Heretic Hunt

Personal Diary of Captain Gordon - 1
Of "Promotions", Specialists and Xenos

I have always had a respect for Captain Zarkov, for it was through him I joined the Navy. Under his command we prospered and I rose through the ranks. Then he decided to “promote” me to Captain.. of a specialist squad. I have enough respect for him to assume that he doesn’t think I’m stupid enough to not realise what he’s doing. Have to get rid of the competition to his cousin, my fellow lieutenant. So that leaves the option that he simply doesn’t care. That would be the case if he didn’t assign me to a blatant suicide squad. Not only is he trying “promote” me into irrelevance but he’s trying kill me as well. It’s only a matter of time until that treacherous scoundrel gets what’s coming to him.

However the joke is on him! Despite the specialists under my command being the most unorthodox (a fact I’m certain has not escaped Command’s notice) I have ever seen my life they are deceptively competent. They have been rather vague about what their specialisation actually is but as long as they continue to perform as well as they have I am beyond caring. My observations on the specialists thus far are as follows:

Chaplain Ratcliffe: Greedy, insistent, entitled. Knows he’s outside the standard chain of command and abuses it. That said he has a way with words when he isn’t trying to pry credits from your wallet. Not to mention he is fantastic for morale. Held fast during the Tyranid incursion. Was highly suspicious and sceptical of him but after such demonstrations of competence? I am more than happy to overlook his negative qualities, so long as he doesn’t come after my wallet. Might have a talk with him to try and convince him to be less… confrontational. Besides from my time prior to joining the Navy I know how obsessed people can get over tithes, although Ratcliffe is the most determined I’ve ever seen.

Specialist Mordecai: Made a good first impression arguing for me to not brig Ratcliffe for insubordination (and more generally irritating me). Noticed during training sessions the other specialists often take time to carefully explain the reasoning behind actions and concepts like a tutor to a student. Doesn’t strike me as a slow sort, so I’m not entirely sure what that is all about. Held fast during the incursion, 1 confirmed kill.

Specialist Canto: From what I have been informed by other specialists ex-Arbites. How he ended up here is beyond me. Appears to be the teams heavy weapons expert. The suppressing fire from his heavy stubber was most instrumental in constructing a kill zone during incursion. Impressive work.

Specialist Verium: Has been my greatest source of information on the pasts of the specialists. Her past is a bit of a curiosity, claiming to be a reconnaissance specialist and having fought heretical cultists before. Has been instrumental to my efforts to gather intelligence on the Zarkovs. Her professionalism is a breath of fresh air compared to the other specialists. However she is a psyker and one that has had “mishaps” in the past. She has demonstrated herself consistent and competent so far but all psykers are consistent until they aren’t. Also claimed an unknown figure was responsible for the evidence we found in Lieutenant Zarkov’s office. Not enough evidence to prove that at all but if I have time I might follow this up, after all it may be a collaborator. Held fast during the incursion, 1 confirmed kill.

The Karpath Specialists: A cogboy and his assistant. I’m rather pleased to have techpriests on the team. Their insights and their capacity to keep everything working will be invaluable. Given their shared name I assume they are related? Noctine Karpath operated the camera system shouting out useful intelligence during the incursion (until he fainted). His assistant has greatly impressed me, showing great valour for a non-combatant that essentially had a lasgun thrust into his hands. Keep on eye on him.

Specialist Tapt: Combat medic, ex-Imperial Guard, from Cadia. Specialist Verium had told me he was exceptionally competent and he has not disappointed. Outstanding performance during the Tyranid incursion. His use of explosives during the incursion was on point with 10 confirmed kills. Not to mention his quick thinking and demolition pack allowed us to fend off the boarding party with 0 casualties. Admittedly we have put a hole in the side of the ship (which I have no doubt Command will use to denigrate our efforts here, that hole is probably worth more than our lives as far as they are concerned) but we are alive and well, whilst those foul xenos are consigned to the cold, dark void. Words cannot state how pleased I am with his conduct throughout the incursion.

Truth be told, the only one who did not distinguish themselves during the incursion was myself. I have always been in a position of command outside of the front lines and it showed. Whilst my squad displayed great competence and valour in the face of overwhelming danger in some form or another, I displayed only unashamed cowardice. This I fear will be used against me and by extension my squad. This would mark an even greater failing, for I am responsible for the safety of those under my command and if they were to punished for my failings, it would be a shame I would struggle to make amends for. There is nothing to be gained from dwelling on it however, it cannot be undone. All I can do is learn from my mistakes and attempt to overcome my failings.

