Heretic Hunt

Mordecai's mumblings

As far as I know Father Ratcliffe has stumbled his way to an ever deepening swamp of problems. I wouldn’t dare to say anything against him for he is still a father, but most of the group seem to share my growing concern. He seems to have little concern for the subtlety that we should probably manifest in our investigations. I must admit that he and the guardsman were very effective in finding Quins body, though what followed nearly made me lose my temper.

Castella especially has her knickers in a proper twist, which is partly amusing to see, but also concerning as there’s going to be some sort of escalation and resolution. The situation doesn’t seem stable, especially as there’s no mediation between Castella & Ratcliffe. Rimwena seemed to hint at that we should do something fairly rash against Rafcliffe, if I understood the implication correctly. We shall see whether such strict measures are required, or can we still get out of this with no casualties within the cell.

I hope we’re done with this planet, I pity the people who have to stay in these smog filled quarters for their whole lives. I’m becoming increasingly convinced that living in a ship is the thing for me. All these places where we’ve been have had a strange feeling. Terra felt almost constricting with all the bureacracy, I am not really comfortable with all the gold and glitter either. And this place is just miserable.

I guess I would prefer a situation where we could settle this quarrel without confrontation, but that option is not on the table anymore. Those burned bodies speak too clearly.

Ratcliffe Ledger Entry 42 - 002 - Not So Enterprising

Black – Investigated Quinn’s husband’s death at the local church with the aid of Wiggins. With my noble example in mind Wiggins valiantly preformed an autopsy on the corpse I cunningly recovered.

Black – Taking charge I suggested we thoroughly investigate the Black Market, following a lead discovered, illegal narcotic residue preserved in the body. The team praised my genius and followed me to the wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Red – So very red. Due to a minor fracas amongst the denizens, the cause of which remains unknown, we were forced to temporarily strategically withdraw from the Black Market for the good of the investigation.

Sister Castella's Log - 2
Musing outside a black market

I still can’t believe that after the flamer incident Ratcliffe is yet to learn any humility. Imagine being as bold as to say to an influential priest from Holy Terra itself that they have “quaint” ideas. I live in hope that the flogging they gave him at least got the message across. I hope Rimwena and Noctine find what they are looking for soon, the sheer poverty and despair in this place is overbearing. Not to mention the criminality of course but looking around, can you blame them? I guess I’ll recap the facts while I wait, might notice a detail I missed.

Arrived at Roanoke 3, met local guide Karpath 6319-13 who was to act as our local guide and driver. Nice fellow, perhaps lacking a bit in subtlety. Come to think of it isn’t Karpath Noctine’s surname. Most likely a coincidence. Arrived at the boxes we would come to call “home” during our investigation here. Tapt unfortunately didn’t have an assigned room, an oversight we should really see to. Soon split into three groups to pursue leads. Myself, Rimwena and Canto investigated records at the local Arbites precinct and questioned Captain Florenza. Ratcliffe and Tapt would investigate the death of Avund Quin. Noctine and Mordecai investigated more generally finding a scrap shop that served well to equip us.

Our investigation proved rather fruitful. The riots here were apparently provoked by servants of The Prince of Pleasure. Said servants were purged by Avund and Silvanto, which earned Silvanto a off world promotion. Avund however was murdered in reprisal. Tapt’s autopsy of Avund was quite thorough. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a corpse so meticulously disassembled. Cause of death was multiple las shots to the chest. Also significant traces of drugs in his system, enough to cause permanent deformation.

Which is a problem because Avund Quin is apparently alive.

Perhaps we should follow up the drug lead while we are in this lawless place. It’s a long shot but I want to get what information we can before leaving.


What the hell was that noise!?

By the Emperor what has he done this time!?

Drake Inquisitional Acolyte Report 2
Roanoke 3 Investigation


Noctine Karpath – Active
Paz Castella – Active
Rimwena Verium – Active
Fnaz Canto – Active
Mordecai – Active
Ratcliffe – Active
8881273409352 – Operational


Upon arrival at Roanoke 3 we met 6319, the man you sent to be our chauffeur, who took us to where we would be staying. We then came up with a strategy that would best use our time and skills. Father Ratcliffe would head with 352 to investigate the possible death of Avund Quin, Castella, Verium and Canto would head to the Arbites to speak with Captain Florenza and myself and Mordecai would acquire/build equipment to outfit our team.

