Heretic Hunt

Another Day In paradise
I thought i had seen it all

Canto thought he had lucked out!
Not only had he screwed over all his Superiors, he still had a job!

Although this new job would require even more from him, the thought of bringing the Emperor’s justice upon his enemies was satisfying.

For the first time since he arrived on the hive world, on which he spent most his career, he packed up his most prized possessions in his pack and made to leave. He hurried to the starport even though everyone he knew about had been rounded up and punished for the their heresy. He didn’t doubt for a second that in a scheme as big as it was someone was still alive and looking for revenge.

He made it to the ship that would take him to orbit. It stuck out on the pad with the big inquisitorial markings on it. After a bit of standard paper work related nonsense he was let on and told to sit anywhere. Canto wasn’t used to flying, let alone void flight, and after a career that spanned undercover work, front line riot control and finally investigation work he had taken up Iho sticks. He was very seldom without one which was good cause he damn well needed one now. He decided he would get some scoop on where he was going and got friendly with the co-pilot of the orbital transport who told him that once they landed the ship was headed to Holy Terra to which Canto responded “Well its all happening today isn’t it?”

Once on Terra and after he dealt with the absolute bureaucracy nightmare he reported to a room for briefing in which he hoped would give him some answers. He imagined he would struggle for a while, perhaps being dead weight even. His team would no doubt be the best of the best and he would have to make an awkward fit until he found his place amongst them.

Oh how little Canto knew about his own fate would make him chuckle to himself for years to come.

The room for the meeting seemed to be housed in some sort of tech palace. At this point canto deducted either the inquisitor was employing some sort of subterfuge perhaps a safe house in the guise of a tech priests workshop. Or the inquisitor had a tech background himself. It turned out to be the latter after seeing a white haired woman lead there by a guide. The woman was clearly a member of the Sororitas judging by the facial markings and clearly in the wrong place that would have blown a cover . Canto smiled “The inquisitor must be mechanicus related then,” he mused to himself. He then proceeded though the door after the Sororitas after the guide had cleared. Canto was never offered a guide but who needs one.

As he walked in he saw the Sororitas sticking out like a sore thumb and followed her knowing after having a guide she probably had better directions and also that she was likely to be on the same team as him. He was right again.

Inquisitor Lucius Drake was in fact augmented but some of them were modular which was a new one on canto although he hadn’t really spent much time amongst them so he guessed he shouldn’t be surprised. The others and him were then led off to another room and they were given their mission.

The mission was to investigate an inquisitor and a rogue trader. The inquisitor had been reported dead but also reported alive. The rogue trader tried to become planetary governor after all the competition had been assassinated. Both individuals were on the planet at the time which was quite the coincidence.

He then met the team. In the briefing he leaned against the wall so he could watch his fellow acolytes and try sum them up. There was two void born a man and a women he saw them first their tall forms rising above the others.

The male void born he understood to be called mortecai he looked armed and ready for a fight. His equipment looked military but not of type you see on the guard recruitment, maybe navy. Definitely some one to be friends with.

The void born women seemed a little tense and cast glances around the room often. He was told that she was a psyker. He had never dealt with psykers much but knew that the imperium used them for communication. But he also knew he didn’t know everything and seeing how she was on this particular team she must have some more tactical skills. She went by the name Rimwena Verium he decided to give her space since she was clearly nervous.

Then their was the sororitas. Paz Castella stood straight and purposeful as he had seen in all of her adepta. He had dealt with the adeptus sororitas many times in the jurisdictional nightmare which was heretics. He often found himself in joint operations with them when shock mauls and shotguns wouldn’t quite cut it. His life had been saved many times by members of their order and vice versa. As he made his judgement they caught each others eyes and he gave a respectful nod which she returned. From his experience he knew she would be a asset to this group.

Then there was the tech priest Noctine Karpath a man of logic and metal. Members of the mechanicus where notoriously hard to read having very little body language and nigh on inhuman thought patterns. Although he did notice an almost reverence of the inquisitor. It also seemed the inquisitor forgot his name therefore he must have known him maybe a master/apprentice set up he didn’t try to guess he would get this one wrong.

