Heretic Hunt

Rimwena's Observations - 3

Rimwena was amazed! She had never done this “research” thing before, only knowing what she was taught and told, yet apparently she was great at it! First book on daemonology she opened has some really useful material in it, she already knows the meaning of those symbols the others saw, with this luck she’ll nail this investigation square on the head in no time. Now, considering how useful this book was the next will surely be nothing but more help right? Rimwena was certain this could only be a good idea.

7 Hours Later

Okay so that was a bad thing, that was a whole metric f***ing s*** tonne of bad s***! So those books had a lot more information, quite a bit more actually, a bit more than expected or wanted really!

“Okay, so first off daemons and hell actually exist! More than that but occasionally they can go through the warp, into our world and exist by effectively wearing people’s skin. More importantly though, if they go through the ‘proper channels’, I.E. by people summoning them (oh yeah that’s a thing that I KNOW HOW TO DO NOW THIS CAN ONLY BE GOOD AHAHAHAHA OH EMPEROR I’M SO SCARED) they are actually more powerful, can manifest horrifying psychic powers and take the form of anyone the summoner desires. So I think I know how Silvanto is currently being accompanied by ‘Avund’ right now!”

Rimwena struggled with this new information as it refused to leave her mind, hoping this wouldn’t tear her mind apart. How does one fight a daemon anyway? Other than “Holy Las”, “Many Sisters of Battle” and/or “preferably at a distance” there is very little reconnaissance or research Rimwena can do or gain. There’s very few texts that describe a daemon’s pressure points or vital organs.

Shaking, she decided it was time to leave the archives and tell the others, best to just…. tell them quickly right? “Rip off the band-aid” right?

1 hour later

So they took that well! other than the sister of battle Rimwena’s pretty sure everyone is now shaking and smoking a lot more than usual, even the arbites has stopped smirking at everything.

Good news at least, they’ve finally decided to make use of her talents, asking her to take position where she can observe and guard their surroundings. Rimwena claimed she would do so after sending a message to Drake to update him on their progress. After which she found a more than decent room to use as a sniper’s nest. Thus comes the next question, does she use her warp’s perception? Usually a necessity on missions but in this scenario it is the people she is aiming at that are at risk of being followed. Rimwena thus decided that this may be one of the few scenarios where she would not use it, as the risk of a psychic phenomena outweighs the risk of being snuck up on.

This was ironic on many levels.

Next thing she knew someone was leaning over her shoulder, holding her sidearm, asking “what’cha looking at?” She was clearly an assassin herself, wielding good equipment and confident enough to give away her position, meaning she’s either skilled or has allies. If it is the latter though they’re clearly more than 20 feet away, best to move away from the window now.

At least her mission is not to kill her though, or at least not just her. Though she immediately started asking some fairly vital questions about our mission. Rimwena did what she could to stall assuming that her allies would be arriving on scene soon. Took them longer to start than she hoped they would though, especially considering none of them even attempted to offer advice on what to say other than “ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh” whenever she opened her mouth.

The situation quickly escalated after that, with events occurring as thus:
-A car drove into the building, apparently at Ratcliffe’s order.
-Rimwena used the opportunity to attempt to shoot the assassin’s arm, disarming her, to no effect.
- The assassin attempted to shoot Rimwena’s gun, during which Rimwena opened her mind to the warp to better predict the attack and avoid it.
- Something…. happened.

Now, Rimwena has experienced psychic phenomena before, where the warp works its way through the body of a psyker that has let their guard down. This however, was different, more intense and violent. Instead of seeing the attack, Rimwena opened her mind fully to the warp, which simultaneously let out a psychic explosion emanating from her chest, destroying nearly all of her equipment and blasting the assassin through a wall as her mind was exposed to the greatest corruptions the warp has to offer. She doesn’t remember much after that, though apparently more cars were driven into the building (on Ratcliffe’s command again) and her allies showed up and shot the assassin down before she could recover.

One drive later during which Rimwena replaced her newly disintegrated clothes (and attaining some nice new armour from the assassin), and the party was interrogating the assassin in a new, surprisingly quickly made cell.

