Heretic Hunt

Ratcliffe Ledger Entry 42 - 003 - Obey Me!


Black – Received response from Inquisitor Drake confirming his support of my discovery if Quinns expenses and tax fraud. Aparently he has dispatched fiscal expert adepts to investigate more thoroughly.

Black – Proceed with our trademark party dispersal in search of information formation. I have dubbed this the “Let’s Split Up Gang!” manoeuvre. 3 teams proceeded to investigate the local Arbites, the Ministorum archives, and Ecclesiarchy members. All very successful.

Red – The Psyker had been researching some of the most heretical knowledge in existence, demon summoning. For the good of the mission I’m sure. She insisted on showing it all to us in person no doubt corrupting our souls in the eyes of all God-Emperor fearing citizens.

Black – We now believe that there are skin-changer assassins in positions of power withing the local government and military, and have been for decades – it is unknown what their objectives are, be it their end goal or immediate plans to deal with us,

Black – We also believe that Quinn has summoned a demon to take the place of his deceased husband Avund. Clearly he will go to any extent to continue his expenses fraud scheme. Oh and despicable heresy and treason of course.

Red – Dragged along to “The Obsidian Phoenix” club by the Techpriest following an undisclosed lead. Everyone was very rude there:
- The bouncer questioned my right to be there.
- The owner would take no critiquing of his decor.
- The drinks were incredibly overpriced. The house special cocktail “Tickle Your Fancy” was 70 credits.
- The staff were lazy, whenever I tried to order a drink, they would insisted not only that I pay them first but to follow them to get the drink rather than bringing it to me directly!

Black – The Psyker got herself in trouble with what turned out to be one of the faceless assassins, the party nobly rushed to her rescue. As the others rushed blindly off I remained behind to coordinate and enlist local support with the Techpriest assisting me. Due to my efforts and distraction we were able to save the Psyker and capture the assailant, though I understand the Psyker had a mental breakdown, became unstable and unleashing a warp explosion. This caused extreme damage to everything in her proximity and is the likely explanation of the hive block’s collapse.

Black – The assassin is currently restrained and contained securely at headquarters under constant guard. Interrogation continues…


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