We found much information on the Hyniium Mines revolt, including the involvement of a Slaaaneshi cult. We also found that Quin and Avund were called in to kill these cult members, and that were both put up for promotion after the revolt was quelled. Quin was transferred and Avund was supposedly killed when revenge was taken against those who stopped the revolt. The Captain was told not to investigate these deaths but disobeyed and found and killed those responsible.

The death of Avund was confirmed when we found his body. An autopsy showed that he was killed but multiple point-blank las gun shots to the chest. The toxicology report also showed us that he had taken enough drugs at some point to leave permanent marks upon himself. Further investigation needs to be done but Avund was most definitely killed here on Roanoke 3.

I have seen potential in 6319 and have ordered him to accompany us in our investigations, mainly as our driver.

Ratcliffe has once again caused some amount of a ruckus. He attempted to sell the body parts of Avund Quin and then burned down an illegal market we were investigating. This seems to have caused much tension with the other acolytes.

Avund is dead.
Ratcliffe has caused discord in our group.

Investigation report - 1 -


Evidence gathered.

Arbites report on Avund Quins death.

Avund Quins body (Ask the priest)

Avund Quin was shot point blank many times by las weaponry shortly After riot massacre.
however blood was at the scene las wounds don’t bleed. Someone elses blood?

Further investigation required.

Avund Quins body did in fact show extensive las burns to the torso area defiantly cause of death.

Autopsy showed signs of drugs in the his system. It would make sense to check the local black market for a seller he might have useful information for use.

Note of concern.

The priest continues too be reckless. He believes he is doing the emperors will but is more interested in his on welfare and extorting the already poor. His latest gambit is to sell the organs of Avund Quin on the black market. I maybe forced to apprehend him if he continues to put this investigation at risk i will not hesitate to unleash the emperors justice.

If such events come to pass then i will have to contact inquisitor drake so that it may take due course through the correct channels.

No one escapes the Emperors law.

Trooper: 88801273409352 private log 1

I have no idea whats happening.

First I was on that ship and then somehow I’m on Holy Terra standing under the golden statues of saints and heroes waiting to meet my new commanding officers and well, my mind is not one that cannot question the workings of the great inquisition.

My commanders are like no one I met before. Everyone back on Cadia worked to such a hierarchy, you knew what you had to do because what you did helped your CO and that helped their CO and so on and so forth. I have no idea how what orders my commanders are following but if there adepts they know better than me.

There’s Techpriest Nocturn, he’s the first techpriest to not instantly berate me about the state of my lasgun, so thats a plus in my book.

Then theres sir Mordecai, can’t tell much about him now but form the looks of him he killed his way here too. It’s always good to know someone like that is running the show.

The next is Investigator Canto, we only had MP’s back on Cadia but from what i’ve heard the adepts say we’re investigating something so I know why he’s here.

There’s Sister Castella, Only thing I ever heard about the Sisters was the wroth they brought down on the enemies of the Emperor but this one seems … nice ? If her actions are guided by the Emperor I shall follow her dutifully.

Then there’s Father Ratcliff, he seems the most adamant to use me at his disposal, but thats life in the Guard for you. His priestly ways are new to me, But Confessor Andro at the academy said that the men of the church are here “to lead us not to tell us the secrets of the universe”. This whole life is alien to me so I’ll stick with the priest I think, I don’t want to loose my way in these strange times.

Finally there’s mistress Verium. I don’t trust her. I lived with the eye of terror starring me down for most of my life and then that time on the ship. All I can say is there’s something wrong in this galaxy and it pours out of her eyes, I don’t like looking at them.

Anyway I’m of to stand guard while the priest gets a drink, Walking a drunk priest home what could go wrong ?

Ratcliffe Ledger Entry 42 - 001 - Wiggins!

Red – Talked to Inquisitor Drake, seduction attempt failed.

Black – Sent to investigate Inquisitor Quinn undercover as his acolytes,
clearly Inquisitor Drake has great faith in my abilities!