What Rimwena learned today was that there is nothing to be feared more than the warp, as it will tear apart your body and soul the moment it gets the chance to.

Ratcliffe Ledger Entry 42 - 003 - Obey Me!

Black – Received response from Inquisitor Drake confirming his support of my discovery if Quinns expenses and tax fraud. Aparently he has dispatched fiscal expert adepts to investigate more thoroughly.

Black – Proceed with our trademark party dispersal in search of information formation. I have dubbed this the “Let’s Split Up Gang!” manoeuvre. 3 teams proceeded to investigate the local Arbites, the Ministorum archives, and Ecclesiarchy members. All very successful.

Red – The Psyker had been researching some of the most heretical knowledge in existence, demon summoning. For the good of the mission I’m sure. She insisted on showing it all to us in person no doubt corrupting our souls in the eyes of all God-Emperor fearing citizens.

Black – We now believe that there are skin-changer assassins in positions of power withing the local government and military, and have been for decades – it is unknown what their objectives are, be it their end goal or immediate plans to deal with us,

Black – We also believe that Quinn has summoned a demon to take the place of his deceased husband Avund. Clearly he will go to any extent to continue his expenses fraud scheme. Oh and despicable heresy and treason of course.

Red – Dragged along to “The Obsidian Phoenix” club by the Techpriest following an undisclosed lead. Everyone was very rude there:
- The bouncer questioned my right to be there.
- The owner would take no critiquing of his decor.
- The drinks were incredibly overpriced. The house special cocktail “Tickle Your Fancy” was 70 credits.
- The staff were lazy, whenever I tried to order a drink, they would insisted not only that I pay them first but to follow them to get the drink rather than bringing it to me directly!

Black – The Psyker got herself in trouble with what turned out to be one of the faceless assassins, the party nobly rushed to her rescue. As the others rushed blindly off I remained behind to coordinate and enlist local support with the Techpriest assisting me. Due to my efforts and distraction we were able to save the Psyker and capture the assailant, though I understand the Psyker had a mental breakdown, became unstable and unleashing a warp explosion. This caused extreme damage to everything in her proximity and is the likely explanation of the hive block’s collapse.

Black – The assassin is currently restrained and contained securely at headquarters under constant guard. Interrogation continues…

Trooper: 88801273409352 private log 2

Well Quin has committed the single worst act of Heresy I have ever heard of. If my Old Commissar knew he was harbouring that Avund abomination, he’d kill them on the spot and everyone else in the room he found them in for association with the enemy. We were warned about those that are depraved enough to commit heinous magiks.

We captured our first would be assassin, She seems to be some shape changing beast that makes mockery of the human form. But she nearly killed our witch somehow. Standing guard out side the room she’s tied up in reminds me of something my Nana would say “When your in the Guard you always know the right thing to do, because the enemy is trying to stop you from doing it”. Perhaps tomorrow we can set her on fire under the bridge behind our hab-block.

I’m worried about the future though, it seems were soon going to begin investigating Lord-Captain Harlocke. We’ve managed moving round busy cities and one or two people trying to stop us. But a lot more can go wrong out in those cold depths. Not only that but we may have to follow Harlocke into battle and might learn 7 isn’t that big a number.

Note To self a "tickle your fancy" is not a drink

Canto Rose from the floor after his recent mind rending experience. He shook his head to try some how shake him self to sanity. He tried to concentrate on the investigation taking comfort in the cold unforgiving mind set of logical thinking. So assassins killed several high standing members of the planets hierarchy one of them being the PDF commander among them. Now the PDF being killed was an interesting one because it seem to be one that wasn’t replaced. on a planet that had been brought to its knees you think that position would of been restated quick or given a larger management to cover more angles least. What they had now was in fact less than what they had before that being one commander for both the arbites and the PDF.

