Heretic Hunt


(based on some true events)

…..Arrreeee yooou? Canto asked the huge man with a red bandana. Canto couldn’t help but feel like he was being pulled over on his stool by a rope or some thing but at the same time knew he could help it however at same time his body told him him to embrace it. As he looked at the big man he could see that he was experiencing a very similar bizarre paradox . The man slurred wildly and canto only managed to get “don’t” but managed to count three Syllables. Canto had to think REALLY hard for seemed like five minutes but figured out it was probably I dont know. For his next challenge Canto decided to figure out what he was doing again. As he worked it out he felt his head moving really slowly like a gear trying to turn in tar. He had the idea of closing his eyes to try get power brain to help him with his latest problem. He told him self that it was working until his head Started to spin at every angle. His eyes sprung open to be met with the sight of a Short Glass filled with an amber liquid.

AH HA! Canto thought. “The drinking contest!” canto didn’t mean to say out loud but also didn’t realise he had. He knocked it back. Canto shook his head to some how shake his drunkenness out of him self and failed. He Then kind of wobbled about on his stool like a spoon in think soup. Canto then immediately felt awful he gripped on to bar that he was at apparently to try to stop the crazy spinning that was his entire life was now consumed by the spin storm stopped as he noticed the glass on the table in front of him. He noticed everyone staring at him for what seemed like the first time in forever. Canto drank it quickly he then had about 2 seconds before he tumbled to the floor he then scrambled toward the closest toilet on his hand and knees. He just had to get there he needed any thing “ANYTHING HE COULD THROW UP IN” Canto again didn’t realise he said that out loud either. Hes wasn’t going to make to the toilet not even the sink “WHY DOESN’T ANYONE HAVE A HANDBAG!”

Fanz Canto a man of 42 years age rose to his knees in a room full of killers and investigators and looked to the ceiling and unleashed the most disgusting and profound display of ejection he had ever seen. For a 9 epicly rank seconds Fanz canto disappeared as he became the ultimate monument too all that is decrepit. Coming forth from his mouth came everything he had eating and drank in the last 5 hours. It shot up wards like a ship barking orbit form a volcanoes mouth. It all landed in a gross waterfall half a metre in front of him splattering him moderately. He then passed out and thankfully fell sideways. He was awoken later too see a skid mark though his own sick pile and a catachan on his back. Canto whimpered mildly and said “never again”. If Canto wasn’t in a world of awful he might of heard someone saying “heard that before”.

Canto woke up to the sound of beeping and whirring. He was clearly in some kind of ward. “What happened” he said no one knew so no one answered.


Christian1771 DestructorPhish

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