a cursory examination, I concluded the threat was a Lictor. After briefing the team on what a Lictor was, for reasons unknown, Specialist (Noctine) Karpath sent one of his metallic appendages into the vent where it fled. It had not fled far. Then began a rather panicked attempt to prevent Specialist Karpath from being dragged into the vents and eaten. We were rather successful, to the point where we cut the vent down and stunned the Lictor, leaving it open to volleys of fire. Somehow it survived. Note to self requisition higher grade weaponry for the team, this outcome was unacceptable. The Lictor fled and paranoia began to set in. To cut things short I will simply say a number of ridiculous plans were attempted with no success. Eventually we received orders to terminate what ‘Nids we could and that reinforcements would be arriving shortly and to not shoot them. Having to be ordered to not shoot the reinforcements is a bad sign, if only I understood just how bad. Then the Lictor dragged of a member of Sub-Lieutenant Corden’s squad. We gave chase, hoping to finally end that overgrown bug.

Instead we were now in a narrow corridor, completely surrounded with a Tyranid Warrior between us and escape. Stun grenades, las and torrents of both normal and warp fire was not enough to neutralise the threat. With more ‘Nids arriving behind us and the Tyranid warrior stubbornly refusing to die things looked dire and I was on death’s door. Then I’m pretty sure I heard Eldar talk and I was being dragged into a room. There was a lots of gunfire and what I assume was sounds of extreme Tyranid pain. That was rescue number two. Unfortunately it was like someone was making a twisted mockery of my worst nightmares as apparently we had DARK ELDAR as backup. Between my wounds and my fear I nearly passed out. I understand that Rogue Traders have the authority to deal with xenos, but hiring DARK ELDAR mercenaries!? What the fuck!? Thankfully I managed to get Specialists Tapt and Verium to drag me to the nearest medbay and away from those monsters. Specialist Tapt distinguished himself in this matter by finally acquiring the painkillers I had desperately needed for the last hour.

Despite mounting casualties, it could have went a lot worse. Needless to say I think the team will not be combat ready for a while. I won’t be at any rate. Now I have been lucid enough to write this entry which means I have been lucid too damn long. Final observations before my next dose of morphine.

Specialist Tapt: Solid performance held back by inferior weaponry. Use of stun grenades was on point. Medical treatment and acquisition of painkillers has distinguished him once again.

Chaplain Ratcliffe: Large amount of confirmed kills with heavy flamer. In addition to his inspirational sermons, superb work. A little too eager to use his flamer to solve every problem but I suppose when you have a hammer…

Specialist Verium: Professional as always. Unfortunately numerous high priority targets were not terminated in time but I’ll put this down to lack of experience in operating within confined spaces.

Specialist Mordecai: Impressive the amount of firepower he brings. Unfortunately not enough power behind it. Give him some bolters though…

The Karpath Specialists: Noctine once again performed admirably in his duties as tech specialist and medical officer. His apprentice didn’t die, which I will count as an impressive performance.

Comet Shield Battle Report 1


Captain Alistair Gordon
Noctine Karpath – Active
Rimwena Verium – Active
Fnaz Canto – Active
Mordecai – Active
Ratcliffe – Active
Karpath Active
8881273409352 – Operational

Before the Tyranids breached the ship we set up the area for them. The information the captain provided about them proved useful as we used items from our assigned area to build barricades and push them down the route we wanted them to follow. This worked exceedingly well as their stupid nature proved to be our bets advantage. I worked out where I believed was the best place for each of our squad and managed to convince the others to station them so.

The boarding proceeded to happen and we dealt with the Tyranids. The plan was effective and my calculations have shown it to be a solid 87%. The complications arose from a single thing. Fear. A very hard factor to counter for but we had planned for the worst and our fail-safe helped solve that problem. Of course this did cause some damage to the hull of the ship but my calculations have shown that to me 783% more preferable.

After the battle took place it seemed that I had to defend my position, as some of our crew, namely Father Ratclifffe have questioned my use in the battle and even my commitment to success other ones one life. It seems I have to remind my fellow soldiers that I am a Doctor and a Tech Priest. I was positioned in the best place for my particular skills, allowing me to organise the team and help any of those who may become injured.

Special Recognition
Although every member of our team played their part well, I would like to bring two members of the team to particular attention. The first is 8881273409352. 8881273409352 performed particularly well and showed good judgement under pressure, he managed to set off our last resort at the correct time. He performed well and it seems he knows his command well enough to know what he would be ordered to do without being expressively told so.

The second person I would like to bring to attention is Father Ratcliffe. In the past he has shown lack of foresight, respect, skill and bravery. I have made it known each time I have disagreed with his actions. This battle was not one of those times. The Father showed an astonishing amount of dedication and bravery during the battle and chose to stand and hold the Tyrands at bay. I have reviewed the tapes and I believe, if you do too, you will see that he chose to stand in the face of death rather than give in to the creatures.

Strategy 87% effective.
Father Ratcliffe and 8881273409352 performed particularly well.

After action report, special reconnaissance squad, Comet Shield 1.0

After action report
Date – unsure due warp travel, will be updated
Location – Comet Shield, dauntless class cruiser in Novas fleet

Special reconnaissance squad (SRS)
Commanding officer – Captain Gordon
Sgt. Mordecai
Spc. Tapt
Spc. Karpath
Spc. Karpath II
Spc. Verium
Spc. Canto
Chaplain Ratcliffe

MISSION: The mission of the SRS was to prevent xeno incursion in the sector that it was appointed to defend.

INTENT: SRS was to familiarize itself with the sector, and set up barricades to
a) Provide cover
b) Funnel the enemy to a killzone set up by heavy weapons specialists. (Spc. Canto, Chaplain Ratcliffe)
Spc. Karpath to provide rest of the SRS with intelligence gained with ships inbuilt CCTV system and control the demolition charge; Spc. Verium to cover the secondary killzone; Spc. Tapt to provide early warning and to lure the enemy combatants; Captain Gordon, Sgt. Mordecai, and Spc. Karpath II to man the barricades.

OPFOR INTENT: OPFOR expected to enter the ship through forced entry vehicle, charge blindly at closest enemy, use the easiest routes, not to divert from the main pathways.

SUMMARY OF EVENTS: SRS was able to prevail decisively, suffered no casualties and destroyed approximately 20 xenos intruders. As expected by Captain Gordon, the xenos weren’t smart enough to avoid the killzone set up by Spc. Canto & Spc. Ratcliffe, but attempted to enter it with haste. Xeno advancement was mainly thwarted by Spc. Tapts use of explosives, and small arms fire of Captain Gordon & Sgt. Mordecai. The barricades held, though they were attacked by one of the smaller enemy combatants, who was taken care of by Spc. Verium.

KEY ISSUES: SRS had yet to encounter this type of enemy, and thus suffered some amounts of confusion on how severe the situation was. This lead to somewhat weakened defensive posture. Improvement suggestion would be to attend Chaplain Ratcliffes sermons at least on a daily basis, as he was able to provide the rest of the personnel with reassurance during combat.

OPTIONAL ISSUES: Had the squad failed to acquire barricading material, it might’ve suffered casualties. Regarding future operations in areas where this specific specie of xenos is present, the option for mobile barricades must be secured.

CLOSING: Preparation, shared experience of Captain Gordon, and lateral communication during combat were the keys to success in the operation. SRS requires no immediate supply, or medical care.


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