That didn’t add up but wasn’t really of relevant. Now Canto had heard of assassins while working undercover tales of raging beast like humans charging in and soaking up rounds while not stopping in it total blood lust. Tales of deadly toxins turning people to much but humanoid jam. Also ones about tall black armour clad women how could change sha………………

Canto mind stopped like a train as it screeched on its brakes. Canto acted clam because canto also realised that they where getting a lot of help here some of which they didn’t have to explain for it was just given to them on a sliver plate. Canto got the awful feeling they where not being helped. They where helping them. Julia an assistant was in the room with him and mordecai. Canto now believed this person to be a spy. Canto asked “how many assassins where there? and how many where killed?” Canto knew that judging by the success of said assassins none where killed bu he wanted to show ignorance on the subject. Julia replied " we have no idea how many there where and none where reported killed".

Canto believed that the Arbites/PDF commander was potentially an assassin which made sense on some many levels e.g control and the immediate summoning of them to her on arrival. They where in danger here he had to warn Mordecai. Canto pretended to show Mordcai some evidence but really it was a note telling him just that. They decided that they had seen enough. They acted natural and while leaving thanked Julia (if that is your real name). Canto stopped in the hallway suddenly and looked around he never thought that at least he didn’t think he did. He looked round at Julia who just smiled sweetly at him. Taking that as evidence it was in his head he carried on shaking his head.

That this point Rimwena decided it was time to tell everyone on comms how the universe was actually built ignorant to the fact that it was totally mind destroying. She started with the great conversation starter that was “Hey guys!……..”. After that canto didn’t really hear anything after that he was to busy watching in horror as the corridor before him bent right down the middle between his legs. His ears was assaulted by the sound of his mind breaking. He didn’t want to look down at what was happening with his legs he didn’t think he handle it. He heard Rimwena as a low mumble in the back ground and couldn’t make out anything she was saying, Though he could feel the information she was giving being slotted into his head. The corridor born insanity stopped as she said “……..yeah so that happened”.

Canto turned to Mordecai who judging by the look of him had a similar experience and said “This is actually the worst Arbites precinct ive ever been in” he nodded hurriedly.
The car was on its way to get them now so they made there way out front.

Once they made it to the car Canto and Mordecai jumped in. Now for his suspicions to be confirmed. Canto waited for a few corners counted to ten and shot his head round and looked out the back window. There it was a Arbiters cruiser. Canto turned round slowly and said “everyone remain clam and act normally” Canto looked around in semi mute surprised as everyone just stop and listened too him it was as is his life was normal again. At this point after a few moments of silence he caught sister Castella’s questioning raised eye brow and remembered he was speaking. “I think we are being followed we need too lose them and get to a public place now”. they all agreed instantly. Then everything just went back to normal just everyone shouting about nonsense. Canto’s stopped smirking for the first time in years.

“what we looking at?” said a voice over the micro bead. Canto screamed at him self internally OF COURSE THE ASSASSINS WOULD GO FOR THE PERSON ALONE!!! He and Mordecai looked at each over and then burst though the pub door. Canto was following the conversion over the micro bead and saw it was going to end badly for Rimwena soonish. As they cannoned thought the door they saw Tapt had the same idea and was racing out of the club next door. Canto push harder for more speed from his legs but couldnt. Tapt got ahead of them up the stairs and canto behind the three of them. As they charged up the stairs plaster started falling off the roof for some reason and there was frequent rumbling thought the super structure. Canto feared it have been to late for there comrade. As Tapt reached the top there was a strange sound and a bright flash of light and a black figure went flying. canto saw Tapt shoulder his gun and move toward the black figure several shots whined followed by red flashes. The black unbelievably Dodged the las shots and was just land form a impress dodging move when Mordecai and Canto leveled there guns. time seemed to slow as Canto fried once and true scoring a good scatter of hit across the torso.
Mordecai’s shooting was excellent scoring several hit while on full auto. The assassin Tumbled backward and lay still tapt ran over to see if she was dead. Canto looked at Mordecai “watch over him” nodding toward tapt. Canto went to find Rimwena. He found her and looked away immediately Face now red. She was naked on the floor shaking and smoking as if she was smouldering. She was alive though that was what mattered he said he would be back and went to look for some thing to cover her modesty.

once back at the flat he sat in front of the cube / prison they had built to hold the assassin. his head resting on his hand thinking about the normal day to day weirdness his life had become and sighed.

It had been a good day Canto went back to smirking.