A last thought. While my squad has performed above expectations currently, this is only the beginning.

Big guns!

After Weeks of training and preparing the comets shield Finally tore back in to the cold comforts of real space. Before it lay the armada that the Shield and there battle group was to join in the most holy defence of an agri world.

Canto looked upon it from a wide window in a recently re-opened observation area. Canto was thinking two things about the amount of ships either the massive show of force was too annihilate the incoming xenos or it was a mad panic to assemble ships and there wasn’t enough simply cause they never could be.

Canto wasn’t worried on the long trip over he had had plenty time to think. Canto had sent many hours in physical training and after the seeing all the young recruits with there new equipment and hairless faces he became aware of the life he had led and how lucky he and been to be alive this long. These young people had just started out in life and they where being throw into this Shit storm, Poor kids. Canto found him self reading up on the enemy these “Tyranids” although Canto knew that things on paper where theory and not practical fighting them would be very different. He tried to pass wisdom down to these new starts to life as best he could. Canto also found himself more grateful for his current position enjoying the estranged company of his squad. He even started to enjoy ratchilf and his nonsense finding it playfully amusing.

Canto was also looking forward to unleashing the contained Havoc of his new Heavy stubber which he had modified with increased ammo capacity and a new tripod. He had also got hold of a fire bomb which could be very useful. Captain Gordon there new “leader”
Seemsed a half Decent chap canto hoped he would stick around maybe he would end up with them on the next stage of the mission time will tell.

Canto was walking back form the local bar after spending his drink ration when the general alarm was sounded and the red flashing lights Started the wobbly rotational dance.


Canto pick up his pace he had a big gun to get.

The group was given a area to patrol and defend which the team had fortified and turned into a maze of bottle necks and long open areas with good lines of sight. Canto Had been given a good position due to his heavy weapon he was ready he was eating his ration when the Boarding Alarms went on. Canto stepped to the heavy stubber and raked the chamber. He looked over at ratcliff who was welding his heavy flamer. Ratcliff had done good he had a Servo skull flying about giving words of encouragement which was actually working canto felt ready for anything.

suddenly Noctine shouted into the Vox in his normal dead pan way “Breach Area A” there was instantly the sound of gun fire then followed by hysterical Laughing over the vox. Tapt (who is at the end of the hall) Started firing down the hall an awful screeching followed tapt looked around at them looking victorious. Tapt was instantly surrounded with more of charging xenos. Canto eyes took them in but with fear creeping into his mind. He let out a weird odd whimpering noise but managed to pull the trigger the heavy stubber went wild spraying fire done the hall but every where. the xenos scrambled to a halt and skittered over each other in a mad panic and ran back down the hall. tapt dealing well with situation well tossed a grenade after them he tucked himself round the corner just in time as Alien arms and legs went sailing past. “out fucking standing tapt” Captain Gordon shouted over the vox. Canto Didn’t have time to think about it because two aliens came down the corridor one was right in front of him and was instantly gone as he pulled the trigger the second one tumbled over also getting hit by some stray rounds. There was a mild grunting noise followed by a clatter over the vox and the sound of running feet down the corridor canto looked over and saw captain Gordon retreating at haste “bloody coward” Canto muttered. Canto turning his eyes back to the corridor. He looked up down the corridor yet up at the new breed of beast that walked toward him. Time seemed to slow as the blood drained form Cantos face. The Monster was much taller than the others it mouth pointed tooth filled maw. It chittered in excitement as it approached. “FuCK THIS” Canto shouted as fear poured into his mind and ran after Gordon heavy stubber over shoulder Leaving tapt and Ratcliff to there fates.

As Canto and Gordon stammered to each other in massed fear in a dead end corridor with karpath. Tapt and ratcliff had a comical argument about blowing the charge. A demolition charge was planted in case of being over run. IT was highly tactical making it hard for future boarders to get access as well as clearing out all the hostiles. In the end Tapt unbelievably disobeyed and blew the charge and saved the day. The only injuries where to pride and ego. lucky everyone survived the attack and the void and got to safety.