Black – Met with Imperial Guard escort. Sole survivor Guardsman number
something something 352 something something Taty. Now called
Wiggins. A much better name, I’m sure the Emperor agrees.

Black – I decided to talk Wiggins under my wing, nurturing and teaching him
in the ways of the Emperor for the good of his soul. In exchange he
presented me with a heavy flamer after I expressed an interest in one.

Red – Boarded our transport, immediately proceeded to do my duty to the
Emperor and the crew’s souls, assisted by Wiggins. The crew while
devout were poor.
Total Income: 200 Food Rations.
80 Alcohol Rations.
10 Packs of Cigarettes.
Overall not worth the effort, likely due to the meddling incompetence
of the Adepta.

Red – Retired to the local bar to spread goodwill and gather information for
the mission. Once again the Adepta harassed me, trying to set the
feeble minded and suggestible crew against me. While trying to reassert
my Emperor given authoritah over them my flamer suffered a minor
malfunction causing myself and Wiggins slight discomfort.

Black – I deemed the wounds insignificant and proceeded to aid the party with
much needed direction as we investigated some suspect Mechanicus.
At great risk to myself I nobly volunteered to patrol the surrounding corridors
to secure the perimeter during the investigation. Nobody dared to
challenge me.

Red – Due to bad information from the psyker we inconvenienced several
innocent Mechanicus (cleared by our own tech priest) loyal to our own
Inquisitor Drake.

Stream of consciousness

That lady with a face tattoo seems fairly prestigious, better see how other people act around her. Why is she carrying all that metal around? At least she seems more stable than the priest. I hope he doesn’t set himself on fire again, though it was fairly funny, if you disregard the scars that he’ll have once the bandages come off. We could really use his other flamer if shit hits the fan, like it probably will if we continue with this pace.

The psykerlady seems almost as prone to accidents as father R. Have to see if I’m able to prevent her from getting us in trouble again. Maybe that smirky arbites could keep an eye on her. Facetattoo has priest under control hopefully: with the aid of the guardsman it should be alright. I probably should keep an eye on him, he seemed witty enough to anticipate the problems – could probably learn from him. Plus he seems to know how to treat injuries, likely will come in handy.

Going after a rogue trader and an inquisitor with these people seems like a potential shit show, not that I bring much to the table either. Why did they pick me anyways? Maybe there are some xeno contacts and they needed someone who won’t shoot on sight. What is Drake trying to achieve by sending only us? There has to be a point, right? And I’m not sure, but it really seemed like those machine priests weren’t doing any standard modifications on those lasguns. Our techpriest could’ve handled that a bit more smoothly. Throwing the ball to me in the middle was fairly awkward.

If we’re actually going to try to look into the bottom of this mess, I hope someone takes the reins and starts organizing the information. The whole deal with assassins everywhere, people disappearing and appearing later seemed awfully convoluted. My brain felt numb after the first 10 minutes of the lecture Drake gave. No one else asked questions either, I wonder if they feel as lost.

Hopefully we’ll get out of this whole ordeal alive. Not sure if I want to go back to Polaris, might try my luck in different areas. Who knows, maybe I’ll find myself operating a voidship someday – one can dream.

Drake Inquisitional Acolyte Report 1
Journey to Roanoke 3


Noctine Karpath – Active
Paz Castella – Active
Rimwena Verium – Active
Fnaz Canto – Active
Mordecai – Active
Ratcliffe – Injured
8881273409352 – Operational


The Journey to Roanoke has been eventful. While I infiltrated the superiors of the ship, Canto and Mordecai gained the trust of the regular crew. We gathered information about Roanoke 3 to help our investigations upon landing. I need no tell you the information we gathered as you will already know the basic information we acquired. While this happened Verium had been investigating the on board Tech Priests and, as logic would dictate, came to myself, Canto and Mordecai to help work out what they were doing. It was at this point that the others arrive to the group.

During our time investigating, there had been an altercation between Castella and Ratcliffe. The specifics of which I shall not go into detail with since you have much better things to occupy your time, but the basics are that Ratcliffe secured many rations from the workers of the ship, in the name of the Emperor and Castella saw this as exploitation for Ratcliffe’s personal gain. This ended with the spontaneous explosion of Ratcliffe’s hand flamer, causing damage to his face and to 8881273409352 (hereby to be referred to as 352). Both have since received medical attention.