Sister Castella's Report - 1
Roanoke 3

Confidental Report For Inquisitor Drake

Our investigation into the conduct and possible heresy of Inquisitor Silvanto Quin is progressing with little opposition. Our inquiries have lead to the following leads and discoveries:

- The riots on Roanoke 3 were provoked by servant of The Prince of Pleasure
– Silvanto earned a promotion off world for his work eliminating the ringleaders
– Avund remained and was murdered in reprisal
– Avund’s remains were tested and were shown to be his beyond any reasonable doubt
– Minor Note: Toxicology showed him to be a probable Obscura addict
– Circumstances around death somewhat suspicious but evidence has degraded over time

Blatant contradiction with whoever is currently posing as “Avund”. Extraordinarily suspicious. Not enough information to draw any conclusions however. Next course of action is to investigate the events on Samnium which I am certain will be revealing and give us context required to illuminate his wrongdoing.

Personal Observations

While the investigation is proceeding well, I have grave concerns regarding the conduct of my fellow acolytes, some of which have caused complications. Ratcliffe seems to think higher of exploiting others (in particular the poor and needy) for his own material gain than investigating. The others (aside from Noctine Karpath) engaged in the murder of Narl Horst, an innocent forge worker whose only crime was to look somewhat similar to Avund Quin so that he may take his place in his grave. Not only does this defeat the point of our organisation to act as all of Humanity’s shield but it was also wholly avoidable if those involved in Avund’s autopsy acted appropriately and made use of the medical facilities available to them and not the communal bathroom. I feel this complete disregard for life sets a dangerous precedent.

However that judgement is your prerogative and it is obviously within your discretion which actions are acceptable.

With nothing further to report, I am ready to act as you command.

- Sororita Paz Castella


Drake Inquisitional Acolyte Report 3
Roanoke 3 end and Samnium start


Noctine Karpath – Injured
Paz Castella – Active
Rimwena Verium – Active
Fnaz Canto – Active
Mordecai – Active
Ratcliffe – Active
8881273409352 – Operational


Many things happened as the investigation on Roanoke 3 drew to a close. Firstly Rimwena acquired a body to replace that of Avund. This was agreed by the team (except for myself and Castella, more on why below) as a good move. Secondly, I went into one of the forges to acquire the use of a forge, while I was in there I was approached by a rather skittish Tech Priest (number 801013) who shouted for me to identify myself. As I was about to do so, the slight turn of my head must have spooked the incompetent man and he shot at me. The damage to my leg was so great, in that I now lacked a leg. I had him make me a new one, although it was terrible work, yet more evidence of his uselessness. I thought about ending this man due to him terrible performance but decided against it since it may have drawn attention to us and jeopardised our investigations.

It was the above event that stopped the knowledge of Avunds replacement reaching me. This seemed like a stroke of luck as Castella did not approve of the technique of replacement and reprimanded those involved. Our last act of Roanoke was to check the bodies of the men who died fighting Avund. I devised a ingenious plan to test if these men had actually killed Avund but unfortunately time had destroyed all evidence. The wound on the men suggested that either the actual cause of Avunds death was covered up or there was demonic intervention (see Samnium investigation below).

Upon arriving in Samnium we split into two groups and went about looking for information. Ratcliffe, Castella, 352 and I went to the church to investigate the “living saint” (my presence was to quell the ever rising tension between the other two). The others went to the local Arbites. We found much out about the death of the sister and priest which reports say died fighting Quin. The priests death was most interesting, killing himself after being told to by Quin, suggesting that, since Quin did not have any of these powers himself, he possibly summoned and used a demon. This theory was backed up as it was found that Quin had sacrificed a suspect in his investigations, most likely to summon such a creature. I am told the symbols decorating the area where most vile, It surprises me that the other Acolytes he was with did not kill him on the spot.


Tech Priest 801013 shot me and I lost a leg, replaced with shit cybernetic.
Sister Castella possibly growing unstable.
Ratcliffe still erratic.
Quin probably summoned a demon (could explain why he has “Avund” close by him)

Current Theory
Avund died on Roanoke 3. Quin summoned a demon on Samnium and, whether the demon picked the form to trick him or he asked for it, the demon made itself look like Avund.

