Heretic Hunt

Mordecai's logbook 3

I’m so lucky that there are people like Canto with us. I couldn’t have guessed that the arbites commander and her assisstant are – well some shapeshifting things, and probably bad guys. They both seemed so nice and helpful, caught me completely off guard. The person that we caught said though that we’re on the same side, and it seemed that she only wanted to know why we’re here doing the things that we are doing. Maybe she could even help us?

Considering the social dynamics it seems that people are getting a bit used to each other, in the sense that they’re not pushing the boundaries that hard anymore, which is nice, I really hated the tension. Not that it would be all gone. It seems that Sister Castella groups us into the not so bad people, ie Karpath and then the rest of us who she seems to consider borderline wicked. I should probably try to show her that I bear no I’ll will, and follow the Emperor like everyone else. She seems to have the best intentions from all of these people, or the most functional moral compass.

I feel like I should try to bring the group together more, but it feels complicated as I have technically no authority, being younger and probably only specialized in getting rid of bad guys. Maybe when we go after Harlocke it’s my time to shine. At least we’ll get out of these weird cities with their complicated politics. And we won’t have to face Avund for the time being, the whole thing gives me the chills.


Christian1771 Samnpo

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