Evinco Merus

Possibly Deceased


The acting captain of the Overlord Class Battlecruiser the Redeemer of Illumination. While the true captain is of course Lord-Captain Ventium Harlocke, he delegates and defers to Evinco. A decent strategist but harsh to new recruits, preferring to put them to a trial by fire. This is one of the reasons the Harlocke fleet suffers so many loses and therefore increases their numbers.

Originally a Chartist Captain near the Koronus Expanse, there was wealth and little interference from Imperial authorities. With unknown technology and untold wealth waiting to be taken he was set to make his fortune.

However, his small chartist fleet came under assault from raiders. While they held out and defended themselves as best they could, the attack was relentless. Eventually they attempted an emergency warp jump but their generators were too badly damaged, they wouldn’t make it in time.

When his own ship seemed lost another fleet appeared on the auspex. Seeming to come to the rescue the new fleet descended on the attackers with the Emperor’s fury. Taking most of the attacking ships and saving Evinco and some of his men.

Swearing their service to the rescuers, Evinco has since risen to the point of commanding one of the two flagships in the Harlocke fleet. Something of a recluse he stays around his own remaining staff and the high rankers amongst the fleet whenever he has to.


Evinco Merus

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