An ecclesiarchy priest. Canto had been involved with these people as well. For Canto they were at worst a massive problem and at best a total nuisance. He only knew of one priest that didn’t fall in to these categories. He was an inspiring man and often went out of his way to help the poor and needy he was forever vigilant in his duty. He often reported fellow priests to the arbites for wrong doings which often led to arrests or punishment. His wise words had helped canto on his undercover endeavours many times. He died mysteriously on ecclesiarchy ground and the arbites where not allowed to see the body or the scene. Definitely something happened there that somebody didn’t want let out. Turned out to be connected to the mutant drug ring so Canto had avenged his friend which gave him some degree of happiness. Canto had a distaste for priests and didn’t care for his name this priest would have to prove himself to him.

Lucius drake informed them that they were to be accompanied by Guardsmen but something in his behaviour and manner came across to him as dark sorrowful humour. Canto wondered if it would be a funny joke. It probably would be he had low standards. The priest led the way thinking himself in charge somehow (even though we were given a guide) this didn’t surprise Canto and was exactly what he was expecting. They then made their way to the Inquisitional supply depot where we were to board our transport get supply’s and meet or guardsmen.

It was all located on a high level platform it was decorated almost like a plaza. As they arrived Rimwena hurriedly asked the guide where the requisitions was he pointed and before he finished speaking she was gone like the wind charging at it like her life depended on it. He looked around to see if he was alone in his confusion. He wasn’t.

A few shaken heads later we got the punch line to Lucius joke. It wasn’t funny. Turns out only one really shaken guardsmen survived the trip. All the others died or where “unfit for service” according to the paper work which said he was a medic. A medic…. A MEDIC!?.
Canto looked at the uncontrollably shaking man who couldn’t keep his hands still and thought “what do you mean fit for service?”. The Priest started commanding the man as if it was his right also confusingly started calling him Rodger even the paper work said his name was Tapt. As the priest and poor guardsmen moved away to the requisition counter he stopped tapt and gave him a Iho stick to try calm the devastated Guardsmen. He gratefully accepted and put in his mouth. Canto never saw him light it he was gone before he could offer him a light. Canto then turned to the tech priest moving back the way we came he guessed he was going back to report the guardsmen condition and left it at that.

He turned round to see who was still around who was still with him. Paz, Mortecai and……
HOLY THONE! when did Rimwena get here! She now had a long rifle it didn’t look like a projectile weapon . Whatever it was she was dam happy about it and smiled happily to her self. He was impressed with her sneakiness. The fright gave him such a shock he decided he need a dam iho stick. he was lighting it when he noticed Paz and Rimwena holding there hands out for one he Sympathetically obliged. He lit theirs and was about to light his when there was an awful Screeching noise.

Cantos head snapped about looking trouble but found it was unbelievably the priest and tapt. All he could see was smoke and the guardsman running into it while the man at the counter ran about trying to find out what was going on. The priest just stood there looking self righteous unsurprising. Moments later the guardsmen reappeared with a large weapon with a large tank attached to the bottom of it. Canto didn’t know what it was but he doubted it was a water pistol. In some sort of bizarre smoke drowned ceremony the priest preformed a holy right on the guardsmen for his theft and charged him the weapon for it. The priest then asked the stressed and apparent unobservant man at the counter for more items before the smoke had even settled. They then retreated to the transport were thankfully they stayed.

Canto finally lit his Iho stick and looked at his current company who had already finished there. The three (Rimwena having disappeared again) of them asked for what they wanted and found the selection was vast due to being on Terra. He got a combat shotgun to replace is standard issue shotgun which was a nice and asked if he had any thing that can help him with a bad day at work half jokingly the man dropped a hallucinogenic grenade on the counter. Canto appreciated humour and took the grenade with thanks. He waited for mortecai and paz to finished at the counter. Paz went straight to the transport maybe to berate the priest who knows.