Trooper: 88801273409352 private log 3

I think we made some progress in our time getting to Harlocke’s fleet. The Mystery Machine is better than ever. With the new engine and seats fitted we’re getting more and more potentially mobile. Mordecai has been showing particular want for weapons and armour but frankly I think we need a water and heating unit. First you have to survive then you have to fight, plus me and Karpath will have to overhaul the engine before we can carry more armour weight.

It was pleasant waiting to get to the fleet. Getting back to drill work was the closet i’m going to get to home in a long time. Gave me a sense of progress that is oh so fleeting in this group.

When we finally got to the fleet I had a sense of confidence, I’de never seen such a great mass of ships, surely there wasn’t an enemy that could stand such righteous fury.
The reactions of the crew around me told a different story though. In my opinion a week on Cadia would of sorted there issues of moral.

Then we had first contact. I had never had doubt of scripture but these xenos were truly disgusting. They were like a wild pack of nightmares, hungry nightmares. We had a few difficulties keeping ourselves together, but those are teething problems we were lucky to survive. But if there’s one thing i’ve learnt so far explosives explosives explosives.

Ratcliffe Ledger Entry 42 - 006 - My Shining Example.

Black – Asserted my authority over the ship, crew, and ‘Special’ist Captain Gordon. He was most unreasonable, bordering on heretical in trying to stop me in my priestly duties. He even brought armed guards for an unprovoked attack on me – endangering yet more souls, thankfully my natural charm and reason defused the situation. I must put great attention on Gordon in efforts to redeem him.

Red – Continued my God Emporer given duty to carry His word to the masses. Gordon suggested that a certain lieutenant would be most receptive to my teachings. Caring for another’s spiritual wellbeing – perhaps he is not as far gone as I feared.
Proceeded to have a deep, philosophical debate with said lieutenant, unfortunately he could not be reasoned with so I thought it best to leave.

Black – When resisting the ‘Tyranids’, the party following my exceptional strategic plan assembled an impenetrable hard point within our section of ship. Following my orders everyone took up their carefully calculated prearranged position to face the oncoming onslaught.
Under my command the invading xenos were completely annihilated with no harm to any party member. Special mention goes to Wiggins, who killed 10 scum, and Carpath for resolutely standing fast during his first battle, assisting in a kill.
However other comrades proved less reliable with the Techpriest fainting at first sight of a larger xenos (through a monitor no less), and Canto and ‘Captain’ Gordan who abandoned their position in a shocking display of cowardice.
I alone remained unaffected by the sight of the Large Xeno Scum, my faith in the God Emperor is strong, as clearly is His faith in me.

Ratcliffe Ledger Entry 42 - 005 - Esprit de Corps

Red – Watched as party failed to successfully interrogate the assassin I had caught, they refused to even consider my excrutiartus kit – i know that with it and my cunning we could easily have broken her.

Red – Despite my precautions and preparations on the perimeter, including the safe evacuation of nearby innocents, the psyker fell asleep at her post and allowed the prisoner to escape. With no sign of the prisoner, and knowledge of her shape changing abilities many of the party suspected that she was among us, disguised as one of our own.
Thankfully my quick thinking and impeccable logic saved the day

Red – Due to the members of the party specialising in combat’s unwillingness to recapture the assassin, she escaped my clutches – luckily for her,

Black – It was decided that we would change our investigative approach to the mission and begin to focus on Harlocke. Under my supervision details were arranged at the Obsidian Phoenix with Admiral Novis to insert us undercover with Harlockes fleet.

Black – To ease our insertion I then conducted team building exercises to raise moral and esprit de corps with out new crew mates. This worked extremely well and included the participation of the admiral himself.

Black – We transferred from the flagship Lance of the Omnisiah where I continued to spread the truth of our Lord and Franchiser to the Light Cruiser Comet Shield for insertion into the rogue trader fleet.

Rimwena's observations - 4

Something was wrong. Rimwena had felt like something was off ever since that psychic explosion… other than the fact that hell itself exploded through her that is. No something was wrong, missing even. Rimwena continued following the others while trying to put this unease in the back of her mind. She barely registered that we were leaving the planet once more, or that the Sister of Battle had planned to stay. A pity, she was at least competent and clearly knew how to fight.

On the ship Rimwena decided she needed to do two things, one was learn about how they keep literal hell out of these ships, something that has interested her deeply since her research. However no one on the ship was particularly helpful in that regard so she was stuck at her second task: praying. With all that has happened as of late it was clear she needed the Emperor’s protection now more than ever.

