Heretic Hunt

Investigation Report 2

Our investigations are concluded on Sanium and have found good evidence.

1. Quin seems to have a daemon. Now it could be a case that Quin is actually the one being controlled. This either way will be a massive battle. The daemon also seems to be taking the from of Advund Quin.

2. We also gathered some Intel on harlocke. Seems there was some sort of accident at a rather hedonistic Gathering with certainly smacks at hersey. Requires further investigation.

3. The assassin managed to escape our custody there motive is a mystery really all we know is that they seem to dislike Quin. I imagine they are following us even now. They seem to be working in there own interest hopefully this will not collide with ours.

We are now in transit to our next destination where we hope to get more evidence on harlocke.

We have unfortunately lost a member of our team she took her leave on sanium. Sister Castella left to stay with the ministoium and to study the living saint. Maybe she may still prove to be a use full ally i wish her luck on her new endeavours.

At this point this all i have to report.

Canto out.


Christian1771 DestructorPhish

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