Mortecai and canto made there back to transport cantos humour had returned and his deduction of mortecai was correct they began to talk about the mission and how they should process. Until Noctine reemergence from the way they came. The tech priest had new implants and now resembled some sort of floating squid monster found on some death worlds. Canto stopped walking and stared as the tech priest made his strange hovering way across the plaza to the transport.

Canto decided he needed more Iho sticks after watching such a display. He went back to get some for him self for Paz and for Rimwena just in case they needed them. Canto boarded the transport raised and eye brow at the priest who stared arrogantly back. Canto decided to save a iho stick for this flight he was gonna be in more need of them soon.

Once on the ship canto and mortecai decided to go to the local bar to get information. Rimwena had gone again hopefully doing some thing useful he wasn’t sure where Paz or the now floating tech priest had gone. The priest and the medic were no where to be found and that suited canto fine after what he saw on the plaza. Mordecai Navigated the ship well which was good cause canto wasn’t. They found the bar not far really from there room. They Started a conversation with some of the ship born locals. Canto couldn’t get a read on them but they still got good info from them they sat for a drink with them for a bit and where about to leave when the priest and the medic came in.

Canto didn’t know what happened but people where not happy with the priest. I might of had some thing to with the amount of drink ration tickets and Iho stick he had, and more importantly the lack of tickets and iho sticks the crew had. Canto had guessed the priest had gotten them off them some how. The saw Paz at he bar trying to get the the upset crew drinks the bar agreed but only after a clearly socially uncomfortable silence trade of iho sticks. he leaned over to mortecai and said “we ought to leave now” mortecai said we should speak to them first and take with us to find the tech priest. He changed his mind after the next event.

They where just approaching Paz when the priest turned to them with a mouth full of iho sticks and a hand flamer in the other hand. Canto needed a second to take this in he just couldn’t believe what he saw in the last two hours let alone what he was seeing now. He managed to to tear is eyes off the priest to mortecai who just made to leave with hand motions for him to follow. He jogged to catch up and just as the bar doors closed they Blasted open again unleashing the sound of a loud bang and smashed glasses followed by silence.

They moved a bit faster than normal to their room where they hoped to find the tech priest. They entered the door and found him. One of his new mechanical squid like arms had the remains of food on it oh yeah and he was floating of COURSE. Canto decided he actually going insane. Canto just stared at Noctine as he floated and let mortecai do the talking. even though Canto wasn’t really listening he could tell Mortecai was finding this situation difficult as well. Thankfully the tech priest decided to land which made Canto relax A bit more. That was until Rimwena came out of the shower cubical behind and scared the daylight out of him and everyone.

They discussed the findings turns out Rimwena but her stealth abilities to good use and tailed some tech priests who went behind a door she could get past and needed the tech priests help. Canto and Mordecai shared what they found. Techpreists going on this ship seemed to have different training than the standard.

They all decided to go and investigate. As they left they met Paz a mildly injured Tapt and a very injured Priest judging on the bandaged burns the hand flamer had exploded in the priest hand and face. As a result the priest had turned into a bandaged muffled idiot who couldn’t see where he was going. Oh yeah and he is still coming with us of coarse.

The whole group got to the door and split up one team would go in while the other sneaked in below. so Canto, Mordecai, Rimwena and Noctine went in and met four confused tech priests they went about distracting them while Rimwena tried to lift a clearly alien pistol but knocked over about everything on the same table. The four tech priests turned and pointed plasma pistols at the psyker. Thankfully Mordecai is a genius and convinced them that we where carers for this estranged psyker. Mean while Noctine tried to get more info. In the end they left the room with their lives and canto wasn’t sure whether they got any information.

They walked past a poorly seated decking panel and the moaning cry of which was probably the priest. Canto tried to find find him (for everyone elses safety) but failed and just left.

The team in the vents was still there waiting so they might have more luck i guess they would have to wait for their return meanwhile it was time for an iho. After the days events. Canto was no longer worried about fitting in. He was more concerned about his health. This new job wasn’t going to be about hard work it was going to be hard enough to survive it.


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