That night she had nightmares.

She dreamed of death, specifically her own, in numerous, horrifying ways she could never have imagined before now. She felt fire, bullets, lasbolts, claws, blades and her own nails tearing into her. She woke up in a cold sweat. Apparently praying didn’t help as much as she’d hoped.

Heading over to the mirror, she washed up and noticed what she was missing, her locket. The only possession she was allowed to take onto Terra, one that once held a deep meaning to her, a lesson long forgotten by the end of her “training”. Within it were two pictures, two people whom she never recognised, a man and a woman, the former of which wore a soldier’s uniform. She never knew them, but she assumed they must have been her parents. Well, losing her psi focus will be inconvenient for now, but it won’t be impossible to find another, only difficult. Still she found an indescribable melancholy in this loss, some sadness and anger she couldn’t quite place.

She didn’t have the chance to think long though, there was another revelation staring back at her. Her eyes had changed, so drastically she was surprised she didn’t notice straight away. Her irises had expanded and the coloration had become a bright yellow, meanwhile her pupils had contracted to the point where they were barely visible. She had mutated.

It was while she was considering her options that her reflection seemed to smile at her, before raising its hands and jamming its thumbs into its new eyes. Then, moments later, it would take the knife from its hip and jam it into its own neck. Rimwena decided she had seen her own death enough tonight and moved away from the mirror before she was driven completely insane. She took a while trying to maintain her composure so she could think of what she needed to do. It was still night, most were asleep, good chance to get something to cover her eyes before the others wake. She needed to hide her mutation before she consulted the hallucinations.

Thankfully both were easy to figure out. She wasn’t so bad at requisitioning that she couldn’t get some sunglasses, and thus by moving around and squinting a lot she managed to avoid being found out. She also found out the true nature of her hallucinations, for one thing it wasn’t just her. Anyone she looked at for more than a few minutes would appear to die in front of her, usually by her own hands, sometimes at the hands of others or even their own. This’ll take some time getting used to.

And unfortunately she couldn’t hide it completely as it turns out. Before changing ship she noticed someone projecting their aura. A psyker who wanted to be seen. She turned around to meet a new “friend” by the name of Perrim. Supposedly a sanctioned psyker like her, and one who apparently wasn’t put off by her mutation, though how he knew is still something he hasn’t revealed. He seems trustworthy and his arguments are rational enough, but his offer to help her “control” her mutation is just too sketchy to consider, especially considering how he gave her no means to contact him despite saying he wanted to keep in touch.

Rimwena is happy to leave him on that ship, even if it means going into a mission within tight corridors. It is just impossible to know who to trust, she noted that things were actually simpler during her training, her later training that is, when she was given a gun while another was pointed at her head and she was simply told not to miss.

Now her world is filled with suspicion and fire. Well the fire isn’t real, she can tell because she can’t hear the screams as the priest, Ratcliffe, burns everyone around him, either because he lost his patience, panicked or he misused his flamer once more and it exploded. It’s disturbing how the majority of her hallucinations are filled with fire when he’s around.

In any case, she now has two more things to worry about, both hiding her mutation and this new “friend’s” motives. Rimwena has been quick to learn that survival with be difficult when both those around you and hell itself have it in for you.

Sister Castella's Report - 2
Official Request for Temporary Suspension of Service

We have seemingly exhausted all our leads on Samnium. I’m sure my fellow investigators reports will be more than adequate in regards to the details of our investigation thus far. Without a doubt we face the gravest of heresy and by the Emperor’s will we will bring those who have strayed from his light to justice. With this stated I feel I request to temporarily be removed from the investigation. I would ask you to not mistake for cowardice nor an inability to “do what must be done”. It has become clear that my methods differ from my fellow acolytes greatly. In addition I feel that my skill set perhaps makes me unsuited for the subtleties required for such work. My intention is to remain in Samnium for a period of reflection. Whilst there I would of course inform you if I came across any information that was of interest to The Inquisition. Also if for any reason my service is needed or you deem my request unreasonable I will of course continue to serve at your command.

A parting observation on my fellow investigators:

Rimwena: Competent, but somewhat paranoid and follows any order too easily with sometimes liberal interpretation.

Noctine: Knowledgeable in his field, a boon to the team. Somewhat easily irritated however.

Canto: Paranoid, but perceptive and astute. Without his observations the team would be significantly worse off.

