Heretic Hunt

Gordon's Thoughts - 5

An Unexpected Sacrifice

This was supposed to be the fulfilment of a dream. Captain of an ancient battlecruiser. My first voyage with my own ship, into the great unknown. I understand that like all dreams it was to be a fleeting thing, a vision of something I don’t deserve but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that it turned into a horrific nightmare. Even while I am awake I cannot escape these terrors. The first sign was our attempt to jump into the warp. I’ve never seen so many things go wrong at once. My first voyage and I fuck everything up. By the Emperor I’m useless. Still, we managed to salvage something out of it by pinning it on the Dark Eldar. The combat with the Dark Eldar went better than I expected, casualties were minimal although Hermes will need a new leg. The Mandrake tried to weasel out of it by pledging his service to me. Xenos bastards, not once has Sliscus shown mercy. He tortures and enslaves and maims and murders for his own twisted pleasure. There can be no mercy for his kind. I saw to it that they were all put to the sword.

Unfortunately, that fight was also where everything went wrong. Karroleen saw Kil’Thal. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Shouldn’t have told her about daemons, should have just told her to ignore it and follow orders. Maybe it was inevitable. In any case, she promptly flipped her shit afterwards and I could feel panic gripping me. This was it, I was done, found out, doomed to die a heretic’s death. I tried to play it off as the results of blood loss and adrenaline but she wasn’t having it. It was only by the grace of Kil’Thal’s subtlety under psychic examination that nothing came of it.

Or so I thought.

I addressed the crew, congratulating them on their steadfast defence and stellar performance in a time of crisis and treachery. They truly had performed far above my expectations in regards to repairing the ship and their eagerness to finally end the xenos threat. Afterwards I retired to my quarters to relax and unwind after a very stressful day. Imagine my surprise when I saw Perrin. I would have been pleased to see him if it wasn’t for the look of sheer panic on his face. He told me Silvanto knew about the sword and he was coming. That familiar terror began grasping me, I could feel it now, he knew where I was, the nightmares were coming true this was it this was it thi-.

Perrin, that stupid, brave bastard saved my life. He took my place. I sat and I listened to what they did to him. I heard him scream until, for most likely the final time, he died. Before he died he left me a letter. Inside was an Inquisitorial ID. He was an Interrogator under Drake. Well, he certainly had me fooled. Crafty bastard, keeping an eye on us were you? Never could make up my mind on you, but you showed your true colours in the end.

I guess this means I’m dead. Yet it is everyone around me that dies in my stead. Rimwena, Canto and now Perrin. Sabbanth is in the warp somewhere. Noctine is just a voice over the comms. I’m all alone again. I’m not sure I can take this anymore. That terror hasn’t left, it just grips me tighter. I’m struggling to breathe. But I have to endure this, can’t give up, won’t give up. I can’t let those bastards win. How many more will die in screaming agony if we fail? I don’t know what a ghost like me can do but you can bet I’ll live on to haunt these monsters.

For Rimwena, Canto, Perrin and everyone unlucky enough to have crossed their path I will end this.


Christian1771 Sabda

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