Heretic Hunt

Rimwena's observations - 5

Rimwena has been relying too much on her powers recently, she realises this. She thought using them would be prudent as, aside from being a long ranged specialist, being a diviner is the only thing that sets her apart from the rest of the team. Yet clearly it has been more trouble than it’s worth.

First here was the issue when completing that task for Captain Gordon (Uses: requisitioning, contacts, title and rank, library, well learned. Vulnerabilities: not used to combat, extremely aware of his own mortality), in which a psychic phenomena caused the room to be filled wih darkness. If anyone else was there it would have compromised the mission. That situation was bad enough, but this.

But more on that later. With the Tyranid invasion successfully repelled the “specialists” among the ship have been sent to work aboard the Redeemer of Illumination. These specialists consist of us, Kolden (Uses: powerful psyker, relative influence. Vulnerabilities: presumably psychic phenomena, otherwise unknown) and what remains of her crew and would have included Perrim had he not perished. Good riddance quite frankly, he may have retrieved Rimwena’s psy focus but his motives were too unclear to be trusted.

As for the other specialists we have now met aboard the Redeemer, there is as much variety as there is talent. First the group of Catachans (Uses: presumably incredible combat ability. Vulnerabilities: unknown), clearly the greatest in terms of physical strength and certainly imposing. There are then the Skitarii, a group of tech-priests (Uses: presumably incredible prowess with technology, presumably combat efficient. Vulnerabilities: their leader is as arrogant as they are competitive), the leader of which made themselves clear where they stood on my colleagues’ idea of a drinking game. Then, most noteworthy and worrying of them all, the psykers, whose leader Rimwena has not met yet (Uses: incredibly potent psychic abilities, likely the most versatile compared to the other teams, surprising alcohol tolerance. Vulnerabilities: hotspot for perils of the warp, otherwise unknown). Supposedly the purpose of these groups is to scavenge worlds for artifacts so as to please the higher ups.

A couple days after most of the team was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning (one reason why Rimwena did not participate in the drinking game), Rimwena was informed there was to be held a ball, something which excited Ratcliffe beyond measure for some reason. Rimwena, less so, especially when the servants disappeared and almost instantly reappeared with a great number of dresses, all of which offered no protection and very little maneuverability. A public event without body armour or any heavy weaponry! It’s as if they don’t know how assassins operate! Forced to compromise Rimwena picked out a suit which could easily conceal a knife and her dueling pistol.

Despite her initial dread Rimwena realised a ball was the perfect opportunity to establish connections and contacts prior to returning to the investigation at hand, and thus went to the ball with the intent of gaining as much information as possible through small talk and subtle questioning.

She was then informed that a Dark Eldar was present and promptly joined the psyker round the Navigator for the majority of the event. If they truly hate and fear psychic powers as much as Gordon claims then she would be wise not to leave this spot.

However, it was here that the Navigator Rosalind (Uses: Navigator, unimaginably potent psychic powers, motivational speaker? Vulnerabilities: unknown) informed her of just how much they fear psyker, due to their vulnerabilities to it. And in response to Rimwena’s statement that she is a diviner, and not a very good one at that, she merely stated “then fake it till you make it”.

Thus Rimwena left the safety that a group of powerful psyker so rarely give and left to find someone to speak to, even a servant could provide some important information. With luck she caught the eye of the acting captain and managed appear charming (mostly through mimicking others in similar situations). It was here she discovered that Inviso was often followed and “well-liked” by the Dark Eldar. It wasn’t until Ratcliffe’s sudden dance off that she made a connection, if they can sense psychic auras then maybe, like Kolden could, they can sense mutations too. She needed to see what Inviso was hiding under his mask to be certain.

So, while everyone was enamored by the final dance, Rimwena asked the servants for a sedative and recieved two piles of rose dust which…. worked at least, albeit not quite to the degree she hoped when she saw Inviso climax hard enough to fall unconscious. Rimwena couldn’t help but sneer as she thought back to her old lessons on heresy, burnished quickly discarded the thought as she realised speculation wouldn’t get her anywhere. So she removed their headwear.

Surprisingly, the mask obscured nothing, the hat however did hide a rather large set of horns which sprouted from their forehead. Which means Ventium, at the very least, consorts with mutants. Wanting more though Rimwena opened her mind to the warp to scan the office for something she could take with her, some paperwork or letters giving something on Harlock.

And then it f***ing happened again.

The drug was instantaneously cleared from Inviso’s system as she was shoved into their head, and they were forced into hers. Needless to say this is going to be a sticky situation to get out of.


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