Current Take Down Method
Avund is proven dead, yet Quin has employed him. Since they are married this provided certain tax breaks. Take Quin down on tax fraud. (Suggested by Ratcliffe)

Rimwena's observations - 2

Well here is the first thing Rimwena has learnt since leaving Terra: for all the things her training prepared her for, requisitioning is not one of them.

She thought it odd that she left her training with only a pistol and a stick, being a long ranged specialist and all. Especially considering she had never requisitioned anything during her training, rather she was just given a rifle and told who to shoot.

She did get some basic equipment before leaving Terra: a sniper rifle, a sight and some basic protection. Though she has since come to conclusion that they were ordered to give her and her group anything they asked for within reason, seeing as her attempts to receive a preysense sight on one planet and her attempts to procure a room on the next both failed. If anything she feels she’s getting worse at this.

In any case, since the disaster that occurred in the black market I managed to replace the body Tapt dissected at his request, much to the distress of Castella. It was a pity that throughout the shadowing of the replacement Rimwena could hear nothing but screaming from the tech priest after he managed to get his leg shot off. Had to turn the commbead off for a moment or it would have affected her performance.

She thought it was almost a shame, that her first kill since leaving Terra would be a close quarters hit. It had been years since she had done a mission like this, one that didn’t involve a scope, yet be it due to luck or muscle memory she managed to pull it off without a hitch, and before the poor soul knew what happened he had a lasbolt piercing his sternum.

Having acquired the replacement she called Tapt to come help, partly because she knew he couldn’t say no, more importantly though she knew he’d be the least likely to throw up, considering how the group reacted to the dissected body in our hotel. Soon the only thing to deal with was the Sister’s rage.

Rowena felt that a lot of said rage was directed at her, and despite her attempts to quell the Sister’s anxieties she only made it worse. Perhaps the Tech priest would have done better.

After the Sister’s tantrum all that was required was speaking to a few more people and replacing the body, at which point it was eventually decided that we should call our activities on this planet a technical success and move on in our investigation. Rimwena just hoped she could put her skills to better use on the next world, this smog was starting to get to her.

Apparently our driver and guide is joining the group, Karpath (Uses: can drive, local knowledge that is now useless. Vulnerabilities: terrified of everything, easy to manipulate) seemed to be shaking, as he always does, when he got into the ship with us. Perhaps the tech priest has forced him to join.

Moving on though, Rimwena felt much more at ease in this ship as she did the last, during her initial scan of the ship she saw nothing suspicious and managed to get comfortable, or as comfortable as one can be on a ship going into the warp.

Once she left the ship however she was glad to see clearer skies and significantly less smog than there was on the last world. Though this only came with the realisation that her talents will still not come into use. Why was she brought to these people? She’s not an investigator, she’s very comfortable knowing where her talents lie and it is not in conspiracies or solving mysteries.

Tired, and in somewhat of a slump, Rimwena stayed at the hotel while the others followed their leads so she could figure out how to be of more use though. She listened to the frequency of her commbead waiting to hear if something she could help with.

Defeated though, she decided to go to the library, someone had noted that they had found a recording of Silvanto drawing symbols and possibly sacrificing someone. She was the only one to draw the connection between the powers he’s supposedly demonstrated and the possible demonic influences involved in the ceremony described. So, being the only one not active she took to the nearest archives, where she found more than she wanted to.

The most recent thing Rimwena has discovered is that even following orders can have a heavy toll on the soul.

(Sorry if parts of this don’t make sense, autocorrect keeps screwing with the names and things)

Rimwena's observations - 1

After decades of torture followed by years of generals pointing guns at her head telling her not to miss, she had finally finished her “training”, it was finally time for Rimwena to leave Terra to continue her work for the inquisition.

Pleased as she is to leave her….. home, she can’t help but find her orders a little odd. Not that she’d ever question a superior of course but it is strange that she has been placed in a team so suddenly despite having no experience cooperating with others. Especially considering her new “allies”.

