Heretic Hunt

Sister Castella's Log - 3

Daemons, Ghosts and Assassins

Apparently Silvanto is guilty of heresy most grave. Summoning a daemon to do your bidding, murdering a high priest of the creed and perhaps most damning of all refusing an act of pure mercy in favour for damnation.

By the Emperor, how heretical.

Rimwena’s research has been most instrumental in revealing this, although I’m not sure my fellow acolytes took these revelations well. I will admit the notion of Silvanto possessing such horrifying power has shaken me somewhat but the power of our faith will overcome his foul corruption.

My personal investigation into matters has led me to discussions with the Governor who was most helpful. Harlocke during his period on the planet was involved excessive economic and political corruption before being pardoned by the current Governor thereby proving his guilt. Also of interest is “Lavinian Revenant” the remnants of a noble family convicted of corruption. There were rumours that the assassinations of officials was connected to this family. Requires further investigation.

Speaking of assassins, during the other acolytes investigation they were ambushed by an assassin. I heard by all accounts Rimwena barely survived between encountering an assassin and her powers… failing? From what I understand she exploded. I don’t understand the workings of such mutants. It was also necessary to crash numerous vehicles into the building causing a structural instability. Now while I wasn’t there to witness this, the claim that this was necessary is dubious at best.

Wait, they escaped in the van afterwards?
After creating such a scene?
Straight to this “safehouse”?

Emperor preserve me.


Christian1771 Sabda

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