Heretic Hunt

RD34, BF86-1& M18; Combined Initial and Persistant Effects

Phase 1 Clinical Trials

RD34, BF86-1& M18; Combined Initial and Persistant Effects

Protocol Number: 2383253-4
Principle Investigator: Noctine Karpath
IND/IDE Sponsor: Lord-Admiral Sabanth Harlocke
Funded By: Captain Alistair Erksine Gordon
Draft Number: v.1.4

Statement of Compliance

The trial will be carried out in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) as required by the following;
examples follow):
• Cult of Mechanicus (HRTF) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) applicable to clinical studies (45 CFR Part 46, 21 CFR Part 50, 21 CFR Part 56, 21 CFR Part 312, and/or 21 CFR Part 812)
•Harlocke Rouge Trader Fleet ICH E6
All key personnel (Noctine Karpath) have completed Human Subjects Protection Training.

I agree to ensure that all staff members involved in the conduct of this study are informed about their obligations in meeting the above commitments.

Protocol Summary
Précis: Initial study will start using anecdotal evidence as controls. RD34 (Rose Dust) increases the senses to a massive amount, also possibly induces pleasure. BF86-1 (Blue Fire) allows the user to tap into the warp. M18 (Mortis) induces a deathlike state which could be easily mistaken for death. “Tickle Me Fancy” causes typical alcohol intoxication. All of these drugs leave the body in 10 hours or so and there are no long lasting effects bar addiction. This trial will involve 5 subjects each taking all three drugs. The effects will be monitored and recorded by staff during the first 36 hours, after which blood tests will be taken to see if there are any drugs left in their system. There will be follow up checks each week for two months for long term side effects.

Objectives: Study is designed to find the combined effects of the drugs RD34, BF86-1 and M18 in healthy humans. The effects of each of these drugs individually are known throughout the fleet as there is an issue with drug overuse. It is our hope to discover if the combined use of these drugs produce any side effects not suggested by the breakdown and study of the chemicals.

Endpoint: The primary end point of the trail is 36 hours after the last subject takes all the drugs. After this point each subject will be released. The secondary end point is two months after the trail, once the check ups are finished.

Population: 5 males, healthy.

Phase: 1

Number of Sites enrolling participants: 1

(1) The subject will enter a deathlike state, all their senses will be heightened and the subject will tap into the warp at the same time.

(2) The drugs will enact their effects one at a time.

(3) Subject will suffer an instant death.

It seems prediction (2) was the most correct.The subject went through five staged.

Stage 1; Subject entered the deathlike state induced by Mortis. 10 minutes long.

Stage 2; Subject continued to suffer stage one effects. Subject’s eyes then became blue and blue fire erupted from their body 21ft in all directions. 5 minutes long, fire roughly 3 seconds long.

Stage 3; Subject suffers deathlike state and blue eyes from earlier stages. Subject’s senses are increased massively. 7 hours long.

Stage 4; Subject seemingly returns to normal. 2 hours.

Stage 5; Subjects gains increased senses. Possibly permanent.

Due to the large amount of destruction caused by the first trial and the possibility of lifelong effects we have decided to end trial early. It seems a healthy person may survive all three drugs at once but the combination leaves psychological damage which caused increased feeling and pleasure. It is our hope that these findings help the officers of the fleet judge the effects of these drugs and how it may influence the workings of the crew.


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