Heretic Hunt

Harlock Fleet Report 1

Parties and Shit


Noctine Karpath – Improved
Captain Gordan – Active
Rimwena Verium – Active
Fnaz Canto – Active
Mordecai – Active
Ratcliffe – Active
8881273409352 – Operational
6319-13 – Operational
Timothy Dalton – Operational


Due to the unusual workings of our team we realised that we needed to prove our usefulness as a team while increasing our standing with the over specialist teams on the ship. I talked to the leader of the Skitarii, i found that the other specialist teams often hosted competitions to see who is the best and increase kinship. We quickly used this methods to gain the trust of the other teams. We won the competitions.

After the large success of this idea we decided to once again implement it at the fleets ball and gain the trust of people closer to Harlock. I decided that the best way for me to be use would be to gain the trust of the highest ranking Tech Priest, Bernadotte. Ratcliffe proceeded to start a competition as before, which went well. Captain Gordan baited Harlock and got closer to him.

We assimilated with the crew and superior officers.
Planted seeds for future information.

Current Theory
Harlock has been using and allowing the mixture of human and xenos tech. Also the creation of new Tech.

Current Take Down Method
Gain the trust of Bernadotte and find proof of current theory.


Christian1771 milner95

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