Heretic Hunt

Trooper: 88801273409352 private log 2

Well Quin has committed the single worst act of Heresy I have ever heard of. If my Old Commissar knew he was harbouring that Avund abomination, he’d kill them on the spot and everyone else in the room he found them in for association with the enemy. We were warned about those that are depraved enough to commit heinous magiks.

We captured our first would be assassin, She seems to be some shape changing beast that makes mockery of the human form. But she nearly killed our witch somehow. Standing guard out side the room she’s tied up in reminds me of something my Nana would say “When your in the Guard you always know the right thing to do, because the enemy is trying to stop you from doing it”. Perhaps tomorrow we can set her on fire under the bridge behind our hab-block.

I’m worried about the future though, it seems were soon going to begin investigating Lord-Captain Harlocke. We’ve managed moving round busy cities and one or two people trying to stop us. But a lot more can go wrong out in those cold depths. Not only that but we may have to follow Harlocke into battle and might learn 7 isn’t that big a number.


Christian1771 MAGGEROO

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