First there is the Arbites Canto (Uses: presumably combat, connections to Arbites facilities. Vulnerabilities: jurisdiction, tied to job), who is a professional at the very least. Lent her an iho stick. First time she smoked, will not continue.

Then there is Mordecai (Uses: presumably combat, commerce, requisition. Vulnerabilities: unknown), a fellow voidborn who has kept quiet since meeting. Rimwena is secretly curious as to life in the warp as she remembers almost nothing of her childhood, it is not necessary to the mission to satiate her curiosity though.

Sitting closest to Drake was Noctine (Uses: Tech proficiency and knowledge. Vulnerabilities: poor social skills, possible relation to newest driver, wants to impress Drake). Having a tech priest will at the very least be useful, but many of his actions make little sense, keeping track of him leaves Rimwena frustrated.

The sister of battle Castella (Uses: physical combat, strength, status. Vulnerabilities: moral code, ranged attacks?) is obviously the most imposing of the group. Rowena has learnt it is best to keep certain activities a secret from her least she compromise the mission.

Least subtle of us, bearing in mind one of the group wears full plate mail, is Ratcliffe (Uses: unknown. Vulnerabilities: clumsy, no patience, panics easily, prone to setting themselves and others on fire, unquestioning hatred of the poor, desperate desire for status). If given the order Rinwena will not hesitate to remove this obstacle from the mission.

And finally there is Tapt (Uses: medical proficiency and knowledge, combat experience, unaffected by mundane traumas, unyielding obedience. Vulnerabilities: carrying trauma from the death of his previous unit, lower class citizen), who has proven himself time and time again to be an exceptional individual with a wide range of talents who can be relied upon for a great many roles.

Rimwena feels this will be a long and confusing mission. Though perhaps she will have a chance to learn some things throughout.

Damage Control INC (Apparently)
If i hadn't pulled that thread

Canto thought over the recent disasters and discoveries.

Ratcliff managed to cause a massive ruckus again this time in a black market several people got injured which was not what the investigation needed.

On top of this florenza was asking about the missing body of Avund Quin since it had now been reported missing by the church. One murder later we had a body to replace that.

The tech priest was now missing a leg and now had some sort of issue with ratcliff.

Canto was beginning to get despondent he just seemed to be holding on for dear life and trying to preform damage control as best he could.

They returned to their base to find a very upset sister Castella. He just went out side when she started shouting at everyone including him. This bothered him he had a lot of respect for Sister Castella. yes stuff had gone wrong but did she really understand the undertaking of working with the inquisition? It operated above the law it wasn’t all gonna be squeaky clean. Tough things had to be done in order to keep people safe he now wondered if she was up to the job. Instead of working with what was happened she seemed to be judging everyone for “crimes”.

The ride to there next destination was uneventful mainly cause he had enough of everyone bar a few. He wondered what awaited him on the next world probably more investigation and damage control.

He was happy to find the local Arbites Captain very accommodating and was forthcoming with help and information maybe this would good well he poured over the information it was looking up. He picked one sheet of paper it was a picture of a cell and there was markings on the walll……

Suddenly time Startedto slow but….but it wasStill too fast Images Started Burning intohim it felt like SLAVE his mind but not . Noise of a millionwhispers Raged in his head. Cantotried to grip hold on too his headtwo stop it fromShaking but found he couldn’t his headwasn’t moving. Some where neverEvery Happened he fell. Soon but some howforever his entire being NOTHING felt like a Bed sheet whipping aboutin a hurricane. He started toofeel as if the edging of him started to tatterandfray into nothingbut ETERNITY universe. ThevoicesStartedbreckthougtfrsskk brrrooofffjm,.a;aklka..a……..‘#’lakmm. LIES…hdbwjkalllerrrrr

The sheet of paper fell from cantos hand his eyes darted around the room. He was on his knees covered in sweat and panting. Canto reached down with a shaking hand and flipped the picture round so the offending picture now faced the ground. This picture needed to be put in a black bag to limit exposure. Canto felt awful he hoped it would fade but he knew it was a lie some of what he had seen was coming with him the strange sense of him being a salve in service too nothing but lies for eternity. Canto pushed it out of his mind as best he could. “it was going so well” Canto said


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