Heretic Hunt

Rimwena's Observations - 3

Rimwena was amazed! She had never done this “research” thing before, only knowing what she was taught and told, yet apparently she was great at it! First book on daemonology she opened has some really useful material in it, she already knows the meaning of those symbols the others saw, with this luck she’ll nail this investigation square on the head in no time. Now, considering how useful this book was the next will surely be nothing but more help right? Rimwena was certain this could only be a good idea.

7 Hours Later

Okay so that was a bad thing, that was a whole metric f***ing s*** tonne of bad s***! So those books had a lot more information, quite a bit more actually, a bit more than expected or wanted really!

“Okay, so first off daemons and hell actually exist! More than that but occasionally they can go through the warp, into our world and exist by effectively wearing people’s skin. More importantly though, if they go through the ‘proper channels’, I.E. by people summoning them (oh yeah that’s a thing that I KNOW HOW TO DO NOW THIS CAN ONLY BE GOOD AHAHAHAHA OH EMPEROR I’M SO SCARED) they are actually more powerful, can manifest horrifying psychic powers and take the form of anyone the summoner desires. So I think I know how Silvanto is currently being accompanied by ‘Avund’ right now!”

Rimwena struggled with this new information as it refused to leave her mind, hoping this wouldn’t tear her mind apart. How does one fight a daemon anyway? Other than “Holy Las”, “Many Sisters of Battle” and/or “preferably at a distance” there is very little reconnaissance or research Rimwena can do or gain. There’s very few texts that describe a daemon’s pressure points or vital organs.

Shaking, she decided it was time to leave the archives and tell the others, best to just…. tell them quickly right? “Rip off the band-aid” right?

1 hour later

So they took that well! other than the sister of battle Rimwena’s pretty sure everyone is now shaking and smoking a lot more than usual, even the arbites has stopped smirking at everything.

Good news at least, they’ve finally decided to make use of her talents, asking her to take position where she can observe and guard their surroundings. Rimwena claimed she would do so after sending a message to Drake to update him on their progress. After which she found a more than decent room to use as a sniper’s nest. Thus comes the next question, does she use her warp’s perception? Usually a necessity on missions but in this scenario it is the people she is aiming at that are at risk of being followed. Rimwena thus decided that this may be one of the few scenarios where she would not use it, as the risk of a psychic phenomena outweighs the risk of being snuck up on.

This was ironic on many levels.

Next thing she knew someone was leaning over her shoulder, holding her sidearm, asking “what’cha looking at?” She was clearly an assassin herself, wielding good equipment and confident enough to give away her position, meaning she’s either skilled or has allies. If it is the latter though they’re clearly more than 20 feet away, best to move away from the window now.

At least her mission is not to kill her though, or at least not just her. Though she immediately started asking some fairly vital questions about our mission. Rimwena did what she could to stall assuming that her allies would be arriving on scene soon. Took them longer to start than she hoped they would though, especially considering none of them even attempted to offer advice on what to say other than “ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh” whenever she opened her mouth.

The situation quickly escalated after that, with events occurring as thus:
-A car drove into the building, apparently at Ratcliffe’s order.
-Rimwena used the opportunity to attempt to shoot the assassin’s arm, disarming her, to no effect.
- The assassin attempted to shoot Rimwena’s gun, during which Rimwena opened her mind to the warp to better predict the attack and avoid it.
- Something…. happened.

Now, Rimwena has experienced psychic phenomena before, where the warp works its way through the body of a psyker that has let their guard down. This however, was different, more intense and violent. Instead of seeing the attack, Rimwena opened her mind fully to the warp, which simultaneously let out a psychic explosion emanating from her chest, destroying nearly all of her equipment and blasting the assassin through a wall as her mind was exposed to the greatest corruptions the warp has to offer. She doesn’t remember much after that, though apparently more cars were driven into the building (on Ratcliffe’s command again) and her allies showed up and shot the assassin down before she could recover.

One drive later during which Rimwena replaced her newly disintegrated clothes (and attaining some nice new armour from the assassin), and the party was interrogating the assassin in a new, surprisingly quickly made cell.

What Rimwena learned today was that there is nothing to be feared more than the warp, as it will tear apart your body and soul the moment it gets the chance to.


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