Heretic Hunt


Note To self a "tickle your fancy" is not a drink

Canto Rose from the floor after his recent mind rending experience. He shook his head to try some how shake him self to sanity. He tried to concentrate on the investigation taking comfort in the cold unforgiving mind set of logical thinking. So assassins killed several high standing members of the planets hierarchy one of them being the PDF commander among them. Now the PDF being killed was an interesting one because it seem to be one that wasn’t replaced. on a planet that had been brought to its knees you think that position would of been restated quick or given a larger management to cover more angles least. What they had now was in fact less than what they had before that being one commander for both the arbites and the PDF.

That didn’t add up but wasn’t really of relevant. Now Canto had heard of assassins while working undercover tales of raging beast like humans charging in and soaking up rounds while not stopping in it total blood lust. Tales of deadly toxins turning people to much but humanoid jam. Also ones about tall black armour clad women how could change sha………………

Canto mind stopped like a train as it screeched on its brakes. Canto acted clam because canto also realised that they where getting a lot of help here some of which they didn’t have to explain for it was just given to them on a sliver plate. Canto got the awful feeling they where not being helped. They where helping them. Julia an assistant was in the room with him and mordecai. Canto now believed this person to be a spy. Canto asked “how many assassins where there? and how many where killed?” Canto knew that judging by the success of said assassins none where killed bu he wanted to show ignorance on the subject. Julia replied " we have no idea how many there where and none where reported killed".

Canto believed that the Arbites/PDF commander was potentially an assassin which made sense on some many levels e.g control and the immediate summoning of them to her on arrival. They where in danger here he had to warn Mordecai. Canto pretended to show Mordcai some evidence but really it was a note telling him just that. They decided that they had seen enough. They acted natural and while leaving thanked Julia (if that is your real name). Canto stopped in the hallway suddenly and looked around he never thought that at least he didn’t think he did. He looked round at Julia who just smiled sweetly at him. Taking that as evidence it was in his head he carried on shaking his head.

That this point Rimwena decided it was time to tell everyone on comms how the universe was actually built ignorant to the fact that it was totally mind destroying. She started with the great conversation starter that was “Hey guys!……..”. After that canto didn’t really hear anything after that he was to busy watching in horror as the corridor before him bent right down the middle between his legs. His ears was assaulted by the sound of his mind breaking. He didn’t want to look down at what was happening with his legs he didn’t think he handle it. He heard Rimwena as a low mumble in the back ground and couldn’t make out anything she was saying, Though he could feel the information she was giving being slotted into his head. The corridor born insanity stopped as she said “……..yeah so that happened”.

Canto turned to Mordecai who judging by the look of him had a similar experience and said “This is actually the worst Arbites precinct ive ever been in” he nodded hurriedly.
The car was on its way to get them now so they made there way out front.

Once they made it to the car Canto and Mordecai jumped in. Now for his suspicions to be confirmed. Canto waited for a few corners counted to ten and shot his head round and looked out the back window. There it was a Arbiters cruiser. Canto turned round slowly and said “everyone remain clam and act normally” Canto looked around in semi mute surprised as everyone just stop and listened too him it was as is his life was normal again. At this point after a few moments of silence he caught sister Castella’s questioning raised eye brow and remembered he was speaking. “I think we are being followed we need too lose them and get to a public place now”. they all agreed instantly. Then everything just went back to normal just everyone shouting about nonsense. Canto’s stopped smirking for the first time in years.

“what we looking at?” said a voice over the micro bead. Canto screamed at him self internally OF COURSE THE ASSASSINS WOULD GO FOR THE PERSON ALONE!!! He and Mordecai looked at each over and then burst though the pub door. Canto was following the conversion over the micro bead and saw it was going to end badly for Rimwena soonish. As they cannoned thought the door they saw Tapt had the same idea and was racing out of the club next door. Canto push harder for more speed from his legs but couldnt. Tapt got ahead of them up the stairs and canto behind the three of them. As they charged up the stairs plaster started falling off the roof for some reason and there was frequent rumbling thought the super structure. Canto feared it have been to late for there comrade. As Tapt reached the top there was a strange sound and a bright flash of light and a black figure went flying. canto saw Tapt shoulder his gun and move toward the black figure several shots whined followed by red flashes. The black unbelievably Dodged the las shots and was just land form a impress dodging move when Mordecai and Canto leveled there guns. time seemed to slow as Canto fried once and true scoring a good scatter of hit across the torso.
Mordecai’s shooting was excellent scoring several hit while on full auto. The assassin Tumbled backward and lay still tapt ran over to see if she was dead. Canto looked at Mordecai “watch over him” nodding toward tapt. Canto went to find Rimwena. He found her and looked away immediately Face now red. She was naked on the floor shaking and smoking as if she was smouldering. She was alive though that was what mattered he said he would be back and went to look for some thing to cover her modesty.

once back at the flat he sat in front of the cube / prison they had built to hold the assassin. his head resting on his hand thinking about the normal day to day weirdness his life had become and sighed.

It had been a good day Canto went back to smirking.


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