After they rejoined the group I devised a plan to investigate the Tech Priests and test the effectiveness of our group. We split into three groups, myself, Canto and Mordecai to talk to and distract the Priests. Verium, Castella and 352 to stealth in and recover any hidden data, and Ratcliffe to guard the exit. I expertly conversed with them and looked over their information to gather anything that might be heretical and ultimately found no such things. Verium tried to steal a weapon, for information, but Mordecai manage to spin that she was a useful but unreliable tool of ours and Canto and myself backed up this facade, giving us a good reason to leave. This is everything that has happened on our mission so far.

Canto, Mordecai and Myself gathered information on Roanoke 3.
Ratcliffe was injured in an accident.
352 was damaged but is still operational.
Tech Priest were investigated and cleared of any suspicion.

Sister Castella's Log - 1

I never thought I would actually see Holy Terra with my own eyes. To think that I stood on the same planet where the God-Emperor himself dwells! Not even the never ending stream of paperwork could ruin this feeling. Unfortunately there was no time to visit any of the holy places for I was here on important inquisitorial business. Almost as soon as I navigated past the bureaucracy I was escorted to where the briefing was to be held.

It was a rather grand manor with all the opulence one would expect of such a place on Holy Terra but I was ushered into the bowels of the building into a expansive workshop with techpriests and advanced machinery everywhere. It was there we first saw Inquisitor Lucius Drake, working on some small object before showing us to a meeting room. The briefing was rather short and to the point. Two suspected heretics, Inquisitor Silvanto Quin and Lord-Captain Ventium Harlocke. Harlocke is a prominent rogue trader and mercenary who now commands his own battle group of ships. The deals he signs with those he’s tasked to protect include clauses to recompense any losses he suffers… and some more, turning every ship lost into a profit. A lucrative business to be sure. Apparently Drake has information which leads him to believe he may be treasonous and perhaps even in league with the dark gods. I find Inquisitor Quin to be the more intriguing suspect. A decorated member of the Ordo Malleus with several daemonic incursions halted by all accounts he is a staunch defender of Man. However there are conflicting reports. There are records and eye witness accounts that claim that Silvanto Quin died fighting a Saint, which if true mark him as the gravest of heretics. Our job is to investigate these people, find evidence of their heresy and bring them the God-Emperor’s justice. I will be honest, I don’t think Inquisitor Drake expects us to survive let alone succeed. After a short discussion with the other members of the team we made Inquisitor Quin our first target.

Speaking of the team, they are certainly a curious lot. The one that I later learned was a psyker caught my eye initially. She was rather tall, pale and just a little “off”. Rimwena I believe her name was. Being so close to one that channels the power of the warp unnerves me, I hope for all our sakes she uses her power wisely. There was another similarly tall and pale but he did not give me the same feeling of “offness”. I admittedly do not know much about him. Then there is an ex-Arbites by the name of Canto. Having someone with previous experience of investigation will no doubt be a great boon but he seems too happy about everything, smiling when it isn’t appropriate. It’s beginning to disturb me a little. The techpriest seems to know Drake personally, although I’m not sure if Drake wants to know him. We were originally promised that a regiment of guard would be made available to us but due to “complications” which led to almost all of them being killed in action or declared unfit for service we were left with Field Medic Tapt. I can’t help but look upon him with pity, he has had a hard life.

Our final member, I am reluctant to admit, is one Priest Ratcliffe. His behaviour has been most unacceptable for a man of his position, extorting what meagre belongings the poor have claiming that the God-Emperor demands it, then lining his own pockets with his loot. Then when I demand that he cease his outrageous acts he has the temerity to call me a heretic! It would seem that the God-Emperor works in mysterious ways however as when he attempted to taunt those he robbed by lighting their cigarettes with his hand flamer, it exploded in his face horrifically scarring him. I hope this teaches him some humility.

Our journey to Quin’s home world has been interesting thus far, but apparently Rimwena believes the techpriests on board to be rather suspicious. Given that we are inquisitorial acolytes I think it’s best if we inquire…


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