Tapt: Despite being viewed as a mere disposable tool, Tapt’s ability to think on his feet and adapt to almost any situation with rather… unorthodox tactics is exceptional. Aside from some rather questionable decisions, I am certain that if his position of lower rank was not abused he would be considerably more capable.

Mordecai: Competent, his role helping the team acquiring tools and materials we need has been most useful.

Cleric Ratcliffe: I could write many volumes on the things that I find disagreeable with Ratcliffe. His mannerisms, attitude, theology, greed and abuse of his position of authority are my anathema. Perhaps one day I will fully write such volumes. Suffice to say I cannot stomach the man. If I were to attempt to state a positive quality? He can be rather persuasive when he wishes and can take on an air of authority. It is a shame these qualities are not only wasted on such a foul man but often he undermines these himself with his complete lack of subtlety and his misuse of his abilities in pursuit of personal wealth.

Awaiting your command,
Sister Castella

Investigation Report 2

Our investigations are concluded on Sanium and have found good evidence.

1. Quin seems to have a daemon. Now it could be a case that Quin is actually the one being controlled. This either way will be a massive battle. The daemon also seems to be taking the from of Advund Quin.

2. We also gathered some Intel on harlocke. Seems there was some sort of accident at a rather hedonistic Gathering with certainly smacks at hersey. Requires further investigation.

3. The assassin managed to escape our custody there motive is a mystery really all we know is that they seem to dislike Quin. I imagine they are following us even now. They seem to be working in there own interest hopefully this will not collide with ours.

We are now in transit to our next destination where we hope to get more evidence on harlocke.

We have unfortunately lost a member of our team she took her leave on sanium. Sister Castella left to stay with the ministoium and to study the living saint. Maybe she may still prove to be a use full ally i wish her luck on her new endeavours.

At this point this all i have to report.

Canto out.

Mordecai's logbook 3

I’m so lucky that there are people like Canto with us. I couldn’t have guessed that the arbites commander and her assisstant are – well some shapeshifting things, and probably bad guys. They both seemed so nice and helpful, caught me completely off guard. The person that we caught said though that we’re on the same side, and it seemed that she only wanted to know why we’re here doing the things that we are doing. Maybe she could even help us?

Considering the social dynamics it seems that people are getting a bit used to each other, in the sense that they’re not pushing the boundaries that hard anymore, which is nice, I really hated the tension. Not that it would be all gone. It seems that Sister Castella groups us into the not so bad people, ie Karpath and then the rest of us who she seems to consider borderline wicked. I should probably try to show her that I bear no I’ll will, and follow the Emperor like everyone else. She seems to have the best intentions from all of these people, or the most functional moral compass.

I feel like I should try to bring the group together more, but it feels complicated as I have technically no authority, being younger and probably only specialized in getting rid of bad guys. Maybe when we go after Harlocke it’s my time to shine. At least we’ll get out of these weird cities with their complicated politics. And we won’t have to face Avund for the time being, the whole thing gives me the chills.

Sister Castella's Log - 3
Daemons, Ghosts and Assassins

Apparently Silvanto is guilty of heresy most grave. Summoning a daemon to do your bidding, murdering a high priest of the creed and perhaps most damning of all refusing an act of pure mercy in favour for damnation.

By the Emperor, how heretical.

Rimwena’s research has been most instrumental in revealing this, although I’m not sure my fellow acolytes took these revelations well. I will admit the notion of Silvanto possessing such horrifying power has shaken me somewhat but the power of our faith will overcome his foul corruption.

My personal investigation into matters has led me to discussions with the Governor who was most helpful. Harlocke during his period on the planet was involved excessive economic and political corruption before being pardoned by the current Governor thereby proving his guilt. Also of interest is “Lavinian Revenant” the remnants of a noble family convicted of corruption. There were rumours that the assassinations of officials was connected to this family. Requires further investigation.

Speaking of assassins, during the other acolytes investigation they were ambushed by an assassin. I heard by all accounts Rimwena barely survived between encountering an assassin and her powers… failing? From what I understand she exploded. I don’t understand the workings of such mutants. It was also necessary to crash numerous vehicles into the building causing a structural instability. Now while I wasn’t there to witness this, the claim that this was necessary is dubious at best.

Wait, they escaped in the van afterwards?
After creating such a scene?
Straight to this “safehouse”?

Emperor preserve me.


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